1. Hollywood Duo

    Hollywood Duo

    Not surprised the eshop has like every indie game ever created on it.
  2. Colossal Moo

    Colossal Moo

    Also, their definition of shovel ware is questionable. Are the games truly terrible games no one wants to play? Great games with a low price? Good games with bad graphics? Niche games which only appear to a small number of people? Cheap OK games? Some mixture of all of the preceding categories? The "shovel ware" camp won't say and won't provide examples.

    Another suspicious thing is where are all of the complains about shovel ware on the PS4/PS4 Pro and the Vita? How about the Xbox One? (I own one and I don't think it has a shovel ware problem, but like the Switch, it has a lot of indie games and I buy a lot of them and I enjoy a lot of the ones I buy). What about Steam? It seems strange that only the Switch is singled out.
  3. Nanashrew


    Legit impressed no one can name all the shovelware on the platform.
  4. Steam definitely has a noted problem with asset flips that gets regularly criticized, but that's not quite the same ballpark as "shovelware" on consoles. Anyways, if shovelware actually has a concise and clear definition it doesn't matter because nobody buys a Switch or any console for so called low effort titles and nobody really talks about them either.
  5. Lelouch0612


    I have a feeling the Switch library is going to be glorious at the end of its life.

    It is only the beginning folks :)
  6. Slam Tilt

    Slam Tilt

    But guys, if we clear out all the shovelware from the eShop we'll free up enough disk space to finally get GTAV on the Switch!

  7. Bandage


    When I said put everything on Switch, I meant put everything on Switch.
  8. *Guaraná


    Plus the Switch is only 1 1/2 years old.
    And having almost 30% of it's library rated above 80% on metacritic is awesome. In the end of it's life cicle, the Switch has the potential to have one of the best gaming libraries ever.
  9. FireFistAce

    Banned Member

    Probably just a lot of indies.
  10. Beatle


    Yes! :)
  11. Psychonaut


    There's some shit on Switch, but most of the time when I look at something I'm unfamiliar with or uninterested in on the eShop, my impression is "that seems like a fine one of those, but no thanks." Better than I can say about most other marketplaces. Content is not the issue--they just need to make the shop easier to navigate.
  12. Ximonz


    well the game did not have any marketing, looks like a HD version of cheap party game,
    did not get more polish compare to the original release (loading problems, no QoL improvements) no price cut, etc.
    most people without prior knowledge would not have the desire to buy this game.
  13. Falchion


    Damn that's more than I would've thought.