NPD February 2018: Monster Hunter World #1 SW, PS4 #1 HW

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    Thanks to The NPD Group and Venturebeat for the breakdown.

    Here are the numbers for February 2018:
    • Total: $995 million (up 23 percent from $811 million in February 2017)
    • Hardware: $316 million (up 55 percent from $204 million)
    • PC and console software: $397 million (flat from $397 million)
    • Accessories: $282 million (up 35 percent from $210 million)


    After leading the market in January, Monster Hunter: World repeated as the month's top-selling title overall, once again leading on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter: World is currently 2018's best-selling game.

    Call of Duty: WWII was February's second best-selling title, and remains the best-selling title for the 12-month period ending February 2018.

    Mario Kart 8 returned to the top of the Nintendo Switch chart for the first time since May 2017. Nintendo was February's leading publisher in software dollar sales, while Capcom remains the top-selling publisher of 2018.


    Total hardware unit sales, dollar sales and average pricing were all up by double-digit percentages in February 2018 when compared to a year ago. Console hardware spending reached the highest total for a February since 2014.

    Sony's PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console in February, and remains the best-selling console year to date. Nintendo Switch remains on a record-setting sales pace.

    Over the first twelve months in market, Nintendo Switch has achieved the highest installed base for a console platform in history.



    Individual Platform Charts

  2. Rosur

    Rosur Member

    Go Monster Hunter. Though helps not much else big launched in Feb.
  3. CountAntonius

    CountAntonius Member

    Game is an absolute beast. never would have imagined it would be that much of a breakout success.
  4. Aokiji

    Aokiji Member

    Train back on rails
  5. N.47H.4N

    N.47H.4N Member

    PS4 still killing,also MHW top spot for 2 months,amazing.
  6. RoboPlato

    RoboPlato Member

    A Monster Hunter game at #1 two months straight in the US. That game is a bigger worldwide success than anyone could have expected.
  7. Phendrift

    Phendrift Member

    I would’ve thought PS4 would beat Switch in monster hunter launch month, then it would reverse in Feb. not the other way around.

    Pretty interesting results. Numbers must be incredibly close.

    Also fuck yeah Bayo 2! Where’d the Wii U one debut?
  8. Luckett_X

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    Holy shit! I did not expect a Monster Hunter World hold. That zeitgeist.
  9. NMFried

    NMFried Member

    Bayonetta 2 is there!
  10. #10
    How is Mario Kart 8 still selling so many physical copies?
  11. Saint-14

    Saint-14 Member

    Great for MHW, can it be above 1.5 million now?
  12. Cess007

    Cess007 Member

    I wanted SotC to be in the Top 10, but oh well. At least it charted.

    Congrats to Capcom, MHW it's a home run and then some.

    Edit. With the correct chart, SotC is #6; so, I'm a happy man :)
  13. icespide

    icespide Member

    Bayonetta 2!
  14. Benji

    Benji US Sales Insider Member

    The amount of titles in the top 15 that are just showing tremendous legs is kinda staggering
  15. #15
    Bayonetta 2 actually charting in top 20 when the Wii U version didn’t (even if it is a format change) is very good to me.

    That said nothing out of the ordinary on the whole front, but special lol to SAO making more revenue than Battlefront 2 somehow.
  16. v_iHuGi

    v_iHuGi Member

    Happy for Shadow of the Colossus at 40$ not bad.
  17. witty_mittie3

    witty_mittie3 Member

    Kingdom: Come Deliverance doing fantastic!

    (Wish the new update didn't frustrate me so much. Fixed so many quest bugs, but added some new other bugs too.)
  18. BlandrewYT

    BlandrewYT Member

    I was more surprised that Switch was top seller last month with the only notable titles being Celeste and Lost Sphear. Made sense for it to drop without any really big games releasing in February.
  19. lojo

    lojo Member

    Glad Bayonetta 2 made the top 20, was afraid it was going bomb horribly.
  20. The Dink

    The Dink Member

    So happy that MHW has found the success it has. Only partly because people actually know what I'm talking about now when I bring it up in conversation.
  21. icespide

    icespide Member

    I wonder where Bayonetta would end up if it included digital
  22. #22
    Hmmmmm, over/under 150k for Bayonetta 2?
  23. GamerEra

    GamerEra Member

    WWII did surprisingly well considering the juggernaut that is Fortnite.
  24. Trago

    Trago Member

  25. #25
    Rainbow six Siege STILL going strong... Sony, Please go ahead and bring SOCOM back in a proper GAAS format!
  26. NotLiquid

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    The only thing that can kill GTA V is RDR II.
  28. Jmille99

    Jmille99 Member

    Im more shocked that a game like Sword Art broke into the top 20.
  29. #29
    I think back when the Wii U version came out, the leaked number was sub-90k October.

    So above 120k would be a nice increase.
  30. Cess007

    Cess007 Member

    Oh man, I totally forgot the list is revenue based and not units. I feel a little better for SotC
  31. #31
    MHW still legging it out.
  32. Drencrom

    Drencrom Member

    MHW doing work, will easily hit 10 mil WW sales before the end of the year.
  33. Smurf

    Smurf Member

    Monster Hunter is a beast
  34. Delio

    Delio Member

    Nice to see MH still holding it down.
  35. dezzyeight

    dezzyeight Member

    The market is ripe for a GAAS Socom.
  36. asd202

    asd202 Member

    Monster Hunter has Monster sales! Deserved.
  37. #37
    The King's remain in their places. God is good. Talent is back where it belongs
  38. NotLiquid

    NotLiquid Member

  39. Wander_

    Wander_ Member

    Doesn't seem that good for Bayo2...
  40. Jawmuncher

    Jawmuncher Crisis Dino - Snake for Smash Moderator

    Well well. Bayo made it into the top 20.
  41. phanphare

    phanphare Member

    surprised to see Bayonetta 2 up there. that's cool
  42. konoka

    konoka Member

    I think Super Mario Odyssey should be marked with asterisk.
  43. Welfare

    Welfare Member

    Dragon Ball held very well. Monster Hunter World is doing excellent as well.
  44. Nocturnal

    Nocturnal Member

    No individual platform lists this month?
  45. Mr. Tibbs

    Mr. Tibbs Member

    I'm impressed with how the console versions sold, as I expect it would be a pretty janky experience and Deep Silver weren't the best at promoting their recent games. On PC, the game's done very well, comfortably sitting above 600k sales. For comparison, Prey, another ambitious singleplayer game from last year, has only just crossed the same figure of 600k sales, and that's after being available for ten months, which included heaps of sales and a permanent price drop.
  46. icespide

    icespide Member

    the fact its in the top 20 at all is great for Bayo2
  47. Saucer

    Saucer Member

    Good to see everyone doing well.
  48. phanphare

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  49. v_iHuGi

    v_iHuGi Member

  50. Neat

    Neat Member

    MonHun deserves every last penny

    Phenomenal game.