1. Nachos

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    I thought this was interesting, coming off the heels of the EmuParadise news. Nintendo really is trying to crack down on piracy, though once again, it seems too little too late.

    Basically, up until yesterday, it was possible to download any game, regardless of region, straight from Nintendo's eShop servers – so long as you had the proper credentials. Nintendo, however, never generated unique credentials for each user, so the servers had no way of knowing whether an incoming set of requests were coming from a legitimate customer. As long as you could find the right credentials online, downloading a game was just a matter of putting the info into a homebrew application and pressing the download button.

    All that's changed now, following the most recent update, 11.8. Nintendo now generates unique credentials for each game and user, rendering useless the download applications and some long-running sites that were just databases of credentials. This doesn't stop people from just downloading games from elsewhere, but it does plug up a gaping hole in Nintendo's infrastructure.


    I never used any of this stuff, but when I found out about it, I was baffled that this was something that Nintendo just allowed you to do. I'm pretty sure they made this impossible from Switch on day one, but that doesn't change that for years, people were downloading free games – even brand new ones – straight from the source.

    The page linked to in the screenshot.

    The ResetEra thread on version 11.8, which already had some people discussing the possibility of changes.

    If I've gotten any information wrong, just let me know, and I'll fix it.
  2. deadbass


    I *believe* this is how the Wii U eShop works/worked.
  3. hypercard


    PS Vita, and I assume PS3, uses a similar system... home brew downloaders get it from PSN
  4. Ingueferroque


    Great news!
  5. Atolm


    The siuation is similar with Switch. There are download apps straight from the eShop.
  6. Vena

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    It isn't. This technique of prevention is identical to the Switch one but for the Switch people are sacrificing unrecoverable certs to get banned. The switch case is basically a race to the bottom until Nintendo simply bans the certs outright. Eventually these things will stop working because they'll run out of cert donors.

    3DS has no such cert, and everything here works exactly as with the Switch as it was ported from the Switch.
  7. Cyanity


    I believe you can currently do this with the Switch, although Nintendo can and will prevent your console from downloading anything from Nintendo's servers ever again if they catch you.
  8. Mr-Joker


    Bit late but it's better than never I guess.
  9. Oldmario

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    it's also how the Sony MediaGO software downloaded files from the PSN store to transfer to the PSP
  10. Becks'


    Thank fucking God it took them so fucking long. GG NO RE, pirates. I still can't believe Nintendo allowed people to directly download from their servers.
  11. Vena

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    The authentication process now introduced to the 3DS is from the Switch. It works exactly the same way. The work around on the Switch requires permanently burning an irreplaceable certificate, and that's what they are currently doing. Racing to do the bottom before they run out of certs and lose all access permanently.

    It's extremely stupid and short sighted.
  12. Linkark07


    Damn, Nintendo is on fire. Congratulations are in order.
  13. I always thought that the so called "freeshop" was a pirate server, OMFG, how could nintendo allowed this for years ?
  14. Arkeband


    I mean, they were (still???) selling a pirated ROM for Super Mario Bros on the Wii U VC, so that’s where the bar is currently set for competency.
  15. apeAsnake


    Yep it's still possible to download games straight from PSN free on PS3, Vita. Not sure about PS4
  16. casiopao


    Nintendo is hitting hard for literally all pirate things. Guess that collab with DeNA is really worth all the bucks now.
  17. Becks'


    Or they started reading GBATemp and other sites related to hacking.
  18. zychi

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    Same with ps4, itunes, amazon, pretty much all digitla services.

    Things dont really get uploaded to the internet and leaked anymore, its usually put up officially and ripped from official servers. Nintendo being one of the first to attempt to stop this is actually really interesting
  19. Pikma


    Works, they didn't bother to fix it on WiiU and really doubt they will.
  20. Chindogg


    I mean, it is their ROM regardless of where it came from. If it's a good rip it's a good rip.
  21. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    This is actually a really interesting redressal of the problem, if a bit too late for the 3DS.
  22. Nanashrew


    Mmm not sure, I'd honestly believe that most companies like Nintendo are aware of places like GBATemp. I'd say it has more to do with the recent community fallout in the hardware hacking and homebrew scene. Some very prominent hackers for Switch and 3DS have now become white hats and are getting paid by Nintendo and Nvidia for reporting bugs, exploits, etc.
  23. Daysean


    Way too late for this shit, but some action is way better than no action.
  24. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief

    Way too late for 3DS. It also carries over to the Switch as is (or the reverse in this case).
  25. caff!!!


    Rip easy pirating, that only took years
  26. Whole other situation. Whoever tries this will probably get a banned account and Switch in the near future.

    Some people said if people that used this homebrew had been dumb enough to use real personal data in their accounts it could used as base for prosecution in many countries. Will probably not happen, but one would think that people don't use homebrew and piracy on Switches with real accounts on it, but the whining about bans because of hacked Switches proved otherwise. No pity here anyway.
  27. Darktalon


    This doesn't actually stop any piracy from happening, just makes it less facepalm easy. Too little too late.

    *Edited for sensitive folk
  28. Vena

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    That isn't the point of the thread, and I don't know why you felt compelled to tell us.
  29. Darktalon


    Its 100% related to the point of the thread. How is discussing the effectiveness of Nintendo's piracy measures not related to a thread about measures Nintendo has taken?
  30. Vena

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    Because this is a thread about shutting down FreeShop. I don't know why you're so keen to tell us about how easy some other unrelated piracy is...
  31. smisk


    Pretty insane that FreeShop even worked, not sure it's gonna do them much good this late in the console's life cycle.
  32. Darktalon


    You can sense how "keen" I am over the internet? Or maybe you are just projecting and assuming things.
    I'm not going to give Nintendo a gold star or an A for effort and pretend everything is flowers and lollipops. It is good that they are taking measures to prevent piracy, but they are two years late on stopping Freeshop.
    And it doesn't stop any one who intends to pirate on the 3DS. Which is what the Freeshop is used for, so yeah, its not unrelated.
    Stop trying to control discussion, go make your own thread if you want to Moderate what the discussion is about.
  33. Hieroph


    It's crazy that this was ever a thing, and it's crazy that people did this.
  34. chrisPjelly


    It's still baffling that anyone could hack the system to do that in the first place.
  35. ASaiyan


    This is actual good news. It's absurd that people could literally just steal the latest games straight from the eShop for so long. Good on Ninty for cleaning things up on their end.
  36. KNTomg


    Its crazy that it took them this long, but hey at least they are doing something.
  37. Kalor

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    I'm surprised it took this long to fix it.
  38. Pikma


    I don't see why you had to edit this, it's not like you endorsed it or posted a freaking tutorial on how to do it.

    I really don't understand why some people here act so aggresively defensive when talking about piracy, it almost feels like they take it personal for some bizarre reason.
  39. Griffith


    I still don't understand how Nintendo believes they can charge for online and some people accept that even though they've repeatedly show how wildly incompetent they can be when it comes to basic things like... not allowing software pirates to freely download off their store or, oh I don't know, requiring you to use a phone app to be able to voice talk with people in an online multiplayer game oh and the small fact that it took them 3 (4?) consoles to disassociate a digital purchase from a console.
  40. fiendcode


    That was Wii VC. I don’t know if the 3DS or Wii U VC downloads were ever tested or not.
  41. Darktalon


    Some people just make it their personal mission to assume anyone, besides themselves of course, that discusses piracy or has any knowledge about the subject is a dirty no good pirate. Pretty hypocritical if you ask me.
  42. Braaier


    Maybe. Maybe not. Nintendo is still selling a ton of 3ds'. Maybe this will help software sales
  43. shan780


    I always thought it was hilarious that you could just download any game, for free, right from nintendo's servers. it's almost as bad as being able to buy R4 cards on the high street

    ultimately though, if people want to pirate 3DS games it's still very easy for them to do so. Nintendo just has to try to avoid these issues entirely with the switch
  44. Daysean


    I don't know about that, there are still ways to easily pirate on the 3DS unfortunately , all nintendo did was close their door that they left wide open while people can still get in from other entries.
    If people want to pirate they will sadly but I'm just suprised it took this long for the 3DS, because they aren't fucking around with the Switch
  45. Ninjadom


    What kind of post is this?

    So Nintendo online should be free because pirates figured a way to download free from the eShop?

    Or because Nintendo made an Online Phone app that means that their entire online service should be free?
  46. PotionBleue


    Even if they can't download games straight from the eShop server, surely there are plenty of websites hosting game downloads, aren't there? Does this really change anything?
  47. 4859


    Whut? This was a thing? And it went on for HOW long? How?

    That's crazy.
  48. Sure it's humorous but not the horrible hypocrisy or incompetency some people are trying to portray it as.

  49. I never knew this was a thing.
  50. Valus


    I thought pirates didn’t update their 3DS’ anyway so how will this stop them? Or is it only meant to stop new pirates from emerging?