No Discussion on the Back Button adapter for the PS4? (PS4 Back Button Adapter launch thread?)

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Oct 27, 2017
I am surprised there isn't a launch discussion on this adapter that came out yesterday. I guess I can throw in my two cents:

-Turns controller into a poor mans Elite Controller after some playtime yesterday.
-Makes Call of Duty and other FPS much easier to play with vs regular controller setup.
-Loved the button controller interface mapping for this adapter.
-LCD is cool but not important to me.
-Took Sony too long in the PS4 life to release this adapter. Hopefully it will work with the PS5 controller as well (or release a PS5 version early)
-Awaiting the update on PC so that I can use on my PC games, which will extend it's life even after the PS4 long dies away.

Your thoughts?


Oct 25, 2017
I actually think the discussion has been spread across too many threads (a problem that I am about to contribute to, oops). There's a review thread, the thread linked above, and the original announcement thread in addition to this one, which I assume will be closed shortly.

To address one point in the OP: this has already been mentioned in the other threads but you don't need new drivers for PC. Due to the nature of the device, it already works on PC. I used it in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice on Monday when I first got it and it works seamlessly. You can't map NEW controls to it--i.e. you can't assign anything this isn't already on the controller to the back buttons (so no keyboard mappings or anything like that), nor can you assign the touchpad click or the Share button--but for the attachment's intended purpose it works 100% out of the box.
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