Oddest mini games in video games


Oct 27, 2017
Killer is Dead

In between the action levels, you went on dates with different women. The goal is to fill up the date’s excitement meter by giving her gifts and staring at her cleavage and crotch when she’s not looking. When he meter is filled, they will kiss and go home to make love. If you go on enough successful dates, you will see more of the “action” and aftermath.


Oct 25, 2017
Wait, why would they remember who Hendrix was in MML's universe? That just struck me.

I was going to say Big's fishing in Sonic Adventure, but damn. Yeah. Yakuza wins.

Hey, Silver Case also had a 100 questions quiz with some pretty out there (and also great) questions. One of my favorites:

Wellnow I need to play this.

Could be worse. Motor Kombat very well could have been its own game in another time. Chess Kombat, on the other hand...