1. TheHunter


    Just ask IL Gov. Rauner.
  2. Qvoth


    always thought he'd get a 2nd term
  3. blinky


    It says something about the times we live in that this is exactly where my mind went too.
  4. LukarWuff


    Oh boy. I can’t wait to regret turning on the TV and seeing his shitty ads every time.
  5. Magwik


    The money means nothing. Media attention means everything. Sadly our media is shit.
  6. Tron1


    Hate to be the one to say this..... but I think dude is going to win again. His supporters won’t let anything faze them.... so much so that more people will vote for him next election than did last time.
  7. Powdered Egg

    Powdered Egg

    He's definitely getting a 2nd term. The media loves him and he will get his free publicity buffet again while his opponents have to spend money.
  8. Ramjag


    If anything, that just means Hillary needs to stay the hell away from politics. I hated having to vote for her, but had no real choice considering.
  9. Wormsign


    What happens to this money when he is impeached before the next election?
  10. Kschreck


    I will be absolutely shocked if Donald Trump isn't a full two-term president. The way I see it we still have almost six and a half years of this madness (at least).
  11. Brinbe


    duh. there are huge monied interests who want their gravy train to keep rolling. his pockets be phat.
  12. Nassudan


    He nearly lost the previous election with Russia's help. Get out of here with that nonsense.
  13. Wormsign


    No amount of money is going to buy him out of grave he's dug for himself.
  14. The sad thing is he will get reelected. He is the president and he is still campaigning doing rallies and getting funding. How is this legal in the USA?
  15. Wormsign


    he won't even make it to the end of his first term.
  16. Shauni

    Banned Member

    You hate to be the one to say it in a thread where it was said like five times before you posted lol
  17. WrenchNinja


    I do na zi what you mean
  18. Ithil


    Most of which will just go into his pocket.
  19. Ithil


    He barely won despite all the help in the world and a uniquely beatable opponent (and said help making more beatable). What's he gonna do when he can't just go "BUT EMAILS" and get "lock her up" chants? What does he do when faced with a charismatic talker who can take him down verbally? What can he do now that his "unknown" quantity is gone (wherein many voters convinced themselves he'd be a moderate in office, or was gonna be a pro-worker president) and he's exposed as just another uncaring extreme conservative stooge?

    I can't comment on the status of investigations because who knows where they will be at in 2020, but given how far they've progressed with 32 indictments already, it's very likely a lot of terrible shit will have come out about the Trump admin and Russia by then. But acting like 2020 will be the same for him as 2016 was is foolish.
  20. UberTag


    It vanishes and people act bemused as to where it all went.
  21. BWoog


    Cool. I've been busting my ass for the past two years trying to do everything I could to stop this fucking nightmare. I've been canvassing, phone banking, donating, basically treating fighting against all this shit as my second job but after all this shit, after shit like Trump saying Nazis were good people, and the FBI is wrong, and Putin's a good guy, and Kim Jong Un is a great guy, and stealing from the poor to fund his fucking golf trips and thousands of other horrific things he's doing, if ALL THAT isn't enough for people to get off their fucking asses and vote him out in 2020 en masse?

    I'm calling it. The nation's lost at that point. I'm not going to be here when he picks six Supreme Court Justices or some shit.
  22. Wonderment


    Please do not quote the entire article when creating a thread from a published article. Secondary portions have been removed. Thank you.
  23. Zyrokai


    I mean..... I've been doing all of that as well and have donated far more than I am financially capable of doing......and I have a goal of registering 200 people to vote this year. It's been draining and has no reward, but I don't have the means to leave nor can I leave my loved ones home to suffer without me :(

    I agree with you that the nation is lost if we don't self-correct in the next 3 years, but even if we're lost, I won't be able to leave.
  24. Xe4


    That's what happens when you start your campaign literally the 1st day of your presidency and constantly have rallies. Campaigning has to be the one thing Trump actually likes about the whole presidency.

    In any case, it's definitely an advantage, but as seen in 2016 money isn't everything. If Trump hasn't managed to wreck the economy through tarrifs in two years, he stands a decent chance, but not a great or fantastic one. I'd say it's a 60-40 for him winning based solely off an incumbency advantage, which is certainly not overwhelmingly good odds he'll win. A decent enough candidate and hard push by democrats can get his ass out of office.
  25. Anti


    And people said he won't get re-elected, HA!
  26. Andington


    Biden, Kamala, Booker, and Gillibrand wouldn't be enough to stop Trump. They are more of the same type of politician as Hillary was: More in the center and corporate-leaning. If you want a formidable opponent against Trump, you need a Sanders or Warren. The right has taken a hard turn to the right, and it worked for them. The left needs to do the same. Only way to energize voters. Now you will counter that Sanders and Warren are getting too old, well then, find me a further left politician as they are, with the same energy and passion to excite Democrats, and also younger, then we'll talk.
  27. Volimar


    I'm somewhat concerned but at the same time I half expect him to misspend it on Trump portraits and legal fees, so...
  28. Wormsign


    Whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination when the time comes let it be a clean clear victory and stand behind that person. If your preferred candidate doesn't win don't sulk in a corner like some 2016 Bernie supporters.
  29. XMonkey


    *report of a decent amount of money in his campaign (slush) fund*

    “I knew it, he’s totally winning re-election!”

    JFC, these are some stupid takes.
  30. DrEvil

    Developer Verafied


    This gif is more apt than it seems at a surface glance.
  31. plagiarize

    Mighty Jagrafess Moderator

    His poll numbers are where HWs and carter's were at this point in their presidencies even with Russian propaganda.
  32. Trump's lawyers should raise their prices, apparently he can afford it.
  33. Dale Copper

    Dale Copper

    Defeatism is strong in posters here.
  34. But Clinton won the popular vote if that is what you are trying to reference.
  35. Heh, he didn't look like he even wanted to be president now he doesn't want to leave.
  36. Squiggely

    Banned Member

    Forgive me for asking but why the hell are Dems not coming out to fight. I see next to nothing it in the press and I do try to look. (perhaps in the wrong places)
  37. XMonkey


    Because it’s the only thing keeping him out of jail right now.
  38. Hesemonni


    Do they even have a remotely believable candidate?
  39. Ithil


    I have no idea what you are talking about. Fight what? Where? You need specifics.
    If you mean they need a presidential candidate, those will come after the midterms as they do every time. From January on, you'll see Dems announce candidacy.
    If you mean they need to be out there campaigning in general for the midterms, they are, in massive numbers. Fundraising, canvassing, voter operations, etc are insane right now for Dem candidates, which there are a record number of this year.
  40. Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones

    I share everyone's fear of a second term of Trump but please remember that he barely won and he's done nothing but bleed support since January 2017. You're not going to crack his insane base but you only need a gain of 75k votes in a few states and this nightmare is over. Early 2020 polls have "Generic Democrat" over Trump 44 to 36.
  41. Lunar15


    I think people get wrapped up in the idea that we need to make republicans turn on Trump. They're not going to. A lot of them didn't even like him to begin with, they just didn't want the democrat.

    Sure, a lot of republicans are "ashamed" of Trump's actions, but as soon as there's a name on that Democrat, the shit-flinging will start. It's on the democrats to field the best possible candidate and campaign in every state.
  42. Can he use these funds to pay for lawyers?
  43. marc^o^


    The issue is not money, it's that treators don't plya by the rules.
  44. Bernd Lauert

    Bernd Lauert

    So uhm do Dems have a good candidate for 2020? Because if their candidate is weak again Trump will easily win.
  45. Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones

    Any single one of the most tossed around names could beat Trump since the main problem to overcome is "more likable and charismatic than Hillary Clinton."

    Trump won't have his main advantages from 2016. He's not a traditional incumbent. He now has a political record that he'll have to defend, and he comes across terribly when he's defensive. He is personally responsible for adding $1 trillion dollars to the deficit and counting.

    He can no longer hide behind "I'm not a politician and everything bad was someone else's fault." His challenger will gets tons of media coverage and won't be treated like the status quo assumed winner like Hillary was. Also, ideally, his challenger won't be under an FBI investigation--and the Mueller probe could very well still be ongoing.