1. Braaier


    There's the same amount of trash on the ps4. What's your point?
  2. Ingueferroque


    Sadly there are no reviews on Switch and little game information. And despite living in an internet-driven world, the Switch isn't very connected!

    ....no there isn't. Maybe if you count avatars and themes, of which Sony seemingly still opens the floodgates to. There isn't nearly as much shovelware or lazy mobile ports on PS4 as are on Switch.
  3. Seik


    What do you mean? That there are no reviews on the E-Shop?

    I mean, even on other platforms I wouldn't necessarily trust a general 'five star score', I usually google the game out to verify.
  4. Ingueferroque


    Using Steam and GOG as the gold standard. We don't have to always compare to Sony/MS.
    Miiverse on 3DS/WiiU at least allowed for one to learn more about a game, it was a great way to discover new titles and to get a general impression of how popular/received a title is and to see user screenshots. Now that's gone. Besides the News channel, the Switch feels barren.

    I wish they let us at least share screenshots/videos on our Switch user profile.
  5. I don't think most people that complain about the quantity of games on Switch actually think there are no games on Switch.

    What they're saying is that there aren't very many games that I can't already play on PC/PS4/Xbox that I am actually interested in.

    I've felt a little of that because I feel no reason to buy multiplats on Switch, because I'd rather play them on PC or X1X. So, my switch is just used for high quality exclusives that interest me.

    I've played some great games on Switch, but there aren't a ton of games that I'm excited to buy on it right now. So, for me, personally, there's a little bit if a drought of switch games. Not that there is an actual lack of games on Switch, there's just a lack of exclusive games I'm personally interested in.
  6. There are actually 2967 PS4 games on the US PS Store:


    Which includes some bundles, same as the eShop's webstore. If you click on the Games filter, it cuts off some actual games, so that number is inaccurate.
  7. Ryengeku



    Yeah I did. Don't take it seriously :-P
  8. Cyclonesweep


    To be fair, how many of those games on Switch are ports or multiplats that are better played elsewhere?
  9. delete12345


    33.33333333333...% repeating.
  10. delete12345


    The eShop fetches queries from an SQL database, and displays the results to the player. It has no bearings to algorithms at all. It's the eShop's UI that makes things harder to navigate around the queries. And it's why Nintendo is hiring new UI engineers right now.
  11. Companies often precompute rankings for search results, so even if it's fetched by a very simple sql query, there is probably some sort of ranking algorithm at play
  12. Alcibiades

    Banned Member

    Indie games are better played on Switch because there are no downgrades and you get portability + TV play.

    How many of the 3DS games are better played elsewhere? All of them.
  13. Slam Tilt

    Slam Tilt

    We'll tell you after you define what "shovel ware" is.

    And "games I am not interested in" is not a valid answer.
  14. nikos


    Yet it still feels like there’s not much to play on it. I always see the same games on the eShop. Most of those games are shovelware anyway. I prefer quality over quantity.
  15. funroll-loops


    This doesn’t really match with my experience. I’m sure the Switch will catch up eventually, but right now I can think of like, 30 really excellent games on the 3DS and maybe 4 on the Switch, which is about right given each console’s lifespan. It’s possible that I just have weird preferences or that the good Switch games are buried under a mountain of indie shovelware though.
  16. GDGF


    You're asking how many indie games are better played on a non portable/easily sharable console. That argument isn't going to go in your favor.
  17. CesareNorrez


    Okay, but you can apply this to any platform. When people talk about a "drought" they speak as if it applies to the Switch in general, not a personal preference.

    As such, it's not something Nintendo needs to listen to. They aren't focused on selling games to you, or a select group, they want to have software that a wide range of people will buy. That includes cheap "shovelware". People will impulse buy these cheap mobile ports. That's why they are on the system.

    I like the Switch for it's flexibility, I can play on my TV or as a handheld in bed. I can take it on vacation or when visiting my parents. So when you say I can play a game on my PC for a better experience, I don't see it. I'd rather play Hollow Knight on the Switch.

    It's not fair to downplay the Switch library just because you would prefer to play games elsewhere. If a good game is part of the library, then it increases the perceived value of the Switch.
  18. Redcrayon


    This is dependent on the player. Portability beats everything else as a feature for me, it’s far more important to me than taking a hit in performance,and so all those games are better played on Switch in my case.
  19. Arthands


    0 because Switch version is usable in both portable and on tv format
  20. The point is, just because there is a high quantity of games, that doesn't mean it's easy for everyone to find huge amounts of games they want to buy for Switch.

    Everyone is welcome to their own gaming preferences. So, it's dumb to try and convince everyone there are endless amounts of games they should buy on Switch, when that may not be true for each person.

    I have ~500 games on PC, ~350 games on Xbox One, and 5 games on Switch. There's not much else, yet, that I'm even half interested in. So, my Switch doesn't get played much. That could be considered a drought by many.

    It won't be a drought for all people, though, if they prefer to buy everything on Switch.
  21. Dekuman


    Some people are really salty Switch is successful.
  22. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    Thankfully Switch has both!
  23. It does. Just not as much as 3ds, but that makes sense given how old the 3ds is. Switch will easily get there.
  24. jariw


    It's not a drought just because you don't buy games.

    I have 130+ Switch games and have currently stopped buying games on Steam, because I know I won't play them on Steam anymore. I have very little interest in what releases on Steam, outside of some niche games. But I wouldn't call it a drought on Steam just because I choose to not buy games there.

    What are your sources for this claim? Using Metacritic as measurement, the Switch quality content has surpassed 3DS a long time ago.
  25. Raijinto


    This quality > quantity thing that several people have parroted ITT is absolutely amazing like it's a novel idea to like good games more than bad ones or that it's a well known and indisputable fact that the Switch doesn't have even some amazing games.

    Both of those takes which are the only semi-reasonable meanings I can fathom it meaning are just hilarious to me.
  26. Gotdatmoney


    If you can only think of 4 excellent games on Switch that's far more on you than the system. Just Odyssey, BOTW, Splatoon 2, Mario + Rabbids and Mario Kart alone are 5 games off the top of my head from last year that are considered quality. Even this year you had Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 1+2 and Octopath traveler. That's already 9 games. If you follow the 3DS more it makes sense to know more games but to only reach 4, you're not looking.
  27. Slam Tilt

    Slam Tilt

  28. Dorfdad


    Meaningless stat when 3/4 of those are phone ports or complete shovelware shitshows. Nintendo has taken the quality assurance department and shoved them out of the building.

    While I understand they have some great games they really don’t need to try and make this an iPhone store which is where they seem to be headed.
  29. Clearly I said it is a drought for those people.

    It's all a matter of perception.

    For me, there has been a drought of games I actually want on Switch. That's a true statement.
  30. disparate



    Switch has a greater number of games in pure volume that are rated highly too.
  31. Lonely1


    The last game I bought for my PS4 is GoW, HZD before that and UC4 before that. I would get rightly called if I claim that the PS4 has no games and has been on a game drought for years now.
  32. Yeah, if you claimed there's no games, that wouldn't be true.

    If you said, you've had a drought of PS4 games you wanted to play, that would be true. Which is my entire point.
  33. Oregano


    Where has this perception that the eShop is mostly mobile ports come from?

    The vast majority of eShop games are ports of existing PC, PS4 and XBO titles or releases across all platforms.
  34. Principate


    It's an easy way to disregard games they've never played.
  35. There's a difference between there being a lack of games that currently interest you on the system and there being an actual drought, though. For me, there was a lack of games that interested me on the PS4 till 2017. Can I call that a drought...or is it just a lack of games that interest me? This just feels like an argument of semantics at this point
  36. It is. You're right.

    I was just trying to point out that a console can have lots of games, but still feel like a drought to a given gamer.

    So, when someone says there's been a drought, there's an implication of that being from their own perspective and not a reflection on the entire console's library.

    Now, if someone is claiming the console has no games, then that's just flatly not true on any current platform.
  37. Anything to disregard the lineup of the console. It's not enough to point out actual shortcomings (AAA third party games, shooters etc.), making shit up is simply easier for lazy trolls.
  38. Oregano


    I guess so.

    It's funny as well because something like Implosion is a mobile phone port and it's better than most of the stuff that has come from console developers, even including major third parties.
  39. hussien-11


    There is also no reason for playing games like Dead Cells or Hollow Knight on PC not Switch.
    in fact, I'd say portability is reason enough to pick those titles and the likes on Switch.
  40. I can definitely understand that, Lord knows last gen felt like a drought for me, but, usually, when people say there's a drought, the implication is that there's a lack of notable games coming out for a quite a while. It's a lot easier really to just say that there hasn't been much for you as everyone will get what you're saying and the discussion won't turn sour
  41. HotHamBoy


    Switch is really starting to ramp up the shovelware output

    Can’t be said enough.

    When people say Switch’s release schedule is barren I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.
  42. jariw


    What's a "lazy mobile port"? Are Gorogoa, Frame Collection, Heroki lazy mobile ports? If not, what games are?
  43. Lonely1


    Life of a Black Tiger comes to mind..
  44. Sorry, 3DS destroys the Switch in number of quality titles (TO ME). Switch doesn't even have a Pokemon game yet, or Smash, or 2D Mario. And given that the 3DS also plays DS titles, it's not remotely close.
  45. HotHamBoy


    Jumping Joe & Friends
    Jurassic/World Soccer/Mummy/Werewolf Pinball
    Funbox Party
    Timberman Vs
    Kentucky Robo Chicken
    Pixel Action Heroes
    Darts Up
    Woodle Tree Adventure
    Superola and the Lost Burgers
    Henry the Hamster Handler
    ...And on and on and on

    Just search the eshop “Price 0.00-9.99” and sort by lowest to highest and you’ll find a mountain of shit.

    Looks like it’s getting all 3 of those titles this year if the NSMBU rumour is true.
  46. And as I've been trying to point out, that's all down to personal preference.

    And those games can be played with pretty good portability on a laptop or windows tablet. It all depends on how people prefer to game.
  47. Card Collections
    Hidden object games
    Arcade games
    Puzzle games

    all of them lazy games that would never appear on PS4 obviously
  48. Dekuman


    Highlighted and underlined is pretty disingenuous argumentation. Especially for two specific titles mentioned.
    I think you should have just stuck to the personal preference angle
  49. jariw


    Thanks! I agree that those games are in shovelware territory. But I still don't get what "mobile" has to do with anything. A bad game is a bad game, regardless of origin.
  50. I hope so. I'd love to have NSMBU.