Nintendo Switch Sold Over 110k in Korea in Dec

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by sinonobu, Dec 12, 2017.

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    Road to millions! Great to see Asian market growing on Consoles, Switch and Ps4 will help alot.
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    This system is selling like hotcakes.
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    Damn. Congrats to Nintendo....well deserved!
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    They don't lmao.

    Out of three first party releases at launch only Mario got localized. What's more hilarious is that all those first party titles are literally European copies, too.

    On top of that UI isn't also translated, and eshop is not accessible with Korean account at this point.
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    That's a little crazy that Nintendo didn't translate all their games at this point? They've had all year to do so...
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    New DJ Max when?
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    NOTHING STOPS THIS TRAIN!!! Congrats Ninty
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    Isn’t the thread title wrong?
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    Yeah. I reported for the title change.
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    already being reported.
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    Non handheld you mean.
    DS outperformed Wii and then some IIRC - at its peak you literally couldn't walk the street without bumping into people using the device everywhere.
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    How does that compare with PS4? Or older Sony systems

    What's the state of home consoles in Korea? PC bangs are king but I'm sure a decent amount of people might be interested in console stuff
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    Soon Nintendo isnt the underdog anymore.
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    but seriously, holy shit. Totally unfamiliar with that market and to see these kind of numbers pop out from that region is fckn insane. Good job Nintendo!
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    Nintendo has been making only good decisions. Next they need to cancel their plan for pay2play for online.
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    Wow those are some crazy sales numbers then, wonder what the game sales are looking like.
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    Wow...that’s an amazing number for that market from what I’ve seen/read. Wonder what the forecast will be for 2018 now.

    Nintendo seems to have done well in expanding in some of the emerging markets. Wonder if that strategy will continue in 2018.
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    I thought the console market is abysmal in SK (since PC is king), so this is quite impressive.
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    It's abysmal in raw numbers (PC was the size of China's market until 2011 or so, which was already massive then) - but it's not so small as to be irrelevant.
    PS2 had a multi-million presence, but the software sales were non-existent(IIRC tie-ratio was less than 1.0). This changed when NDS/PSP came out - even though they were still heavily hit by piracy. NDS was a phenomenon unlike anything I've seen - the machine was omni-present on the streets for about a year.
    I don't really know much about hw performance beyond that except that IIRC 360 was popular enough to sell similar amounts in Korea as it did in Japan for awhile, which seemed significant enough at the time.
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    Ohhh hell yes!
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    Time to port some MOBA or MMORPG then.
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    Late to the party but damn nice!
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    Seems quite impressive to me.
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    Those sales are crazy when you compare it to to a market like the UK.

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    This things going to make any other consoles sales performance seem weak in comparison isn't it?
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    110k is huge! That's a really decent expansion of the market. Wonder if it can half a million by the end of 2018, that'd be a great result. Any word on software?
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    Switch going worldwide baby. Really great console. I'm excited for Feb and the release of Bayonetta 2.
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    Good job, though

    That's remarkably frontloaded, and also just tiny. Like, even smaller than something like the Netherlands most likely.
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    On the topic of China it kinda got buried but The Pokémon Company is starting to distribute merchandise and said it will include the games in the future.

    Would be weird to officially distribute games for a system that isn't officially distributed in the market.
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    Apparently DS sold 1 million by the end of 2007 according to this article. It's in Japanese, though, so I can only assume the machine translation conveys the truth. Don't know when DS launched in South Korea either.

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    Pokemon is really popular there. I think they will try to penetrate the Chinese market around Pokemon Switch launch.
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    ? Why, it's less than the UK opening in March? Or you mean that percentagewise it's not that far off UK numbers?
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    No kidding. UK is a big market (though not quite as successful for Switch), and these numbers are probably only a bit behind UK launch numbers for the month, which is really unbelievable when you compare the markets.
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    Come on now, population density aside, Japan's population size is around 126 Million, South Korea 50 million. Can't compare the two like that, Japan's a juggernaut in comparison.
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    Tell me that you are joking.... Please.
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    #93 fly, which are named penguin in some languages (French).
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    Are some scandinavia countries like the only places in the planet where Switch isn't a success??

    the thing seems to be breaking records everywhere else.

    EDIT: and the UK, of course
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    I'm probably misunderstanding your post, but if you're referring to population density, Japan's actually much lower than South Korea (336 vs 509). In terms of population size, Japan has a much larger population than South Korea - 127 million vs. 51.5 million. Land size is also not similar: 378,000km^2 vs. 100,200km^2.
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    They evolved it as a necessary long-term survival measure.

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    What source do you have that says the Switch is clearly not a success in the U.K.? It has 3 exclusives in the top 10 best selling software in the week just gone as an example to contradict that.
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    This really a question?

    I thought he was saying that Switch wasn't breaking records in the UK (doesn't match grammatically, but fits the content of the comment better). It's definitely successful in the UK. Not on the level of PS4 or Wii, but still successful enough.
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    Isn’t this number now wildly off? Surely double or triple that number now for all 2018?
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