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Obvious stunt doubles in films


Oct 25, 2017
Man, I have no clue what movie this is...maybe someone knows what I'm talking about.

It was an action movie- there's a white guy in a gold/yellow jacket, fighting a bunch of people in a restaurant. At one point he ducks below the frame, and pops up as an Asian man and continues fighting.
Oct 25, 2017
This is beautiful

This scene from The Beyond, an Italian Horror flick, always cracked me the fuck up. Not even a stunt double so I don't know if it qualifies but the switch to the prosthetic head is really funny especially how it doesn't react whatsoever to...being eaten by spiders...and then the wounds are even inconsistent from shot to shot.

Caution: gore and spiders!!!

It really doesn't matter how obvious it is what is going on here
I still can't breathe watching this

The empty hot dog bun that Tobey Maguire eats in Spider-Man 2 that is posing as an actual hot dog.

I believe he’s a vegetarian or something.
That shot always looked weird to me but I never took any time to think about why
It all makes sense now
The buns are empty

I'm astounded this shot made it into Endgame.

This picture is edited, right? Like there's no way Tony's head is that small and everybody involved with that game was just like "yeah send it"



Oct 25, 2017
I always find it funny when stunt doubles just move unlike how the actor they're supposed to move. Like it's obvious they're just doing stunts the way they normally do them but didn't think about how the character has been moving for the whole movie.


Jan 9, 2018
In Casino Royal, you can pick out Craig's stunt person in the long shots when they're fighting on the crane


Oct 25, 2017
some things I just never notice until later, and I now I try picking out the obvious ones, thanks in special part to Power Rangers and Tokusatsu.
Dec 6, 2017
Doesn't he hit people by swinging her around?

That whole baseball scene is one of the funniest things ever filmed.
Yea he beats people with the dummy and they even overdubbed her voice in some shitty way, it's hysterical.

I always love when rag dolls are used. There's just a way that they move that I'll never not find hilarious.
Bud Bundy on Married With Children had many fantastic rag doll moments.


Oct 27, 2017
anyone got a gif/pic of nic cage jumping off the side of the prison into the ocean in Face/Off.

I remember that as an 'obvious stuntman' moment.


Oct 27, 2017

This scene always made me laugh because of how obvious the doubles are, especially for the girl... the wig doesn't even match the actress' hair... its way to puffy.


Oct 27, 2017
The shot of them flipping off the boat as it crashes new the end of Face/Off. So unbelievably blatant - like, there were no better angles?


Oct 27, 2017
There is a movie with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon where it was very obvious in the opening scene. She's a bike courier

Jon Carter

Oct 27, 2017
I wish I could find a gif of it, but in the movie The One, where Jet Li is supposed to fight himself, they CGIed his face for one shot and that is the most laughable thing I’ve ever seen. Like right away I paused it and went back to rewatch it several times because it was so bad it was almost offensive—the face looks like a racist caricature of an angry Chinese man. The director mentioned in the audio commentary that they could tell it wasn’t going to work so they used a different method afterwards. I can’t believe I can’t find it online.
Oct 25, 2017
It's only bad for me whenI found out it's there. I watched the movie a dozen times and didn't notice. But when you do.... boy is it screamingly obvious. On the plus side - the fact that they completely replaced it with a proper Zhora in the blu ray is just one of a thousand amazing things they did in that update. Probably the most ambitious and brilliant ever done. If I ever win the lottery I got ten million for the same treatment on Lynch's Dune, and another ten if Lynch wants to film or add anything.
I actually think it was one of the first ones I ever saw that jumped out to me! I remember watching it and going "is that a guy with a wig?" as it was happening. In hindsight, it's just not great, and I'm glad it got fixed.

The Lynch stuff will never happen, since he's just upset at the whole thing (and, you know, actors and 40 years since) but that is a big what-if.


Oct 25, 2017
The bike scene in E.T. deeply bothered me by how suddenly lanky everybody got, even as a kid.
Oct 26, 2017
I think the lesson here is that movies are made to be watched once on a big screen, not scrutinized frame by frame on a 4K transfer.
Oct 26, 2017
To this day nothing beats the hilariously obvious and purposefully cheap looking body double ragdolls on married with children. Them not even trying to hide the fact that they're ragdolls led to some hilariously macabre visuals. Installing the satellite dish being one of my favourite uses. Just never gets old.
Boy Wander

Boy Wander

Oct 29, 2017
I have no idea how for so many years I didn't notice the motorcycle stuff in T2, but now I can't unsee it every single time I watch it. It's kind of ruined that entire sequence of the movie for me, or at least tainted it. But yeah, came to this thread to point out that one and I see I am already very late to the party.
Another obvious T2 one is the part where the T1000 latches on to the back of the escaping car and is dragged along. Its so clearly a dummy but I'm not sure how they could have got around that.