One Piece |OT4| The way of the Samurai

Feb 7, 2018
Western Europe here, so just like with Sony's E3 pressers, we're kinda fucked. It's a holiday weekend though, so I could watch it.

But I prefer doing so in the morning.
Oct 27, 2017
Yeah...the enthusiasm here pretty much matches my own for the show itself. But I'm watching the EZA stream of it cause they're always fun to watch for these things lol
Oct 27, 2017
Gonna waste my time playing RDR2 instead of watching the VGA lol.
Someone tag me when they announce the Dragon Age game.

This year we're getting Joel McHale back, though!
lol that old VGX was great, watching him destroy the show and Keighley was very entertaining.
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Oct 25, 2017
North Jackson High
A: "Wano Kuni's Flower Palace"
B: You've got "Ohako Soba!" (the kana says Ohako and the kanji says Number 18, not sure. Wano's got a lot of classical Japanese stuff that zips right over my limited knowledge)
C: Sangorou's Ohako Soba! (the San is in katakana and is thus likely Sanji's name. Sangorou is his Wano alias)
D: Is there any news about Luffy?
E: I've been out of the loop.
F: I didn't get out until the day of his fight.
G: Mmm-mmm! This is idiotically delicious! It's great eating Sanji's cooking again!
H: I'm so glad you got back safe!
I: I could give a shit about you; Robin-chaaan <3
J: How do you like it?