Nintendo Switch only records up to 1 year of playtime, after that it resets back to 0 - READ OP

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Executive Taxi, Mar 2, 2018.

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  1. Executive Taxi

    Executive Taxi Member Original Poster

    MOD EDIT 2: Nintendo have responded to this.

    MOD EDIT: Here's a possible explanation for it on Reddit.


    It's almost 1am here in Australia which means that it is the Switch's 1 year anniversary. Bizarrely, my and other
    people's play activity for launch titles such as BotW are being reset to "First played 0 days ago"

  2. Superbadr

    Superbadr Member

    Goddo Fuckingu Dammito Nintendo, REALLY??
  3. brochiller

    brochiller Member

    Y2K all over again.

    Reset the clock!
  4. Tsukinopio

    Tsukinopio Member

    You can’t be serious...
  5. Toni Codrea

    Toni Codrea Member

  6. Interfectum

    Interfectum Member

    Account progress reset! Happy one year!
  7. CesareNorrez

    CesareNorrez Member

    That seems weird, what if I played BotW last week? Plus we know they were using the total playtime on reviews on their website. Hope it's just a glitch z
  8. diablogg

    diablogg Member

    Hahaha... Hahahahahahah really now?
  9. Saint-14

    Saint-14 Member

    Why would they put a 1 year limit?
  10. Dragonyeuw

    Dragonyeuw Member

    WTF? Why would they implement such a system??
  11. Conor419

    Conor419 Member

    but why?
  12. mocoworm

    mocoworm Member

    Wow. This isn't good news. I know it's not essential data to know, but still.
  13. #13
    this is one of the most Nintendo problems ever, haha. hopefully an oversight that can get patched!
  14. Thardin

    Thardin Member


  15. Toon Link

    Toon Link Love & Respect Moderator

    Hopefully this is just an error and can be fixed.
  16. TheGreenArrow

    TheGreenArrow Member

    That's a very Nintendo thing to do. Playtimes are going to be integrated into the App I'm sure.
  17. Yukinari

    Yukinari Member

    Breaking News

    Nintendo is 10 years behind everyone
  18. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert Member

    This is stupid.

    Why such a downgrade since the 3ds activity log ?
  19. jnWake

    jnWake Member

    Lol someone must have forgotten to put the year in the calculation of playtime.
  20. chaf

    chaf Member

    RIP Zelda playtimes
  21. PetrCobra

    PetrCobra Member

    They never expected the console to last very long it seems
  22. Kane

    Kane Member

    FFS, Nintendo!!!

    This must be a bug, right?
  23. WrenchNinja

    WrenchNinja Member

    This is to make the Switch UI slick and fast. Who cares about unnecessary features, I'm only here for games /s
  24. Aiii

    Aiii The knee that beat Resetera Moderator

    I think it's unlikely that the data just disappeared, so hopefully so.
  25. memoryman3

    memoryman3 Member

    I don't think this was an intentional design feature. Probably a bug. All sorts of funky things can happen with internal timers.
  26. Brandon

    Brandon Member

    Well that's lame.
  27. Resetti

    Resetti Member

    Reset the.... WHAT?????
    Guess I have to screencap the profile before the clock hits 12 then.
    Really? Nintendo?
  28. ThiagoJG

    ThiagoJG Member

    I miss the 3DS Activity Log. I hope they implement that on Switch.
  29. schuelma

    schuelma Member

  30. Antony

    Antony Member

    No fucking way!
    Receipts though, post a screenshot
  31. EinBear

    EinBear Member

    Christ. I still don't understand why they didn't just copy the 3DS Activity Log. That thing was so great.
  32. Bear

    Bear Member

    What is so difficult about implementing a rudimentary stats app? I've never understood why this is so hard.
  33. Interfectum

    Interfectum Member

    What if the error is actually wiping your playtime making it unrecoverable? :o
  34. #34
  35. Weebos

    Weebos Member

    Seems like an oversight that could be easily fixed.
  36. fantomena

    fantomena Member

    What in the fucking hell.

  37. Guipradi

    Guipradi Member

    This has to be a joke. There is no reason for it to be this way. It registers hours even offline. WTH?
  38. black070

    black070 Member

    Oh no, I really love that feature. :(
  39. FairyEmpire

    FairyEmpire Member

    It's because the Switch is a doomed system and nobody would have played it past the first year anyway. Nintendoomed indeed.

  40. Ishiro

    Ishiro Member

  41. JordanKZ

    JordanKZ Member

    Oh Nintendo, what the hell is wrong with you guys? :D
  42. Bear

    Bear Member

    Seriously, this is so lame.
  43. FusionNY

    FusionNY Member

    Lmao, Nintendo is fucking weird.
  44. Mr. Capo

    Mr. Capo Member

    I need the evidence OP.
  45. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member

    Well that's weird, hopefully Nintendo changes this soon.
  46. DrakenAstro

    DrakenAstro Member

    That is definitely strange.
  47. MatrixMan.exe

    MatrixMan.exe Member

  48. brainchild

    brainchild Member

    That's fucking ridiculous
  49. #49
    Let's look up my playtime on my PS4. Oh wait...
  50. pulga

    pulga Member

    Why are you like this, Nintendo?
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