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Obvious stunt doubles in films

Violence Jack

Oct 25, 2017
This scene from The Beyond, an Italian Horror flick, always cracked me the fuck up. Not even a stunt double so I don't know if it qualifies but the switch to the prosthetic head is really funny especially how it doesn't react whatsoever to...being eaten by spiders...and then the wounds are even inconsistent from shot to shot.

Caution: gore and spiders!!!

I found the fake spiders on sticks more hilarious than the dummy head in that scene.


Mar 5, 2018
"Obvious" as in "I never noticed until I watched the remastered Blu-Ray version of a film I have seen a dozen times"


Oct 27, 2017
There's that pool bursting/breaking scene in Bad Boys 2 where it obviously isn't Martin Lawrence


Oct 25, 2017

Eraser (1996) Schwarzenegger looking real strange, bad decision to have a closeup here


343 Industries
Oct 25, 2017
The Blade Runner scene where Zhora falls through the glass was really bad, I remember. It got fixed in eventual cuts.

It's only bad for me whenI found out it's there. I watched the movie a dozen times and didn't notice. But when you do.... boy is it screamingly obvious. On the plus side - the fact that they completely replaced it with a proper Zhora in the blu ray is just one of a thousand amazing things they did in that update. Probably the most ambitious and brilliant ever done. If I ever win the lottery I got ten million for the same treatment on Lynch's Dune, and another ten if Lynch wants to film or add anything.


Oct 26, 2017
I can't find the clip but there's a really obvious and hilarious stunt double moment for James Callis (Batlar) in BSG season 4 I think.


Oct 28, 2017
I always thought Cameron's True Lies was always REALLY bad with the obvious stunt doubles.



Nov 2, 2018
The empty hot dog bun that Tobey Maguire eats in Spider-Man 2 that is posing as an actual hot dog.

I believe he’s a vegetarian or something.

Eugene's Axe

Jan 17, 2019
I rewatched the LOTR trilogy this weekend and pretty much my only complain about it is that sometimes the doubles for the hobbits are so terribly done that it just distracting. It's not only that the actors are obviously different people but they were given these terrible masks that didn't resemble the main actors in the slightest.
Oct 27, 2017
I actually dislike that they "fixed" the T2 thing, it's part of movie making and a stunt double doesn't make it a lesser scene. Now Arnie gets the credit?

It's funny how many of these are from his movies, though. I was watching Commando last week and when he is at the airport and jumps off a moving truck, it looks like a dude in a muscle suit running.


Oct 25, 2017
Strong Island NY
T2 motorcycle is one of those things that you can go years without noticing until it's pointed out, and then it's suddenly so glaringly obvious that you can't help but focus on it from then on.
I have no idea how for so many years I didn't notice the motorcycle stuff in T2, but now I can't unsee it every single time I watch it. It's kind of ruined that entire sequence of the movie for me, or at least tainted it. But yeah, came to this thread to point out that one and I see I am already very late to the party.
You guys know the latest release fixes Arnie's face with CG to fix this scene? Unfortunately they have assed it because Ed's stunt double is still an ugly ass man. Too bad.


Oct 31, 2017
It's funny how many of these are from his movies, though. I was watching Commando last week and when he is at the airport and jumps off a moving truck, it looks like a dude in a muscle suit running.
Or the "I eat Green Beret for breakfast" fight scene with Billy Duke and you can clearly see what appears to be a white stuntman with a bald cap and BLACKFACE MAKEUP doing the stunts.



Oct 25, 2017
Not a "stunt" double, but there was a season finale of Doctor Who in which The Doctor/David Tennant had a clone and I hated how noticeable it was in some scenes that it was another guy wearing his suit.