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Nintendo: tune in tomorrow night at 5:30pm PT to watch The Game Awards

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Oct 27, 2017
i'm not gonna tune into shit since it's gonna be 5 AM here, but can't wait to watch all the trailers when i wake up.
can't wait to see these for switch:
prime 4
crash team racing
and hopefully bayo 3
Oct 25, 2017
That’s too much, no?

I think the Metroid Combo is happening. TGA is very western focus and Metroid is more popular here.

But I think other announcement will be Zelda DLC like. So maybe Smash? But seems way too early.
It's too much in comparison to previous years, but I have a hunch they have a bigger presence this year. Smash is the more unlikely one from the batch, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened and I'm sticking with my Dragon Quest character prediction. lol
Oct 25, 2017
Metroid Prime 4 is being renamed Sylux Prime. Tanabe will accept an award for the Switch release of Tropical Freeze and give a long rambling speech about why we should care about Sylux. Then Sylux will be revealed as the first smash dlc fighter. Then Bayonetta 3 will be shown off, including a Sylux costume for Bayonetta. Then Star Fox Grand Prix will be teased, including Sylux's ship racing against Arwings.

Geoff wanted to rename the show the Sylux Awards but Reggie told him no so that it would still be a surprise.
Hi Reggie,

I'll be watching The Game Awards on my Nintendo Switch. It will be undocked. I will lay in bed surrounded by the comforts of home, thinking about the great Nintendo games you're bringing to the scene.

Please also help BioWare develop Dragon Age 4.

Sincerely, A Devoted Fan
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