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November Wrasslin' |OT| A new meaning to the phrase Power struggle


Oct 25, 2017
I fully support Gisele Shaw's bridge on her Reverse Figure Four so she can get better leverage on her opponents leg

If she keep on improving at the rate she has this year I could see her being one of the best in the world some time in the future

Edit: Also the dynamic of Jetta doing her very best to take it easy on Mei, but Mei's goblin nature meaning that she continuing incited Jetta, then the crowd siding with the rookie whenever Jetta responded was very good. Plus there were a lot of cool innovative little things in the match like Jetta using the momentum of her Aeroplane Spin to shove Mei into the turnbuckle and the finish.

Edit 2: Nicole Savoy's the bess even though I love Di Matteo. I can see why people might have thought it was a little slow but I thought the match was great.
Shaw is a superstar in the making

And Savoy is the best women's wrestler in the United States
Oct 26, 2017
Shaw is a superstar in the making

And Savoy is the best women's wrestler in the United States
Watching the SHE-1 I came to the conclusion that Shaw nailed a power style, then went technical with limb based focus on the next night, then on the 4th show finally displayed her Lucha inspired high flying prowess, then before I could make a post about it she cut a promo fucking stating it. Her heeling was so flipping good.

I always really appreciated Savoy because her endless suplex style really spoke to me then I also like submission focus, but good God more recently her charisma has really spoke to me in a way my early days of supporter didn't expect.