One of Sony's biggest problems is the lack of an big IP with merchandising. Will it change with the PS5?


Apr 28, 2018
They joined World Wild Studios (Sony's premiere group of devs) after making Crash Bandicoot and such. Here is a nice little documentary from their 30th anniversary 5 years ago:

Also, they have a new division for making shows / movies a bigger part of the PlayStation ethos going forward, so who knows what we'll get!

I'd love a full-on Gravity Rush anime, a Bloodborne series, a live-action WipEout series that goes into the nitty gritty of all the teams as they advance the ships from 2048, and something in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn would be amazing.

I've never seen merchandise for this, but have heard of the gamet. Sony's Aniplex company, right?
Yup there are movies mangas animes of Fate