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One Piece |OT4| Beyond Imagination

A: "Wano Kuni's Flower Palace"
B: You've got "Ohako Soba!" (the kana says Ohako and the kanji says Number 18, not sure. Wano's got a lot of classical Japanese stuff that zips right over my limited knowledge)
C: Sangorou's Ohako Soba! (the San is in katakana and is thus likely Sanji's name. Sangorou is his Wano alias)
D: Is there any news about Luffy?
E: I've been out of the loop.
F: I didn't get out until the day of his fight.
G: Mmm-mmm! This is idiotically delicious! It's great eating Sanji's cooking again!
H: I'm so glad you got back safe!
I: I could give a shit about you; Robin-chaaan <3
J: How do you like it?