Nintendo Switch Sold Over 110k in Korea in Dec

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by sinonobu, Dec 12, 2017.

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    Hot damn. Congrats Nintendo.
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    I hope there's a Switch port of Vindictus.
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    Oh wow
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    What a year for them.
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    Do we have numbers for the PS4 in comparison?
  7. Renna Hazel

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    This is a market I'm completely unfamiliar with. What have consoles like PS4 and the Wii sold here lifetime? I always thought SK was much more of a PC market, by a large margin.
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    What about China was the Switch released there?
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    holy shit
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    Damn that’s crazy.
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    Strong opening for Switch in Korea.

    Wii and PS2 are the only consoles there to sell over 1 million consoles. So that should give people a rough size of the market. Console is still very niche there compared to Mobile / PC.

    PS4 is the current leader in SK and Sony have done really well growing the market there.

    Nintendo off to a good start with launch. Most analysts expect maybe 150k units to be sold in 2018 there.
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    I thought it wasn't doing so hot, darn anecdotes.
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    Sooo StarCraft when?
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    It would only be a couple of a million: (All I could find at a quick glance)
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    South Korea is pretty similar to Japan in terms of size and population density, so it's a given the Switch was able to sell this much there.
  16. Wiped

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    By Korea do you mean South Korea?

    There are two Koreas and they are entirely separate countries.

    I can't imagine many outside companies can sell in North Korea, though
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    Previous Doom game for Nintendo was for the 64 so why not.
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    Does Vindictus even still have any type of fanbase? I see p.servers for it more than I see anything about the official Nexon version anymore.
  19. Marukoban

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    Can’t compare Japan to rest of Asia.
    Japan is the only country in Asia where console is bigger than PC.
    Also if you are talking about population density, Japan problem of highly concentrated population in capital city is very common in Asia. It does not only apply to Japan and South Korea.
  20. Heartskips

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    Markets not even close to similar. Japan's game culture is pretty unique in the world.

    C'mom, this is a non-post. Obviously we're talking about South Korea.
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    The latest MK8Deluxe update added Chinese support, it looks like they are aiming for a release there in 2018 too. Nintendo didn't pay attention for smaller/emerging markets for a very long time, I hope they correct this mistake with the Switch.
  22. Bandage

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    Nintendo has been needing to get into emergence markets since the Wii.
    The Switch, though, seems like s good choice to push ahead with on capturing new markets.
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    This is good to see.
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    Nice! *crosses fingers for a Blade & Soul DX*
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    Korea is tough market for them too. They shuttered Nintendo of Korea or severely reduced its staff during the Wii U era.

    I think it is a good practice run for China as Korea appears to share similar traits as Chinese.
    Big in PC games. Consoles a non factor for a long time due to ban on Japanese consoles there until recently.
  26. v_iHuGi

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    Damn Switch is a WW BEAST! Loving it.
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    Congrats Koreans... WE would like to Switch.
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    That must be on the low end though? I find it hard to believe they'll only do three times the launch week in the entire following year.
  30. dadjumper

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    That's neat! I hope this means there will be some Korean developed games for the Switch in the future.
    SK seems like a really interesting market, especially for Nintendo. It's wild that they didn't get the DS until the DSi.
  31. ILikeFeet

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    didnt we hear that NetMarble or Nexon was looking into Switch development? would be interesting to see their MMOs make the jump from mobile to the Switch. if sales continue on this trajectory, they might be a viable option given the games are already on portables
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    Nope. That's because they recently launched in Taiwan.

    There are no plans for mainland China yet.
  34. Phantom Thief

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    I wonder if they’ll attempt a launch in India.
  35. Jack Frost

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    North Korea does not exist.

    Congrats to Nintendo. Switch is a great device.
  36. Camstun187

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    People wouldn’t buy a mainland Switch, either. You can buy Hong Kong switches in any specialty market, of which there are a lot of in any city.
  37. clay_ghost

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    NK probably secretly import games from SK anyway for the Korean language support anyway.
  38. v_iHuGi

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    Likely, Ps4 seems to be perform pretty great across all those countries so Switch should do great aswell.
  39. Cow Mengde

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    I love seeing how games change to suit different cultures. Contra replaced the soldiers with robots in the UK, and Sonic becomes a girl in Korea.
  40. Grapezard

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    I wonder what markets the Switch'll pierce next?

    BREAKING NEWS: Switch sells 200K first week in Antartica!
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    Mass returns as penguins find depictions of them in Super Mario Odyssey to be offensive.

    Seriously, why do those things fly?
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    Imagine if 1% of south koreans bought a Switch
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    Damn good. They're doing great all over the place. ☺️
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    I'm not saying the markets are simillar necessarily. I'm just saying that South Korea is simillar in terms of size and population density. But you are right that this can apply to most Asian countries in general.
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    Love these updates on Korea, thank you sinonobu. Seems like a very good launch for Switch, I'd love to see how the Switch has fared in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
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    This is great, how much have PS4 sold there so far?
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    At least 500,000.
  49. Igor

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    Hope the good sales will mean we will see DJ max ported over. I would kill for a chance to play it on a portable again.

    Technica was not for me.
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    Really nice sales. Good to see Nintendo rewarded for expanding their market