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One Piece |OT5| You can get through anything as long as you just SMILE


Oct 25, 2017

Hello, and welcome to the one piece community thread number five! In this thread we discuss the latest One Piece releases. Remember to post new chapter information in spoiler tags before the scanlation release(typically on Thursdays). We also discuss the newest anime episodes among other miscellaneous topics.

Scans are not to be posted(that means no watermarked pages from fan translators). Also make sure to support the official release!

Straw Hat Pirates

Monkey D. Luffy(Captain)|Roronoa Zoro(First Mate/Combatant)|Nami(Navigator)|Usopp(Liar/Marksman)|Sanji(Chef)|Tony Tony Chopper(Doctor)|
Nico Robin(Archaeologist)|Franky(Shipwright/Engineer)|Brook(Musician)|Jinbei(Helmsman/possibly dead)

Straw Hat Grand Fleet(8000+ members):

|Beautiful Pirates(75)|Barto Club(56)|Happo Navy(1000)|XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance(4)|Tonta Corps(200)|Giant Warrior Pirates(5)|Yonta Maria Grand Fleet(4300)|

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance

Current Events have been moving fairly quickly recently, After Kaidou showed up to cause a ruckus Luffy went after him and after a flurry of vicious attacks from the mighty straw hat captain he was defeated in one blow by the mighty Kaidou:

Afterwards Luffy was captured and forced into Kaidou's prison along with fellow Supernova Eustass 'Captain' Kid(he escaped later though):

Meanwhile somewhere else on the grand line Moria is in search for his old friend Absalom on the Island of Hachinsou where the Blackbeard Pirates currently reside:

Moria is able to meet Absalom, but it turns out to be a trick by Catarina Devon who possesses The Inu Inu no Mi Model: Kyubi no Kitsune, Shiryu of the Rain cuts down Moria's army as an invisible man and Moria realizes the horrible truth that Absalom is most likely dead.

In the meantime while Luffy is messing around with Old Men and weird faced Ninjas in prison the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samura Alliance has been busy getting their plans together for the upcoming battle during the fire festival. Nami has been trained in the ninja arts by Shinobu, and Sanji has opened a Soba stand. Some idiots try to shake down Sanji, but he and Franky kick their asses and give the little girl some replacement Soba, we are then introduced to the most beautiful and famous courtesan in Wano country, Komurasaki:

But her beauty apparently belies her true nature as she is also infamous for finding rich clients who are willing to throw their money away just for a chance to be with her, she drains them dry and then kicks them to the curb when they no longer have any more wealth to give:

Meanwhile in prison Raizo sneaks in and tries to help Luffy escape, but the keys are heavily guarded so it might take a while, also Caribou is there for some reason.

Also meanwhile Franky is trying to get the blueprints to Kaidou's fortress, but gets fired for attacking his boss, and also Meanwhile Zoro is being followed around by some weird laughing guy named Tonoyasu:

Also Shogun Orochi is currently having negotiations with CP0 and is getting cocky because he has Kaidou on his side, he demands that they bring Vegapunk to him if they want to broker a deal with the Beast Pirates.

Later on a big event happens as the Big Mom Pirates attempt to enter Wano so that Big Mom can get her revenge on Luffy for embarrassing her at Whole Cake, but before they can get on the island itself they are knocked back down the waterfall by Kaidou's second in command King:

Soon after Chopper, O-Kiku, Momo, and O-Tama found Big Mom unconscious on the beach. She has amnesia for some reason though:

Meanwhile in the capitol Sanji faces off with Page One who is rampaging about the place looking for the disruptive Soba stand owner. In order to preserve his identity Sanji swallows his pride and dons the Raid Suit meant for him made by his estranged family and takes on the identity of Germa 66's Stealth Black:

They escape after Sanji off screens page One while in the meantime Robin is currently searching for information on Orochi and Kaidou while undercover at his palace. Robin gets caught by Orochi's squad of Shinobi the Orochi Oniwabanshu. In the meantime Orochi is partying with Komurasaki and the lords who serve under him:

Robin sneaks into the party and everything seems to be going fine until Komurasaki's young companion O-Toko laughs uproariously at something that Orochi had said. This enrages Orochi who attempts to kill the young girl before he is stopped by Komurasaki who slaps him in his ugly face. Orochi is enraged, but Komurasaki does not back down declaring herself the daughter of a samurai who stands by her convictions. Komurasaki is then subsequently cut down by her boss the Yakuza Kyoshiro:

The next Day Chopper, Kiku, Tama, Momo, and O-Lin(Big Mom) started out for Udon on a beast that O-Lin had tamed with one punch, their goal being to rescue Luffy. Meanwhile news of Komurasaki's death spread throughout Wano and Robin and Brook shared the information they had gathered with the rest of the group including the fact that Orochi had a poneglyph in the basement of his palace.

Meanwhile in Prison Luffy was working on his gains so he could train to defeat Kaidou:

It turns out that Grandpa Hyo was actually a famous Yakuza boss when he was younger who was charismatic enough to make all of the other Yakuza bosses listen to him. After accepting his death due to eating more rations than he should have Luffy comes to his rescue while meanwhile the best Headliner Queen showed up at the prison.

Raizo meanwhile successfully steals the key to Luffy's cuffs which puts the prison on high alert. While Raizou makes his plans to get to Luffy and get them out of the prison he encounters Kawamatsu an old ally of the Kozuki clan and one of the nine scabbards:

Raizo is forced to flee before he can free him though. Meanwhile Queen forces Luffy and old man Hyo to fight in a sumo ring against some of Kaidou's crew and allows Luffy to fight without his cuffs, which allows Luffy to quickly dispatch the weaker ones with Conqueror's Haki.

Meanwhile Hawkins, Drake and Sanji peeped on the Woman's bath and Nami exposed Drake as a pervert and beat the hell out of Sanji. Sanji then reveals that Law's Crew including best boy Bepo got captured in order to draw out Law.

In the meantime some masked warrior monk named Gyukimaru had stolen Zoro's Shusui because he believed Zoro had stolen it from his grave and did not earn it. After a bit of a skirmish Zoro got distracted by the still alive Komurasaki and Toko fleeing from one of Orochi's assassins Kamazo. Zoro quickly dispatched Kamazo, but the distraction was enough for Gyukimaru to land a blow with his scythe on Zoro who passes out from the injury.

Komurasaki takes Zoro to a nearby cabin and treats his wounds and explains to him that Gyukimaru often steals famous weapons when he has the chance. Taking a chance on Zoro being an ally of Momonosuke Komurasaki reveals her true identity to be Momo's younger sister Kozuki Hiyori:

Zoro explains that he and the other members of the alliance are planning to go to war with Orochi and that Momo and the others who had traveled through time were still the same as twenty years ago. Hiyori explains that she had been taken care of by Kawamatsu before he had been kidnapped and let Zoro rest until they were ready to move out again.

In the meantime the Shogun's men were searching all across the capitol for those with the crescent moon on their ankles. Somebody had leaked information about the alliance's plan and Orochi was having his followers capture those they found with the mark of rebellion on them. Shinobu and Law argued because she believed that Law's crew had spilled information to Orochi while Law was insistent that his crew would never do such a thing. Law stormed out to go rescue his crew while the others attempted to calm Shinobu down.

Tonoyasu came and discussed the happenings going on about the capitol and pledged his support in the final battle before leaving. Surprisingly neither Shinobu nor Kanjuro knew who he was, though some old lady explained that Tonoyasu was a saint who helped the townsfolk out by giving away the money that his daughter O-Toko made working in the capitol.

Meanwhile in the prison Luffy is trying to learn how to make shockwaves with his Haki but he needs some help with it. Old Man Hyogoro realizes that he knows how to do what Luffy is trying to do and reveals that he's secretly an old badass:

Luffy and Old Man Hyo then proceed to beat everyone up until bedtime when Raizo lets them into the o-shiruko storage where they proceed to eat all of it and become fat...oh also no o-shiruko for Big Mom that's gotta be a good thing.

Meanwhile Tonoyasu was captured by Orochi's men and identified him as Lord Yasuie a former daimyo and big supporter of Oden in the past much to the shock of Shinobu and Kanjuro. After Orochi learns who he is he orders him to be executed at Komurasaki's funeral. Brook finds Zoro's group and tells them of this compelling O-Toko to rush off to the funeral and forcing Hiyori and Zoro to chase after her.

Meanwhile someone set fire to Mt. Atama in order to draw out Shutenmaru. Kin'emon and Inuarashi heard about this and rushed to go meet with Shutenmaru.

While on his execution platform Yasuie reminisces about his time as a daimyo as the people of Ebisu town watched on before claiming that the entire message of the alliance was a prank orchestrated by him. Yasuie's message made the guards question Orochi's orders and sent Orochi into a rage whereupon he and a few of his guards executed Yasuie by gunfire.

The residents of Ebisu town including O-Toko can surprisingly only laugh as Yasuie is shot down and lies dead before them, this angers Zoro before Hiyori explains that the side effects of SMILE fruits cause one to either gain a powerful ability ten percent of the time or take away a person's ability to feel anger or sadness the rest of the time. Orochi having a great distaste for watching other people grieve mixed in failed SMILE fruits with the leftover food supplies for Ebisu town and caused the people to lose their ability to express their negative emotions. Orochi notices O-Toko trying to revive her father with Usopp's fake Toad Oil remedy and prepares to kill her as well, but before he can do so Zoro and Sanji jump in and save O-Toko finally meeting again after so very long:

What happens next is anyone's guess, but things are for sure picking up in Wano and It's not likely to be an easy fight for our heroes.

Special thanks to AgentLampshade Imperial Bishop and Reyes for providing images and helping with the construction.

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Oct 25, 2017
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Oct 27, 2017
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Oct 26, 2017
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