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    The games industry brought in $1.08 billion in June, up 25 percent year-over-year, according to the industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. Nintendo’s Mario Tennis Aces made quite a racket when it debuted on June 22, shooting up to become the best-selling title of the month. The popularity of multiplayer games like Epic’s Fortnite continued to contribute to high sales in the accessories category, which was up 38 percent.

    “Year-to-date sales of both headsets and gamepads have achieved all-time record highs for a June tracking period,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said. “The previous year-to-date high spending for headsets occurred in 2010, and for gamepads in 2016.”

    1. Mario Tennis Aces*
    2. God of War 2018
    3. Grand Theft Auto V
    4. The Crew 2
    5. Far Cry 5
    6. Mario Kart 8*
    7. LEGO Incredibles
    8. FIFA 18**
    9. Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
    10. Detroit: Become Human
    11. Super Mario Odyssey*
    12. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild*
    13. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
    14. NBA 2K18
    15. Call of Duty: WWII
    16. MLB 18: The Show
    17. Assassin’s Creed: Origins
    18. Vampyr*
    19. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze*
    20. State of Decay 2
    *No digital sales included
    **No PC digital sales included

    Nintendo won big as the month’s top publisher, even without The NPD Group tracking digital sales from its eShop. When Mario Tennis Aces debuted on June 22, it instantly set a record as Nintendo’s best-selling tennis game in terms of first-month sales and climbed to No. 1 on June’s best-sellers chart.

    “Nintendo Switch was the only platform that produced software sales growth in June, with dollar sales more than doubling those of June 2017,” said Piscatella. “Year-to-date software sales on Nintendo Switch are also more than double those of a year ago.”

    Santa Monica Studio’s God of War 2018 continues its reign at the top of the charts, sitting at No. 2 of June’s best-sellers as well as 2018’s top games overall. Action games have had a good year so far, and sales for titles in that category are up 30 percent year-to-date.

    Folks spent $350 million on hardware in June, thanks mainly to the battle royale sensation Fortnite. Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console and remains the top platform year-to-date, but Microsoft and Nintendo also saw their sales increase. Year-over-year, Xbox One made almost twice and the Switch sold more than 50 percent. Nintendo also sold the most consoles with its NES Classic.

    “This is the first time a Nintendo Entertainment System console has led in monthly unit sales since NPD tracking began in 1995,” said Piscatella.



    Xbox One
    1. The Crew 2
    2. Grand Theft Auto V
    3. Far Cry 5
    4. State of Decay 2
    5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
    6. FIFA 18
    7. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
    8. Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
    9. Call of Duty: WWII
    10. Lego Incredibles
    PlayStation 4
    1. God of War 2018
    2. Detroit: Become Human
    3. Grand Theft Auto V
    4. FIFA 18
    5. The Crew 2
    6. MLB 18: The Show
    7. Far Cry 5
    8. Vampyr*
    9. Lego Incredibles
    10. Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Nintendo Switch (physical only)
    1. Mario Tennis Aces
    2. Mario Kart 8
    3. Super Mario Odyssey
    4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    5. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    6. Lego Incredibles
    7. Splatoon 2
    8. Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
    9. Kirby Star Allies
    10. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Ed
    Nintendo 3DS
    1. Pokémon: Ultra Sun
    2. Pokémon: Ultra Moon
    3. Mario Kart 7
    4. Super Smash Bros.
    5. Super Mario 3D Land
    6. Detective Pikachu
    7. Minecraft
    8. Mario Party: The Top 100
    9. Super Mario Maker
    10. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
    The best-selling games of 2018 so far
    1. Far Cry 5
    2. God of War 2018
    3. Monster Hunter: World
    4. Call of Duty: WWII
    5. Dragon Ball: Fighterz
    6. Grand Theft Auto V
    7. Mario Kart 8*
    8. NBA 2K18
    9. MLB 18: The Show
    10. Super Mario Odyssey*
    The best-selling games over the last 12 months
    1. Call of Duty: WWII
    2. NBA 2K18
    3. Destiny 2**
    4. Madden NFL 18
    5. Super Mario Odyssey*
    6. Far Cry 5
    7. Star Wars: Battlefront II 2017**
    8. Grand Theft Auto V
    9. Assassin’s Creed: Origins
    10. God of War 2018
  2. Apharmd


    Wow, God of War with those legs! Good month all around.
  3. MentalZer0


  4. Peek-a-boo!


    PS4 > Switch > Xbox One, naturally.

    And God of War being second in its third full month, is absolutely incredible!

    PlayStation 4?
    Switch 322.5K (50% of 215K)
    Xbox One 296-300K (“made almost twice” as much as last June)
  5. kennyamr


    God of War though. Awesome!

    Congrats to Sony for taking the #1 spot once again with the PS4.
  6. weekev


  7. Zalman


    NES #1. Return of the King.
  8. King of the Court.
  9. Christo750


    Good Christ, Mario Tennis.

    Guess that's where 1.4 mil lands you.

    And good on God of War. Love seeing big single-player games like that keep their hold.
  10. Benji

    US Sales Insider Member

    As I mentioned in the predictions thread

    Another month following the 2018 trend of "Everyone is doing great"

    We have one healthy industry atm
  11. Saint-14


    As I’ve said in the other thread, GoW’s hold is amazing, Detroit seems to be good too, SoD2 on the other hand fell really hard.
  12. LordKano


    I think this is Camelot's biggest success ever, after years of failures.
  13. Bog


    Vampyr? Not bad. I haven't even seen that at retail.
  14. Hero


    Mario Tennis must've done some damn good numbers to be number one without digital.

    Looks like everyone is winning.
  15. We got estimates for Mario Tennis? I was expecting a big opening since it shipped 1.4 Million in a week.

  16. SG-17

    Community Resettler Member

    God of War is starting to feel like the Game of the Generation here with those legs.
  17. OrbitalBeard


    I'm very impressed with Xbox's growth over last year. It's been a pretty good 2018 for them in NA.
  18. Spyder_Monkey


    This is the second month in a row now the game I least expected took the top charts between State of Decay 2 and now Mario Tennis.
    What's going on? Is the NPD rigged? Are the Russians interfering?
  19. Colour me just a little bit surprised that Mario Tennis Aces is at the top; don't get me wrong, it's a fairly good game and I'm having fun with it... but man, I guess I just wasn't expecting it to sell as well as it did.
  20. Jon


    God of war still going strong
  21. PUBG out of the top 20 for the first time. Still #5 on the Xbox One chart though.

    No surprise about God of War but Detroit being in the top 10 for the second month (even a slow one) is really nice.

    PS4 #1 for June was a given after the huge quarterly results from Sony. My guess is it leads the pack by a significant margin.

    July and August are going to be so uneventful however T_T Going to sleep until the crazyness begins in September.
  22. TC13


    And people ask why Nintendo isn't doing traditional Virtual Console
  23. Zombie Fred

    Zombie Fred
    Community Resettler Member

    Everyone doing well all sides, it's great to see the good health with the big three :)
  24. Falconbox


    Yeah, seeing that they didn't include digital for that was the big surprise for me. Didn't know it got a physical release.

    And holy hell, that drop from #1 to #20 for State of Decay 2.
  25. NateDrake


    I don't believe those 2017 numbers are accurate.
  26. Primethius


    Is NES Classic #1 or PS4 the platform?
  27. Geinrendour


    GTA V being third boggles my mind.
  28. Raylan


    PS4 #1 (current gen) hardware and two Sony 1st party games in the top 10. Great.

    And man, my boy Kratos is a monster. Again #2 for the month. Some crazy legs! Crazy!
  29. DukeBlue


    It's nice to see talent topping the list. Also, nice to see everyone doing great!
  30. DMVfan123


    GTAV sales will never cease to amaze me
    Mario Tennis Aces was a BEAST
    And it's great that everyone is doing great, hopefully this success continues into next gen
  31. JershJopstin


    Heh. I still need to pick one up. This restock was much bigger than I was expecting, which is nice since I forgot about it by the time it happened.

    It's interesting to watch Mario and Zelda flip-flop. GTA continues to blow my mind.
  32. allan-bh


    Great hardware month for the big three.
  33. I'm curious to see what Camelot does for Mario Tennis Aces 2.

    Because the sales have been great, but the Era reaction to how low budget ish (with the lack of content and seemingly terrible pre-release playtesting) it is has been extremely negative. And I can't imagine lack of content or options or balance is something general consumers (who play multiplayer all the time and want tons of content) is popular either. Maybe they'll hire more people for Mario Tennis Switch 2
  34. Yoshimitsu126


    What year is this?
  35. NintenDuvo08


    WOw this is awesome, now only imagine if Nintendo would send in their digital numbers
  36. thefro


    It's NES Classic #1, PS4 #2, Switch #3
  37. LordKano


    NES first in term of units, PS4 first in term of revenue.
  38. Pancakes R Us

    Pancakes R Us

    NES Classic Returns.
  39. srtrestre


    NES da true KING

  40. Jawbreaker


    God of War has consistently been placing at or near the top, well, everywhere. I'm really impressed.
  41. retroJ


    They've done some good things. Well deserved.
  42. Phantom Thief

    Phantom Thief
    Member OP

    NES sold the most, PS4 generated the most money.
  43. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud

    The NES was the best selling console lol
  44. jon bones

    jon bones

    Yeah, this is great news
  45. Shark


    Wow @ the continued interest in the NES Classic. Good job by Nintendo bringing it back.
  46. sfortunato


    To be so sure Fortnite is driving hardware sales, I guess NPD must have some survey on retailers and/or consumers...?
  47. Eolz


    Lol at the NES comeback.
    Great to hear that bit about the genres rise too:
  48. JusDoIt


    So clarify, was the NES Classic the best selling console or the PS4?
  49. Nocturnal


    Wonder how Mario Tennis Aces compares to Splatoon 2's launch, wouldn't be surprised if it sold more.

    I'd be surprised if a big update isn't announced during the next direct. Outside of MK8D majority of multiplayer games have received several big updates - Splatoon 2, Arms, Snipperclips, Kirby. I'd expect MTA to end up with more sales than Arms and Camelot to be updating it for a while before moving all resources to their next game.

    Crazy to see Minecraft chart on the PS4 chart but not on the Switch one during its launch month... must have done really well on the PS4 this month.

    Nintendo Switch (physical only)
    1. Mario Tennis Aces
    2. Mario Kart 8
    3. Super Mario Odyssey
    4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    5. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
    6. Lego Incredibles
    7. Splatoon 2
    8. Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
    9. Kirby Star Allies
    10. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Ed
  50. Loudninja


    PSN June Top sellers

    PS4 Games