1. Sense


    My local target has been out of pro for like three weeks now. Weird. Maybe a new model plus the Spider-Man pro bundle are the next big shipments
  2. Falchion


    The Crew 2 sounds like it's done pretty well so far.
  3. J-Skee


    Is there a breakdown of sales for Monster Hunter: World? I know it sold over 8 million worldwide, but what's the split between Xbox One & PS4?
  4. Slam Tilt

    Slam Tilt

    It looks to me like it's all part of a broader pattern to marginalize Nintendo's successes. Every time a Nintendo system does well, there's always caveats attached to it so third-party developers don't have to support it they way they support successful non-Nintendo consoles.
  5. ethomaz


    Ohhhh the masterpiece... I wanted some game to release this gen to give the same felling of MGS4.
    One of the best moments of my gaming life.

    I should play a REMAKE!!!
  6. ethomaz


    Dammint... when I ran faster my competition ran even more faster :P

    That is interesting... I guessed XB1 was a more desired console than Pro for its respective userbase.
    Now you saying the ratio are fairly similar means Pro sells more units than X (that was something I always have doubts).

  7. Maxime


    Super happy to see Vampyr doing good numbers (especially since all ResetEra's experts were claiming the game to be DOA :p)! I hope Focus will continue this trend of 10-15 million AA games.
  8. Cinemikel

    Banned Member

    So I guess Octopath did pretty well in July, may not reflect harsh on NPD due to missing digital, but it seems to have sold pretty well decently fast for what the game is. Probably already made back its budget in development, marketing and then some!

    MatPiscatella What are your thoughts on Octopath Traveler? I know you cant go into detail because it's July, but I wanted to reflect on a market's perception of a game's value through graphics. A lot of debate came from whether or not people thought the game was worth $60 simply due to the visuals of a game. Has that actually occurred for any game, even if the game was considered overall good? Could you go into that discussion as a whole? I'm sure you can probably find a pattern between games that you believe was rejected by consumers due to being overpriced.

    What made Octopath overcome the (dumb) debate of value because it came off to some people as a lower budget pixel game vs other games that underperformed because the public rejected something as "overpriced"? A lot of people say Sushi Striker was overpriced, but not really for the visuals. More because it seems the general market do not wish to pay $50 for a puzzle game
  9. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz

    Sushi beat out w101. It's finally been topped
  10. skittzo0413


    I think the SNES JRPG nostalgia probably balanced out the "overpriced" arguments when it comes to the visuals.

    As the NES Classic has proved this month, nostalgia is a hell of a drug.
  11. Terraforce


    Tbf God of War is outpacing Uncharted 4 by a lot. Probably still behind Odyssey's pace, but probably close based on its month to month performance.

    Wow not even on its own console?? That's crazy. The game has its flaws, but definitely deserves more than this.
  12. LegendofLex


    I'm obviously not Mat, but I have a few hunches about this.

    I think people tend to make too big a deal out of the relationship between production value (2D vs. realistic HD) and price tag. I don't think most people care. They're happy to buy games with pixel art if they expect the right level of quality out of those games. They're happy to pay full price if they think the game is compelling.

    That said, the amount of quality they expect often comes down to how these games are conceptualized, stylized, and marketed. Do they seem like low-rate projects pandering to a niche? Or do they seem like the kinds of beloved, best-selling 2D games we got 25+ years ago, which fell out of vogue with big publishers during the rise of 3D/HD graphics and cinematic storytelling? As we see with NES and SNES Classic, people en masse never really stopped loving NES and SNES games - it's more that publishers by and large moved on from those types of games. So games that really seem to dip into that untapped well are bound to do well, but that doesn't guarantee that every classic JRPG-style game will do well.

    While you can clearly see the DNA connecting Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler if you're familiar with both games, I think Octopath's incredible success comes down to those sorts of differences in perception. From the get go, people were drawing comparisons between Octopath and Final Fantasy VI - I don't remember seeing favorable comparisons on that level for Bravely Default.

    I also don't really think Sushi Striker sold poorly because it was a $50 puzzle game. I think it sold poorly because it was a game that most people didn't really end up wanting or caring about.
  13. Johnny956


    Wonder if the Pro is undergoing a small model revision and Sony was thinking they would have enough stock in the summer when sales are slower. Just showerthoughts as it seems strange being out of stock randomly in summer at many places
  14. DeuceGamer


    I know this is NPD but with 3DS still trucking along slowly what’s the chances it limps to 80m WW? Think it’s most likely to end up between 75-80m but interested if others think it has a chance.

    Note: According to Nintendo Q1 2018 financial report 3DS is currently at 72.89m units.
  15. Arkaign

    Banned Member

    This is exactly why I think both Sony and Nintendo (and MS with an official X1S rev 2 super slim maybe with new process tech 12 or 7nm) should target $199 or less entry as official MSRP as soon as logically possible.

    As seen last BF, the sales potential is massive for this price point, and people that are price sensitive to having a spare $300 laying around are less sensitive towards picking up a game, a controller, etc several times a year or more along with online subs by month or 3 month, etc.

    This Gen has seen a really really long run without an official sub $200 standard price. Xbox would be the most probable to get there first. I think a 5.5" Switch Mini at $199 would sell like absolute madness, DS levels probably over the time and price/bundle options. Dongle instead of dock, integrated dpad and controls, kickstand, still compatible with wireless joycons purchased separately. I'm pretty certain this is the future of switch per se, with the OG serving as 'Switch XL' so to speak comparing the lineup to *DS stuff.
  16. Mory Dunz

    Mory Dunz

    can't do it imo.
    it was only 300k+ this quarter, can't find the exact number at the moment.
  17. OrbitalBeard


    It's pretty much impossible, barring a breakout 3DS hit no one sees coming.
  18. DeuceGamer


    I think it will limp past 75m with the holidays upcoming. I’m expecting some decent deals this holiday, but I agre I can’t see it reach 80m, though I’d be happy to be wrong.
  19. 3DS will definitively surpass 75 million lifetime, kinda like Switch it was severely undershipped last quarter, and should have a way better 2018.

    80 million tho, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh..... that's really unlucky.
  20. fiendcode


    PSP was as well.
  21. Wander_


    any leak or word on wolfenstein switch?
  22. Zedark


    US market seems to skew perception: worldwide, the system only shipped 0.36M this quarter, down 62% YOY. It'll probably hit 75M at some point, but 80M seems completely out of reach.
  23. This is good, because Ubisoft has a history of making average or mediocre launches into great games. I think The Crew needs some patching, but it will probably get it too.
  24. Tron1


    Any hard numbers for Mario tennis? Would like to know wolfenstine switch also. I just don’t see those ports continuing.
  25. Boiled Goose

    Boiled Goose

    What ports?

    Skyrim and Doom both done well.
  26. Nocturnal


    Did we get any sort of comment if Mario Tennis Aces is the 4th best launch on the Switch behind Zelda, MK8D and SMO.
  27. Edigar

    Banned Member

  28. Tron1


    Really? Do we have any legit numbers from them? Indies are throwing out numbers left and right do we have any hard numbers for major AAA third parties?
  29. Zedark


    We don't, but Bethesda said their games did well, well enough to show that there was a market for their games on the Switch. Nothing in that statement can be read differently than that their games performed well.

    Edit: Source
  30. Tron1


    Yeah that’s one way to look at it.
  31. Zedark


    Do you propose a different reading?
  32. DeuceGamer


    I wonder what type of deals they plan on having for this upcoming holiday. Should be a big help for it to cross 75m.

    Yea, it’s definitely having a hard time outside the US. Japan especially seems to have tanked, but I guess that’s expected with the Switch and market saturation.

    Edit: thanks to both for the thoughts!
  33. test_account


    Are you sure that its the same people who claim the same thing, and that its an all or nothing situation? (either every owner has it has a secondary system, or either every owner only owns a Switch). From my understanding, the main arguement about being a secondary system is that people mainly buy first party games on it, while getting multiplatform games elsewhere. Another arguement is that people say developers are leaving money on the table for not supporting the Switch, does this mean that they're arguing that all the Switch owners only owns a Switch? Otherwise they could just get the games elsewhere if they own other systems as well (multiplatform titles).

    But regardless, the main reason why games sell well is because they are good. Competition matters, games can be overshadowed by other games, but bigger titles at least will probably find a way to sell if they're really good.
  34. v_iHuGi


    Nah, it'll probably settle somewhere around 75/76M.

    Nintendo Financials showed Console is in it's last legs.
  35. patapon


  36. Herb Alpert

    Herb Alpert

    Is there another way ?
    Honest question
  37. ArmGunar


    Do we know why Spiderman PS4 is not available to preorder on Amazon US ? (Same with Amazon FR)
  38. Edigar

    Banned Member

    Isn't that a Pro? If it is, this model is suffering some shortages.
  39. Pablo Mesa

    Pablo Mesa

    so far Skyrim and Doom did well, and WII "flopped" in all account in the other ports. too so we dont know Bethesda actual expectations

    Indies like to give out Number, AAA dont, is not a conspiracy or that someone hide AAA numbers in shame, is just how the publishers work

    Ill Love to know how would be another way to read that then.
  40. TazKa


    Thanks and ratios of both refreshes are close is interesting. :)
  41. Pooroomoo


    Another way to look at it (not mine...) - if a third party say they are happy with sales on the Switch (or any Nintendo system for that matter), they are lying.

    From what I've noticed, ironically the same people that think this way (with some exceptions) also consider anything that can even remotely be considered negative (including anonymous reports, especially those actually) as the absolute truth, and then go on and generalize it to be the absolute truth for all games for the console in question ...

    Just something I observed.
  42. jroc74


    I just realized something.

    Either the One X is doing less than some ppl thought, or the Pro is doing more than what Sony said.

    I know right now God of War had to boost Pro sales.
  43. Pooroomoo


    It may not have been clear from my post, but what I was referring to was the type of convoluted logic, not the argument itself. I was actually thinking of a few "higher up" people who I specifically saw say "3rd party games won't sell on Nintendo systems", and then go on and use any remote example (that really shouldn't be used) to show it is the same story on Switch, while games that prove otherwise "don't count"for different reasons.
    Personally I believe that Switch is not your typical Nintendo system in that regard, and its audience is quite different in most countries from past systems.
  44. Omnistalgic


    Everyone likes 2020, but you think a software disruption could cause a delay as well? Or just a new player into the industry?

    Also tsk for the Apple link buddy above who I can't @ with the Japanese tiles in their name. lol

    Also, I've noticed a trend of XB1 getting a lot more praise on Reset lately and even coming from the NPD guys. Personally, the only thing appealing about it is build quality, Forza/Ori and the controller, it's still a hard sale for me at $500 or $450. Not trying to derail or anything, just wondering if future outlook looking better actually builds brand awareness outside of the enthusiast bubble? Also, are a lot of these XB1X buyers PS owners also getting new consoles towards the end of the gen? I'm thinking about jumping into a next Xbox, particularly with Halo Infinite release, but its still a hard purchase as Pro owner this late in the generation. Switch was much easier as they don't feel at all redundant like PS/XBox does. Thoughts?
  45. Boiled Goose

    Boiled Goose

    Skyrim was in the top 10 switch selling games as late as May NPD.
    Doom made to the top 10 switch games as late as January 2018.
    Both have had or still have presence in eShop top sellers.
    Skyrim still top 12 or so on Amazon best sellers for Switch.
    Bethesda expressed satisfaction with sales.
    Both Doom and Skyrim are still basically full price.

    Do you have any reason to believe they DIDN'T do well? Or are you just assuming based on what exactly?

    The only major third party games released for Switch are mario rabbids and octopath. Both sold over a million. Not sure they even count as AAA.
  46. Boiled Goose

    Boiled Goose

    Switch is a primary system.

    That's why indies are selling best on Switch. Indie support has been great. AAA support hasn't. People buy the best games on the system.

    But Indies dont count as third party games or games for whatever reason. They clearly disprove not just 1st party games are selling and they clearly prove it's a primary system for most owners
  47. jroc74


    I don't think we can say that if you mean ports. Devs have to deal with the limitations of the Switch vs the PS4, XBO.

    If you mean 3rd party exclusives, I think that's what publishers, devs should do. That was like an underrated pro about the Wii.

    What ppl should do is stop worrying about prices, game bundles, etc on other platforms. If that stops some one from buying a 3rd party game on Switch, that's not how you support the platform as a customer.

    That's like me not getting a game on sale on PS4 because the XBO had a better sale, even tho the PS4 is my main or only platform. Straight up bad performing games, I can understand.

  48. it looks like you can only do so for the digital version
  49. MatPiscatella

    The NPD Group - Video Game Industry Analyst Verafied

    According to NPD's Games Acquisition Monitor, at the end of Q1 ballpark of 70% of people in the U.S. that owned a Switch also owned a PS4 and/or an Xbox One. Cross ownership across all 3 consoles is pretty high compared to prior gens. Each system is differentiated enough that a big chunk of people that are into console gaming own multiple systems.

    Now arguing primary vs secondary doesnt make any sense. Each box does its own thing and each does it well.