NIS America: Switch sales double of simultaneous PS4 versions, Disgaea 5C near 200k in the west

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    Huge thanks go to silpheed-mcd for the heads-up!

    More here:

    NIS America has been on a fucking roll on Switch and it's amazing to see them being rewarded for their efforts. What shocks me is Sony just not caring despite NISA being one of their most loyal supporters before.

    Check my thread on their Switch support for their full Switch catalog!
  2. foxuzamaki

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    So they do have a deal in place, I thought they just chose Nintendo to do the marketing for snk heroines
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    In really glad that Switch is a healthy platform for them. I'm really looking forward to several games they have lined up so far this year (Ys 8, Happy Birthdays, SNK Heroines and the Anniversary collection in particular).

    Also I badly hope that this SNK partnership leads to a new Metal Slug.
  4. Forkball

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    I’m sure they are furiously clacking away at their keyboards in order to get any Vita game on the Switch somehow.

    Did they release Muramasa Rebirth? I want that. #PortBeg
  5. foxuzamaki

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    I was one of 5 people who had that game on Wii, Id double dip for the portability
  6. ILikeFeet

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    I though SNK Heroines had a physical version for PS4. doesnt the special edition come with a disc?

    I have it too. sure as hell wont double dip though. I could barely stomach playing through each character once
  7. Nemesis162

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    I was going to post this but I was thinking how to do such things without copying everything to the thread lol Thanks for that

    It's interesting to know about this marketing deal for SNK Heroines. I was surprised to see that Nintendo was the one doing it and the details are surprising to say the least
  8. Phantom Thief

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    Oof, they really didn’t mince words with calling out Sony, did they?
  9. Arthands

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    So glad they went with two platforms instead of going with Sony’s anti-consumerism proposal of making it exclusive.
  10. Hero of Legend

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    Nah, Muramasa Rebirth was localized by Aksys, which was odd, you'd think XSEED would've got it, especially when they had the Wii original before Ignition got their hands on it.
  11. Crom

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    Yep, the Anniversary collection looks sweet. People may not want to wait too long on ordering it. It was already at 26% to 50% stock left on the NIS website when I ordered a copy and they just put it up yesterday I believe
  12. foxuzamaki

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    Ahhh, I would preorder it but my check wont clear until like Tuesday and the money in there now is to get my hair done
  13. OrbitalBeard

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    If you don't need the CE, a $40 standard edition will also be available from retailers.
  14. PlanetSmasher

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    Nintendo wanting to make SNK Heroines, of all games, an exclusive is the kind of thing that my brain is making rusty-gears-grinding-together noise trying to process. What the hell?
  15. Eon

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    Disgaea 5 is a megaton for the switch.

    I’m all about SNK Heroines, too.

    Glad to see NIS getting their games out on relevant hardware.
  16. Jiggy

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    When did this happen?

    Isn't Nintendo the one who tried to make it an exclusive?
  17. Phantom Thief

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    I think they just want to have good relations with third parties. Treating even the smaller ones as important goes towards that, I guess.
  18. Sagadego17

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    This is not wii era Nintendo. Huh
  19. Mandos

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    A special edition only available through their store with a single print run. No third parties involved, no retail presence or mainstream marketing

    Kinda cool really, definitely interested in both heroines and 40th anniversary collection, can’t wait to see what comes next
  20. Nanashrew

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    This is surprising to read. Sony always seems really good about getting a lot of developers onboard their platform and working with them.
  21. Phantom Thief

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    Isn’t it literally the other way around?
  22. PlanetSmasher

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    I guess that's the only logical explanation. Because man, what a weird game to try and go to bat for.
  23. FiXalaS

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    wow what did Sony do to them :/

    they sound bitter
  24. Yasumi

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    This is a really sketchy interview. He's talking about the kind of stuff you don't really go public with.
    Where'd you see that? Looks the other way to me.
  25. Phantom Thief

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    Maybe someone important at NoE just really likes waifus.
  26. NoMoreTrolls

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    It's good to hear about 3rd party games doing well on the Switch.
  27. eseqko

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    Sony wanted the game only on their console physically or digitally, Nintendo offered a deal to have physical be exclusives to Switch, but digitally NIS is allowed to go anywhere else.
  28. Adder

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    NIS is the only publisher really supporting the Switch. Glad they are doing well.
  29. Phantom Thief

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    Only going by what’s in the OP, where does it say that?
  30. PlanetSmasher

    PlanetSmasher The Abominable Showman Moderator

    I actually almost made the exact same joke. But I think the third-party relationship explanation makes the most realistic sense.
  31. phanphare

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    the part about ~40% of Disgaea 5 sales on the Switch in the West being double dips who had previously bought the PS4 version is really interesting

    we knew the Switch was firmly in the Vita's lane because of the kinds of software it's getting and the sales we've been seeing from non-AAA 3rd party games like mid tier Japanese stuff and indie games but actually getting some data, albeit specific to this one game and only accounting for like 80,000 people, is interesting
  32. OrbitalBeard

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    SNK Heroines and SNK 40th Anniversary receiving some level of exclusivity on Switch doesn't surprise me and I expect many retro-themed collaborations with Nintendo and third parties in the future. One of Switch's primary markets is the older / lapsed player who has a fondness for classic games.
  33. MysticGon

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    Great result. I love how Switch has taken the gauntlet laid down by the Vita and 3DS and is doing those smaller guys justice.
  34. Parvaati

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    Switch becoming the platform of choice for small Japanese games is all I could ask for. What an odd game to focus these efforts on though.
  35. EvoTech

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    They basically have the majority of the JRPG market for Switch whereas PS4 is fairly saturated.

    I highly recommend Switch owners buy Disgaea, those games are always good with lots of content.
  36. BasilZero

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    Great news.

    Even though Disgaea 5 C is coming to PC and I will get it there , I might double dip on a Switch version just for the sake of Portability.
  37. silpheed-mcd

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    More here (french market, interesting):

    MOD EDIT: Please don't post scans
  38. Mandos

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    A smash like game featuring a roster of ladies from popular b and c tier fighting games and franchises? Let alone bringing some more fighting games to the genre with what seems to be a solid gateway fighting game
  39. Arthands

    Arthands Member

    It was originally a PS4 exclusive. they broke that contract and it is now on both Switch and Ps4.
  40. Umibozu

    Umibozu Member

    I don't think it's just for that game as I've only seen a switch physical version of the recently announced snk 40th anniversary collection
  41. DecoReturns

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    Dang, they kinda called out Sony.

    Don't ususally read stuff like this in interviews. But nice to see success for the company in the end.
  42. FiXalaS

    FiXalaS Member

    I almost wanna laugh, this is honestly funny

    Do we have more examples of broken contracts in gaming industry?
  43. Thebeast!

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    So ps4 owners dont get physical copy what a scumbag move might as well be a switch exclusive.
  44. Phantom Thief

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    Yeah I kinda hope they didn’t ruin their potential relationship with Sony lol
  45. OrbitalBeard

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    A PS4 version hasn't been announced for this game, period.
  46. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief Member

    Yes. One led to the creation of the PlayStation.
  47. Delio

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    Whew at how SNK called out Sony like that. Pretty bold.
  48. Meelow

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    Damn, I didn't expect them to call out Sony like that. I wonder how Sony is going to feel hearing this.
  49. foxuzamaki

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    Well thats good
  50. Umibozu

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    Yeah I thought so, just didn't want to jump the gun