Oculus developing multi VR headset tracking for use with Oculus Quest


Oct 27, 2017
Thought this was was pretty interesting, basically if two people are using headsets together in the same room they will be able to see each other. VRcades is where this would be used the most in all likelihood having larger numbers of players running around an "arena scale" environment like the one they had set up at Connect 5. Would still be pretty cool getting together locally with your and another person's headsets, I wonder if this would negate the need for an actual online client for this kind of local multiplayer if the headsets can detect one another um...locally :p


Last fall, Oculus demonstrated an arena multiplayer experience in which several quest goggles were tracked in the same room. At Reboot Develop 2019, Matt Conte confirmed that Oculus is working on a solution for developers.

Matt Conte is a technical consultant and supports studios in optimizing VR apps for the Oculus ecosystem. At Reboot Develop, he gave an insight into the hardware and software of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S and explained what developers need to be aware of when programming software for the two systems.

Conte confirmed on request that there is currently no programming interface for Oculus Quest's colocal tracking. This refers to a technology that captures multiple Quest goggles in the same room and synchronizes their position so that the Quest users in virtual reality can see each other and interact with each other.

Oculus is currently working on a solution and wants to give developers access to colocative tracking for Oculus Quest, Conte confirmed.


Oct 26, 2017

As the article suggest, Oculus teased it last year so while its not a surprise, its great to hear confirmation that developers will have access to it.

I think the only limiting factor is the peripherals. Tracking shouldnt be an issue, since we have confirmation that it is tracking better than the lowest form of outside-in tracking.