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Wano predictions
  • Lotus

    Oct 25, 2017
    Prediction Pool!

    Any prediction you have for how things will play out in the Wano arc, feel free to say it here. We'll see if it becomes correct or not. Absolutely no pressure or stakes involved, just bragging rights. (Well, if it's a good prediction anyways)

    1. Sanji will take an L - Blackleg-sanji1

    2. Luffy will achieve Awakening - TheBlackNamekian, Maktokious

    3. Hawkins will become an ally - AgentLampshade, Maktokious

    4. Drake and Apoo will remain antagonists in some form - AgentLampshade, Ogodei

    5. Luffy and Law will team up - NSESN

    6. An ally of the Strawhats will die - NSESN, Maktokious CORRECT

    7. Franky and Usopp take out two of the Tobi Roppo Headliners - Blackleg-sanji1

    8. Momo will meet his sister before Kaido and Orochi are defeated - Reyes, Maktokious

    9. Momo will not recognize his sister at first - Reyes, Ogodei, Maktokious

    10. Big Mom will bring Pudding - Lotus, Tornak WRONG

    11. Hiyori is Perona! - Lotus WRONG

    12. The BM Pirates will willingly team up (Big Mom inadvertently so) and help the Strawhats defeat the Beast Pirates, Orochi's forces, and CP0 - Blackleg-sanji1

    13. We will see Rox through flashbacks during the Wano arc - Tornak

    14. When Big Mom first appears in Wano, there will be singing involved - Lotus, AgentLampshade, Maktokious

    15. Sanji will get a W - Stunner11, Ogodei, Lotus CORRECT

    16. The BM Pirates will either show up in or change into Wano attire - Blackleg-sanji1 HALF-CORRECT

    17. The final fight of the Wano arc will take place where the cherry blossoms bloom - Cantaim (Stelly avatar), Maktokious

    18. The final fight will cause the blossoms to fall signaling the beginning of a new Era in Wano. - Cantaim (Stelly avatar), Maktokious

    19. The Pirate alliance will take care of Kaido while the Samurai of Wano take out Orochi and both Kaido and Orochi will be taken down in the same chapter. - Cantaim (Stelly avatar)

    20. The Marines will not be apart of the fight in Wano and Green bull will not appear in this arc as a fighter. - Cantaim (Stelly avatar)
    Finally the mysterious prisoner is the ex captain of the Rocks pirates. - Cantaim (Stelly avatar)

    21. Roger and Whitebeard's final meeting place as well as the cherry blossoms that cured Hiruluk will be in Wano and will be a key ingredient in Chopper's goal. - Big One, Maktokious

    22. There'll be some type of storyline relating to the animals of Wano that everyone is going to complain about - Big One

    23. There'll be an Oden flashback and it'll contain some Void Century infodumps even more-so than usual (this'll be the big thing about 2019). - Big One, Maktokious

    24. Wano will turn out to be in a different "place" than normal (might be underwater, in a mountain, inside hollow earth, etc.) - Big One

    25. Kaido's crew will be run out of Wano but they won't be outright destroyed. They'll be back for the final war. - Big One

    26. Some type of major death will happen to a main character - Big One

    27. Hiyori is going to be somebody we already know about. I think the other retainer, the one we've seen talking to Crocus at the capes, took Hiyori far away from Wano and raised her on his own - Big One WRONG

    28. The Reverie is going to turn out to be something very vital in terms of it's connection to Wano despite not being obvious right now. - Big One

    29. The Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard Pirates will be involved with Wano. - Big One

    30. OUT THERE THEORY: Kuina and Tashigi are going to turn out to be Dr. Vegapunk clones of Lady Toki. Kuina was rescued by Koshiro in his days in the Revolutionary Army. - Big One

    31. Komurasaki is Momo's sister. - Law (If wrong, will acknowledge Lotus' superiority to Katakuri) CORRECT

    32. The witching hour boy is the one who stole the blueprints of Kaido's mansion. - Law

    33. Law will "awaken" his Devil Fruit - Law

    34. Kaido will die - Law, Maktokious

    35. Orochi will suffer an utterly humiliating defeat. - Law

    36. The common consensus on Apoo is not going to change.

    37. Starting with Ch. 930, Zoro will take no "Ls" - Law WRONG

    38. Robin will have an intense and exciting fight - Law

    39. Law will help Kid get a new arm. - Maktokious

    40. We'll see time travel, whether it's through a flashback or other means - TheGreatDirector

    41. A major unknown third party, not Big Mom or the Marines, will come to Wano - TheGreatDirector

    42. An admiral will show up - TheGreatDirector

    43. Zoro will lose a sword - TheGreatDirector CORRECT

    44. Vegapunk will be revealed and play a major role later on - TheGreatDirector

    45. The Fire Festival isn't the climax of the arc - TheGreatDirector

    46. Kaido will reveal his devil fruit (and it won't be a dragon one) - TheGreatDirector

    47. The alliance will be defeated at the festival - TheGreatDirector

    48. Kin'emon will die shortly after - TheGreatDirector

    49. Big Mom will show up - TheGreatDirector (CORRECT)

    50. Urouge will show up - TheGreatDirector

    51. Jinbe will have lost limbs, Judge will be on the verge of death - TheGreatDirector

    52. Big Mom and Kaido will form a tentative peace treaty - TheGreatDirector

    53. There will be a long Rox backstory - TheGreatDirector

    54. All of the Supernovas will eventually be on the same side - TheGreatDirector

    55. Assuming Big Mom allies with Kaido, she will betray him - TheGreatDirector

    56. Blackbeard and Shanks will have a presence in Wano - TheGreatDirector

    57. A final war around the whole island, centered on that huge mountain though, will take place - TheGreatDirector

    58. Judge will die - TheGreatDirector

    59. All the strawhats will get individual fights (including Carrot) - TheGreatDirector

    60. Zoro will get a new sword - TheGreatDirector

    61. There will be more character development for each of the strawhats than from previous arcs in the New World - TheGreatDirector

    62. A huge amount of people will fight Kaido, but it'll end up as a 1 v. 1 with Luffy - TheGreatDirector

    63. Kaido will die - TheGreatDirector

    64. More than one major alliance person will die - TheGreatDirector

    65. Orochi will be imprisoned - TheGreatDirector

    66. Big Mom will be overthrown by her children after her defeat - TheGreatDirector

    67. Pudding will be reunited with Sanji - TheGreatDirector

    68. Reiju will take over the Germa - TheGreatDirector

    69. Momo will become shogun and open the borders - TheGreatDirector

    70. The world government will lose their seastone deal - TheGreatDirector

    71. Imu will get a proper reveal - TheGreatDirector

    72. At least one other Supernova will be considered Yonko level - TheGreatDirector

    73. The Strawhats will head to Elbaf after the Wano arc ends - TheGreatDirector

    74. Carrot will not join the Strawhats - tiebreaker

    75. The raid suit will be a permanent upgrade for Sanji (uses it more than once I guess) - Lotus CORRECT

    76. Queen will have a Scorpion/Ancient Scorpion Zoan DF - Lotus

    77. Sanji will defeat Page One before Drake and Hawkins arrives. - Lotus

    78. Katakuri will not come to Wano - TheTyrant CORRECT

    79. An important character dies between Ch. 950-960 (no flashbacks) - TheTyrant

    80. Blackbeard invades Totland during Wano arc - TheTyrant

    81. During the next act intermission we'll finally see Green Bull properly - TheTyrant

    82. Shanks will be shown during that intermission in the same manner that Blackbeard was in the previous - TheTyrant

    83. Killer dies during Wano - TheTyrant

    84. There will be a Kirin DF - Reyes

    85. Jack is half-fishman - Lotus

    86. A Mink will use Sulong for too long, going feral/rogue and resulting in a Straw Hat having to incapacitate them without hurting them. - Morlas

    87. Kawamatsu will reveal himself to be a Mink. - Lotus

    88. King will have a 1.33 billion bounty. - TheTyrant

    89. Kaido's bounty will be 2.5 billion. - TheTyrant

    90. It will be revealed that one of the samurai is responsible for cutting off Queen's arm. - Lotus

    91. Gyukimaku will attack Zoro again when he's distracted - Lotus

    92. Law will die in Wano. - TheTyrant

    93. Some shit is gonna go down with the Minks and their Su Long forms and it's gonna be a disaster - Morlas

    94. Izo is the Witching Hour Boy - Lotus

    I'll just update and repost this as necessary.
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