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Oct 25, 2017

Greetings and welcome to our One Piece community thread #4! Here we discuss the latest chapters of One Piece as they release with spoiler tags only before scanlation release days (typically Thursdays) as well as the latest anime episodes every Saturday.
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Straw Hat Pirates
Luffy | Zoro | Nami | Usopp | Sanji | Chopper | Robin | Franky | Brook | Jimbei

Current status onboard not decided(eh well technically Zeus is decided that boy a slave)

Straw Hat Grand Fleet (Will be 8000+ Members):
Cavendish (75) | Bartolomeo (56) | Sai (1000) | Ideo (4) | Leo (200) | Hajrudin (5) | Orlumbus (4300)

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

We have moved on past the Revivre since the last thread but not without a few tidbits to keep fans interested such as: Big Mom is heading to Wano to kill Luffy herself (along with her crew I imagine) showing she and Kaido have a past together with Kaido owning her a dept, Kuma is to be executed at the Revivre with the Revs planning to save him & make there deceleration and the mysterious Im seemingly the true ruler of the World Government.

We see that Nekomamushi has indeed made contact with Marco looking fine after his defeat by Blackbeard with fruit still intact, who is guarding over the Island that Whitebeard was not only born on but supported with the money he got from pirating. He tells Neko that he cannot make it to Wano fearing the Island would come under attack by Weevil and his mom though he does leave a message for Neko to take to Luffy...

But enough of that time to get to the arc thats been 10+ years in the making since it was introduced back in Thriller Bark:

(Wano-Flower Capital)

Here we catch up with the Dressrosa cast that left with Law and Kinemon, playing various roles in the alliances plan to take down Kaido: Frankosuke is working as a carpenter trying to get blueprints of Kaidos estate, O-Robi is working as a geisha trying to be picked by the Shogun to get close to him for intel (maybe have a fight this arc...maybe), Usopp works as a merchant peddling fake wares looking for Kin'emons allies with certain marks but Zoro who had the same job got arrested for fake crimes and for grave robbing stealing Shunsui but cut his way out exposing himself.

Now with Luffy & co in Wano vicinity in order to make it to the country they have to hitch a ride with giant Koi Fish going over the mountain river but they encounter a world pool that separates the Sunny and Luffy, luckily he washes up onto an Island where he encounters O-Tama after dealing with a Beast Pirate himself and Tama takes care of some fighting wild animals pacifying them with her DF.

Tama takes Luffy to her home feeding him as thanks for saving her, but encounters a tengu man claiming to be Tamas master ready to cut Luffy down for eating food that should be for Tama the poor girl who hasen't eatten in days. O-Tama comes in to explain the situation but falls ill due to bad water from the river waiting for a pirate named Ace to come back, the same Ace as Luffys brother whom promised to take Tama out to sea when she was old enough not knowing of Ace's fate:

Luffy gets some raggity old threads and splits with Tama taking her to a place to heal her, but not before grabbing a sword in Tengus possession that just happens to be part of the kitetsu line, while being taught the destruction and devastation the Beasts Pirates have brought to the masses while they live it good. On the way to the cure Luffy meets up with his old buddy Zoro (happy to see his captain in here) whom not only somehow ended up here but was saving a woman from some Beast Pirtaes jumping and hugging him in the face. But the reunion is cut short by Hawkins whom is now working for Kaido ready to cut the two down though Zoro focuses in on the sword Luffy has. During the scuffle we see more of Hawkins fruit, allowing him to survive fatal blows with his strawmen revealing more of his powers that seem dictated by Tarot Cards:

But Luffy & Zoro split with Tama who condition is worsening, they also encounter the woman Zoro saved earlier named Otsuru whom is not only runs a tea shop where she can heal O-Tama but is Kin'emons wife. At the tea house as Tama is healed Luffy and Zoro meet the towering O-Kiku, a samurai working at the tea shop pushing away the advances of a disgusting sumo wrestler.

(Yes Luffy Big Mom is bigger)

With Tama healed and feed, she is abruptly kidnapped by some Beast Pirates who wish to take her to there master Holdum, with Luffy, Zoro and Kiku giving chase to Bakura Town as on the mountian overlooking the Island Bepo informs Law not only is Luffy here it looks like his is going to cause trouble in Bakura Town, prompting Law to get them before they cause any trouble.

Tama is taken to Headliner Holdem who ate the Lion smile fruit, wishing to utilize her DF to pacify animals which Tama has been told to to reveal since the Beast Pirates wish for such a power so Tama just tries to brush it off but Holdem grabs pliers trying to rip dango balls from her checks. The gang is looking around town, when they see up ahead a suma arena with the creep from earlier having just defeated his 19th opponent who as soon as he see Kiku orders his men to grab her all the while Luffy is yelling asking people if they seen O-tama.

Sick of his bullshit, Kiku quickly cuts his hair Topknot, not only showing there is more to O-Kiku then meets the eye (impressing Luffy and Zoro), but bringing great anger and shame to the loser sumo who tries to strike Kiku but Luffy comes in ready to wrestle the guy. Through out the match angry sumo cheats breaking the rules trying to get a hit on Luffy failing miserably before Luffy finishes his punk ass with one giant strike sending toothless sumo through the town. Which not only alerts Holdem but Hawkins as the group cut through men trying to stop them, before Holdem makes it to the scene with Tama in hand.

Holdem wishes to capture the three, thinking they are members following Shutenmaru a thief who has been stealing from the rich farms of Wano that is for feeding Kaido, his men and the Shoguns group. Kiku warns against fighting Holdem not just cause he is strong but because he is the right hand man of Jack the Drought, one of Kaidos three calamities who returned recently from Zou having not drowned & failing his mission. Holdem taunts the gang, putting O-Tama in a tighter grip with from out of town a miss Beast Pirate by the name of Speed (a horse smile user) arrives with a food barge for the beast pirates, Luffy quickly frees Tama from Holdem grip while Zoro and Kiku secure the food with the giant dog to pull it.

Having learned Tama was injured with pliers Luffy smashes Holdem with a Red Hawk (reminding Tama of Ace) defeating him instantly, trying to catch up with the others Luffy jumps upon Speed who initially tries to beat them off but becomes a willing ally after trying one of Tama dangos, meanwhile Law encounters and fights Hawkins wishing to grab the others before Holdem is defeated knowing Jack would come to them.

(to slow Law)

Luckily Law meets up with the others taking the food barge to Otsuru in the outside town to feast on as the town sing there heroes name in praise for feeding them, Luffy makes a promise to O-Tama before she leaves on Speed to return to her home and Master that he will restore Wano to a place where they can eat comfortable again just like Ace did. With that taken care of Law wants them to follow him up the mountains for not only a meeting but to show Luffy something he hasn't seen.

As they ride towards the ruins of Odens castle, Kiku questions why they are heading to the castle (all the while wonders if she can trust them) with Law questioning if Kiku will be safe while Luffy vogues for her Zoro says she has something to hide. We know cut away to a school in the Wano Country, where we see a teacher is indoctrinating the youth teaching them lies that Kaido and the Shogun want spread, we learn that at least by the class that Shogun Orochi Kurozumi defeated Oden and his 9 followers 20 years ago.

But listening across the street is a drunk shogun man named Kyoshiro, who tells of words spoke by Odens wife twenty years ago surrounded by her castle in flames of; an event under the moon 20 years from now, 9 shadows will bring the brilliance of the dawn:

That the shogun fears for the day the ghost of the Kazuki clan come back to kill him.

Luffy sees the graves and just like the audience wonders what the hell is with these graves Kinemon and Momonosuke are alive? with Kiku wiping tears away saddened at the site (Zoro being Zoro wandered off), Law says Luffy cannot see Kin'emon and that he shouldn't be telling the story of the graves when a weakened Kin'emon walks in recovering from a bad case of stomach arches. Kiku happily hugs the sick Kin'emon happy he is back while Kin'emon questions why is O-Kiku with them, thats not the only reunion Sanji (wet from searching for Luffy in the water) and co return but not only them Momonosuke is here to meaning Inurashi too.

Luffy all explain that with Kin'emon, he comes out saying that he has kept a secret from them for a long time that the five of them Momonosuke, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kiku (revealing she is a retainer to the Kozuki) and himself come from the past, 20 years ago.

Kin'emon tells the tale of Oden: Oden Kozuki was the son of the Shogun in the past who was banished from the flower capital for violent acts and willfulness, he came to a lawless part of Wano where crime was high and the Shogun gave up on fixing, thats when Oden came in. Oden came in and defeated the most evil criminal Ashura Doji,taking all criminals under his wing, reformed them and put them to work to create a prosperous town and area named Kuri where he was named Daiymo, made himself a castle and did everything to grow his land and make it full; even accepting two minks who alot feared and even impressed the Pirate King.

But 20 years ago he was taken to the Flower Capital and executed by Kaido & Orochi, Kin'emon and the other retainers fled to Kazuki castle hoping to make a desperate escape with Lady Toki, Momonosuke and his little sister Hiyori but...

With the castle in flames they rushed in to save the ones the served, finding Lady Toki with her children there we learned she has the time time fruit thats limited in only traveling to the future that she herself comes from another time but she making this her final destination to leave with Oden. Kin'eon pleads if they are sent into the future they would find a way to crush the Shogun, Kaido and fulfill Oden's last wish; smiling; Toki sends Momonosuke and 4 (kin, Kiku, Kanj and Raizo) into the future 20 years.

Even after 20 years allies have waited for the day Momonosuke and the others would return and the other retainers (9 in total), from then on we know and can guess the rest now with there forces gathered and not exposed....2 weeks from now at the fire festival...

The Fire Festival will be held on the Island Onigashima, the shogun and his men will leave and pay tribute to Kaido who serves as the Island protector with a giant feast between the Beast pirates and the Shogunate will be held. Kin'emon shows the symbol of the rebellion that will be known to the people of Wano that bear the mark symbolizing they are allies to the Kozuki clan, that will signal the allies to gather when they see it.

Here Kin'emon gives jobs to the others: Brook will secure food in the capital, Nami with her weatehr powers to go invisible will serve like a kunoichi, Sanji will cook and help find allies while the two C's head off with Inurashi & Kiku.

Now they will all split up to go there separate ways until the day of the Fire Festival, all the while Kin'emon makes it a mission for all that three samurais whom were servants/retainers to Oden that must be found: Ashura Doji, Denjiro and Kawamatsu.

Cutting back to the town Luffy gave the food to, Shutenmaru (who looks similar to the slit-house of Doji) laying atop a bull and his men are raiding the town for food wondering who stole the food and gave it to them when there are no strog samurai anywhere around here to really help them. But Jack arrives looking for Strawhats Luffy, but sees Shutenmaru saying Kaido wishes he would join them and be his subordinate..Shutenmarus answer is:

To cut and break one of Jacks sickle weapons saying to not play games with Samurais, the two clash with Shuten saying he will not die to a lacky like Jack he wishes for a meaningful death that he lost in the past but up in the Sky all those in Kuri see a sight:

(Explaining Kin'emns and Momonosuke dislike of Dragons)

What happens now is anyone guess, but there are many questions: Will Shutenmaru be defeated? What happened to Hiyori? Will Zoro ever get Kitetsu away from Luffy? Who are King and Queen? When will Nekomamushi arrive? How much longer till Big Mom and her crew arrive? Will two yonkos fight each other? What will happen with Kaido knowing they are there? Will the plan go forward as presented? Will jinbe ever stay with the crew for more than a few hours?
Will Robin actually get a fight this arc? (probably not but will see).

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Oct 25, 2017
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there once was a man named Gold Roger, who was King of the Pirates. He had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Before they hung him from the gallows, these were the final words he said:


Oct 25, 2017
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Oct 25, 2017
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