1. t26


    Even if they released 3-4 titles a month, they will never be close to catch up
  2. Qubie


    "It doesn`t count!"
  3. yuoke


  4. Medalion


    Yeah but... a lot of it is indie floods... and are they all of quality or are a lot of them shovelware?
  5. MrCafecito


    Calling everything shovelware is honestly disrespectful to devs. There's a difference between a bad game and literal shovelware.
  6. Zelas

    Banned Member

    Not surprising one bit. Thanks to the retail vs physical uneveness, the indie label is placed on the switch for a reason. The 3ds was also terrible when it came to fostering that support (bad storefront, lack of engine compatibility, storage, account funkiness). The 3ds eshop wasnt even available until months after the 3ds released.

    A retail only comparison would be more interesting. Or digital only on Switch compared to other digital platforms. The wii u and 3ds otherwise are tomato cans in this comparison.
  7. Raysoul


    I'll wait for someone to list at least 100 shovelware on Switch eshop, then we'll talk.

    As for now, I'll say the future is good for Switch.
  8. Jaded Alyx

    Jaded Alyx


    Totally agree
    ... And?
  9. IsaacC

    Alt Account Member

    Shockingly...not bloody much. There are a few garbage games on the eshop...but honestly that is just according to my taste. There are very few ( especially compared to weekly itunes/steam releases) shit quality phoned in games coming out for Switch. Seems to me their bottom rung pedigree isn't too terrible.
  10. GuitarGuruu


    This is pretty insane, it hasn't been that long at all.
  11. Zool


    About ten procent, I think
  12. Snake Eater

    Snake Eater

    How is this possible? I have to question the quality of the releases then
  13. Zool


    This is the biggest surprise for me
  14. Jaded Alyx

    Jaded Alyx


    The vast majority are eShop only, and Nintendo has been courting indie developers very hard with the Switch. These games have sold well which leads to more games being brought to the platform. Not to mention Switch is more capable of running many more games than the 3DS, whereas the 3DS had to have it's own specific version developed instead of a direct port.

    Switch also has some degree of Western third party support
  15. OrbitalBeard


    Here's what the average Wii U indie looks like

  16. MrCafecito


    Exactly, people just started reading claims of too much shovelware and ran with it, even though there's not much evidence that proves there is a lot of shovelware
  17. Considering the amount of shovelware they allow in the eshop I expected this to happen much sooner. With the steam like lack of quality control of their marketplace, it seems that surpassing the 3Ds store was the goal all along.
  18. OrbitalBeard


    Except 3DS has significantly more shovelware than Switch, despite having a similar software count.

    Nintendo's curation standards during the Wii U / 3DS era were considerably lower than they are now.
  19. gordofredito

    Banned Member

    Wii levels of trash
  20. FiXalaS


    I wonder if people are buying all that stuff that isn't marketed at all
  21. Sebastopa


    Love how every single time the hard number of games for Switch shows up, we get the same group of people calling everything trash, truly hilarious at this point.

    I would love all of this desperate naysayers to provide actual evidence of how big is the amount of "Shovelware" that is coming to the system, in relation to other systems of course. Starting with what do they define as Shovelware.

    And no, "Game I don't know of" is not the definition, son.
  22. TheIdiot


    Lots of people get offended when they see the term shovelware but at this point it's just semantics. We all know what it means.

    The reality is that the eshop is being flooded on a weekly basis with games most of us won't give the time of day: Mobile ports and low effort indie titles that don't even do a good job of selling themselves on the shop.

    2018 has been a dry year for the Switch and the only reason we've accepted it is because most of us discover enough indie titles to keep us busy before bed, and because we have other consoles to scratch that first party itch.

    1000+ games in less than 2 years on one system is most certainly not a milestone to celebrate.
  23. dead souls

    dead souls

    Umm, congrats I guess. I'm pretty sure by the end of its life I'll still own more 3DS games than Switch ones.
  24. Sammy Samusu

    Sammy Samusu

    Understandable, 3DS got zero support from Western devs.
  25. ccc


    Do we know how many retail games the various platforms have and how many they had launch aligned with switch? I can find out for Japan numbers once I get home if need be
  26. Hoa


    How many of those switch games are Etrian Odyssey games though?


    Honestly though I haven't been checking the Eshop at all, every time I boot the Switch I go straight into Splatoon 2. I should correct that someday.
  27. IsaacC

    Alt Account Member

    Holy crap could you possibly state your opinion more like it was a fact? And the funny thing is that you are clearly in the minority with your way of thinking here. I always love the odd person out, who speaks like an authority while saying the most inaccurate/ridiculous things....all while truly believing they are actually, an authority. Gosh it just tickles me :p
  28. hussien-11


    I think it is actually a great thing that Switch is courting this many developers, and you won't ever know where the next hit would come from. look at Dead Cells? the developers used to make mobile games and then... suddenly they made one of the biggest indie hits this year.

    Playstation has always been so successful because of the sheer amount of content first and foremost... other companies took notice and relaxed their policies. Switch is more simple in nature than PS4/Xbox and has a touch screen, too. just think how much more attractive the Switch is gonna be when the price is lowered a bit and when more big and small releases join the library. this will become the biggest Nintendo system ever in terms of software volume.

    I think it is really great, just give the consumer the choice to buy what they want. there is a huge catalogue of quality releases on the eShop, and those releases made up for the lack of big titles this year, they kept the userbase engaged and they are helping to drive the momentum of the system.

    though to be very honest, I agree that Switch still not in an ideal situation in regards to "key titles" that will help expanding the audience. GTAV should be released for the Switch (maybe they are waiting for the bigger cartridge), and Overwatch too. but still overall they are in a much better position compared to 3DS.
  29. B.K.


    Nintendo eShop is the new Steam. They'll publish anything.
  30. Ex-Actarus


    Not much of a surprise really.
  31. KtSlime


    I don't know what the US eShop looks like in terms of available software, but I would like to remind people that "Games I don't play and are less that 15$" is not the definition of shovelware. I highly doubt there is even 50 true shovelware games on there.
  32. big_z


    has the eshop reached lower lows than the sony store(black tiger, trophy puzzle game etc)?
  33. The 3DS eShop got absolutely terrible support for a system that was so successful; probably the worst of any digital store ever, reletive to its lifespan and platform success. In North America, there are currently 434 3DS download excluisve games; not actually that far off of the DSiWare service, which had 213 games in total in the US and had a much, MUCH smaller userbase (and was replaced by the 3DS after just a couple of years or so!)

    I'd love to see how the first year (and second year seperately) of retail releases compares between the two consoles (I'd bet that the scenario looks a lot more favourable for the 3DS than it does when we include download only releases...).
  34. Oregano


    Not that I'm aware of. There's nothing as bad as Skylight Freerange on Switch.

    No one shitposts about shovelware on PS4 though.

    Hell Switch is getting shit for some ecchi games, pretty much all of which have been appearing on Vita/PS4 for years.
  35. unicornKnight


    Cheap or mediocre =/= shovelware in my book, shovelware is stuff you would mostly see in Wii / DS like "My life with my mother-in-law" and "OMG shoez!"
    I don't think Switch has a lot of shit like that, certainly not thr overwhelming majority.
  36. TheMisterManGuy

    Banned Member

    I'd like to point out that the 3DS had basically the weakest third party support of any Nintendo handheld. At best, it was on par with the better of Nintendo's post-SNES consoles (GameCube and Wii), at worst, it was a massive step back from its predecessors. No major western support at all, lackluster indie support, even Japanese support was lacking in a lot of areas. I love the 3DS, but it's much more of a Nintendo box than people like to admit. It's no surprise the Switch is on track to surpass it in such a short amount of time. It actually has reliable support across the board, not just from a few close friends (Capcom, Square, Atlus)
  37. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert

    And yesterday there was an argument in the npd thread about which between the WiiU and the switch had the better third party support... This board, sometimes, I swear...
  38. Don't shit on shovelware, sometimes they can create some amazing content.

  39. Ryengeku


    1979 Revolution: Black Friday
    36 Fragments of Midnight
    Ambition of the Slimes
    Arcade Archives: NEO-GEO - Blazing Star
    Arcade Archives: NEO-GEO - Crossed Swords
    Arcade Archives: NEO-GEO - The King of Fighters ‘94
    Arcade Archives: NEO-GEO - Metal Slug
    Arcade Archives: NEO-GEO - Neo Turf Masters
    Arcade Archives: NEO-GEO - Shock Troopers
    Arcade Archives: NEO-GEO - Waku Waku 7
    Astro Bears Party
    Astro Duel Deluxe
    Blaster Master Zero
    Behind the Screen
    The Bridge
    Bulb Boy
    Clusterpuck 99
    Dark Witch: Music Episode - Rudymical
    Detective Gallo
    Die for Valhalla
    Double Dragon IV
    Energy Balance
    Energy Cycle
    Energy Invasion
    Fernz Gate
    The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition
    Flip Wars
    Flipover Frog
    Flood of Light
    Grid Mania
    Guilt Battle Arena
    Mighty Gunvolt Burst
    Hacky Zack
    Heroes of the Monkey Tavern
    Human Resource Machine
    Jumping Joe! & Friends
    Kero Blaster
    Kid Tripp
    King Oddball
    Knight Terrors
    The Low Road
    Mad Carnage
    Metropolis: Lux Obscura
    My Farm 2018
    The Mummy Demastered
    New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers
    Night Trap
    Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator
    Pan-Pan: A Tiny Big Adventure
    Physical Contact: 2048
    Physical Contact: Picture Place
    Physical Contact: Speed
    Picross S
    Pinball FX 3
    Qbics Paint
    Red Game Without a Great Name
    Green Game: TimeSwapper
    Retro City Rampage: DX
    Serial Cleaner
    Shantae: ½-Genie Hero
    Skylanders: Imaginators
    Sky Ride
    Slam Land
    Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together!
    Subara Cirty
    The Sparkle 2: EVO
    Space Ribbon
    Stern Pinball Arcade
    Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers
    Super Ping Pong Trick Shot
    Star Story
    Tactical Mind
    Tennis in the Face
    Thimbleweed Park
    Tiny Hands Adventure
    Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle
    Tower of Babel
    Ultra Hyperball
    Unholy Heights
    VSR: Void Space Racing
    Vroom in the Night Sky
    Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
    Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe
    World of Goo
    Zombie Gold Rush

    There ya go. Fight me.
  40. Oniletter


    Literally no, but we don't let facts get in the way of our headcanon around these parts.
  41. I see the this thread is going the exact same trajectory as every other Switch software thread.
  42. Monkeyball

    Banned Member

    *turns on Switch*

    *gets lost and overwhelmed in eshop*

    *turns off Switch*

    Is the eshop bad or is it me, I would like to know what to buy but eh.
  43. FutureLarking


    That point was hit *months* ago.
  44. mrflibble


    Some of those games are close to being the best games on the system, let alone shovelware. Voez is a classic.
  45. Qubie


    You don`t know what "shovelware" means
  46. Manfred

    Banned Member

    The portability and touchability made the Switch getting a lot of mobile titles that other consoles won't have outside few exceptions (Oceanhorn, Severed etc.).
  47. massoluk


  48. Oregano


    It should be bannable to even put the words Picross and Shovelware in the same post.

    Fake Edit: Wait..... RIP me
  49. Pooroomoo


    That's a joke post, right?
  50. jariw


    I'm not at the Switch right now, but it's around 980 for the NA eShop, about 960 on the EU eShop, and considerably less on the Japanese eShop.

    The NA eShop is expected to pass 1,000 games before the end of August, while the EU eShop reaches that in September.