One Piece |OT4| The way of the Samurai

Oct 25, 2017
Also: Lol @ anyone who thinks deku is a better strategist than Shikamaru. Deku realizing he has legs is treated as a major breakthrough.
kinda missing the point of the scene, deku never used his legs to fight because he he only learned to fight with his arms by watching and analysing all might
Oct 27, 2017
Also watched the episode where they leave Thriller Bark and it's hilarious to hear Lola describe her mother. They also casually namedrop Hancock in there, comparing her to a mermaid.

Also this later

The risky brothers really downplayed how important Lola mom is. Big Mom is way more than just an amazing pirate.
Oct 27, 2017
To be fair the strawhats wouldn't be able to keep that secret so they risked exposing Lola if they said more.
At least they should have told them she is a freak of nature and be very careful if they decided to follow the vivre card.

Or some line similar to when Shakky told them of the "man 100 times stronger than you boys".


Jan 24, 2019
some Theory about Big Mom in the coming chapters

in the last chapter we saw BM looking like someone who lost her memory which means not knowing her true powers and how to utilize those powers , on the other hand you got Law's ability to swap personalities between bodies , he could use that on a defenseless BM to swap her with someone weak like a weak samurai or even better like Nami/Brook who can then control all of BM powers and use them to fight Kaido in a crazy turn of events , whoever uses BM body can also stop the Sweet commanders from chasing luffy before shifting their efforts to attack Kaido's commanders , this way luffy could get an amazing power on his side to fight Kaido , in a way this is like BM dying and leaving her body/powers to someone else to use them .