Octopath Traveler rated M in Australia

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Exentryk, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Exentryk

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    Rated M for mature themes, sexual references and violence.


    For context, Aus M is not the same as US M. See post below.

  2. Solid

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    Rated M for Title Gore
  3. ILikeFeet

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    No surprises here.
  4. -Pyromaniac-

    -Pyromaniac- Member

    Some pretty dark themes were already present in the story from the get-go when you play as the dancer who's name I'm forgetting.
  5. K Samedi

    K Samedi Member

    Cant wait. This game will sell really well I think, even with the M rating.
  6. delete12345

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    Alluring is a mature thing to do.
  7. Dark Cloud

    Dark Cloud Member

    Well I saw why after playing with the dancer girl.
  8. Farrac

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    And yeah, if the demo is anything to go by this game is quite dark indeed. Sexual overtones and all.
  9. Bomblord

    Bomblord Member

    Australia being Australia. Wonder what part specifically brought it on? Going from the demo probably the dancers story
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    Isn't Australian M approximately equivalent to American T?
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    Yeah, Primrose's story indicates this might be a hard-T or M in America.
    And there's six other characters not explored yet so who knows how dark they'll get.
  12. ?oe?oe

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    American's M is Australia's MA or even R.
  13. MrNewVegas

    MrNewVegas Member

    Yup. An American M is a banned game in Aussie lol
  14. Seven Force

    Seven Force Member

    Yeah, Primrose's scenario definitely has some dark stuff in it going by the demo.
  15. ScottyJayMan

    ScottyJayMan Member

    Ok everyone an M rating in Australia is the equivalent of a T reading in the US. So this rating is very mild.

    Can we all not freak out about this? Or is that too much?
  16. cw_sasuke

    cw_sasuke Member

    Looking forward to somewhat mature story themes.
    No one is freaking out about the news.
  17. Galava

    Galava Member

    And it will be PEGI 16 in Europe, though it depends what they see on the game it may become 18.
  18. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

    Indeed, that Primrose demo part was unexpected, really want to know the full story.
  19. Lord Azrael

    Lord Azrael Member

    Out of all the posts in the thread, I would describe the tone of yours as closest to "freaking out" lol
  20. Geoff

    Geoff Member

    Not surprising when one of the characters is literally a hooer
  21. Xenosaga

    Xenosaga Member

    Was it Australia that rated Atelier Totori M?
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    So why does Australia seemingly rate their games harsher?
  23. Grim Patron

    Grim Patron Member

    Says computer game and multiplatform? Thought this was exclusive!
  24. Shepherd

    Shepherd Member

    Regardless of rating, one of my most anticipated games of the yar. Demo was great.
  25. MarcyPoos

    MarcyPoos Member

    It's equivalent to an American T.
  26. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member

    Yeaaah not surprised after Primroses part.
    Do we know whether there a language option in the game by the way? The german text sucked compared tot he english one.
  27. TheMoon

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    pretty non-newsy and entirely unspectactular.

    Aussie M-rating is for mid-early teens.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ignore. it says that for everything.

    Aussie M is not US M


    Australian classification board M = ESRB T for Teen, PEGI 16 or 12, USK 12 or 16.

    ESRB M rating = Aussie MA15+ most of the time and R18+
  28. Exentryk

    Exentryk Member Original Poster

    That's PG. Though I see Totori Plus was rated R18+.

    Apparently all Switch games have that for some reason. Odyssey says multiplat too.
  29. TheMoon

    TheMoon |OT| Member

    you should add context for what "M" even means in Australia. Expect lots of Americans to come here thinking it's the same as ESRB's M when it's actually T and lower..
  30. Valkyr1983

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    I’m in for the Primrose stuff
  31. Exentryk

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  32. Emperor Ham

    Emperor Ham Member

    By rating all games multi-platform You can rerelease the game in the future without having to pay the fees for the rating.

    That's why all NIntendo, Sony etc games say Multiplatform.
  33. TheMoon

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  34. Aostia82

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    Yes totally
  35. catshade

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    I remember Australia rated the anime Azumanga Daioh vol. 1 MA 15+ due to the characters (high school kids) comparing their boob size.
  36. Effect

    Effect Member

    Yup not at all surprising after Primrose's story in the demo. However strange the ratings are different. Maybe it should actually be higher.
  37. Echo

    Echo Member


    It got an R18+ rating lol

    And so a meme was born.
  38. Gotdatmoney

    Gotdatmoney Member

    I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if it hit an M in NA. But going by this probably T.
  39. Strings

    Strings Member

    I still don't understand why years later. Atelier of all things receiving that rating just makes zero sense.
  40. LordGorchnik

    LordGorchnik Member

    I didnt get a chance to try the demo. Can I get some examples? Want to know if this is something I can play with my kids or not.
  41. Jucksalbe

    Jucksalbe Member

    There's one scene in particular that I can think of as a reason.
  42. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member

    One of the 7 protagonists is a female dancer that is seeking revenge
    In order to do so, she's accepting the phisical and psichological violence from her "master", let's say, included some sexual violence
  43. Strings

    Strings Member

    The Octopus picture? It's in the original PG rated release. Even then, it's relatively tame, and I'm not seeing why it shouldn't be an M, or MA tops.

    Iunno, R18 is just a crazy extreme to me.
  44. LordGorchnik

    LordGorchnik Member

    Thanks. If its hidden well in words I shouldn't have an issue but if its outright spoken/performed may have to err on the side of caution with the little one.
  45. BrucCLea13k87

    BrucCLea13k87 Member

    This "M" rating in Australia is basically equivalent to a "T" rating here.
  46. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    I feel like we go through this thread many times

    Usually for Nintendo games

    "[Insert game here] Is Rated M!!!111!!! (In Australia)"
  47. Jucksalbe

    Jucksalbe Member

    Hmm...just saw that Atelier Rorona got an 18 rating as well, so it must have been something different. Maybe they didn't like Astrid? Is there no explanation for these ratings?
  48. Aostia82

    Aostia82 Member


    I didn't find it too explicit but I could misremember
  49. Parvaati

    Parvaati Member

    So would this be an inappropriate game to play with my 9 year old as a bonding moment?
  50. ILikeFeet

    ILikeFeet Member

    not unless he wants to be a dancer!

    if I remember correctly, there was a drunk groping scene (not scene, but the audio didnt leave much to the imagination) that led to the rating