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One Piece |OT5| You can get through anything as long as you just SMILE


Oct 25, 2017
when you start your era routine and you see Silfer back doing his thing

Great to have you back with us fam 🙏🏽


Oct 27, 2017
Quoting the bet post again in case anyone wants to join
One Piece Era...it's betting time!

As you may know if you've been keeping up with current Pokemon events, Ash Ketchum is currently competing in the Alola Pokemon League. And three years after his defeat in the Kalos League final, some people, myself included, think that Ash is definitely winning the league this time.

It's been an fun tournament so far and after a scare in the quarter-finals, Ash is now in the semi-finals with his two rivals and an antagonist:

Now that all the chumps have been weeded out and only the heavyweights remain, the tournament is finally getting really interesting. So it's time to bet!

There's already a bet being put in place in the thread linked above but so far, not many are joining in and the stakes don't seem to have been properly established. There's also a surprising lack of official entrants who believe Ash will lose. That's why I want to setup a bet of our own here, with stakes unique to this thread.

  • Ash will win the Alola Pokemon League (what I'm betting on)
  • Ash will lose the Alola Pokemon League

For me and me alone:

If I guessed wrong and "Ash will lose the Alola Pokemon League" is true, then...FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON who bet correctly, I will wear the following avatar (or whatever else ends up being the final pick in that thread) for A MONTH:

I repeat, for every person who guesses correctly that Ash loses the league, I will wear this for a month (so two victors = 2 months, 10 victors = 10 months) but I'm capping it at 12mo/1year. Every additional winner past that adds 1 week to my punishment.

For people who incorrectly guess "Ash will win the Alola Pokemon League":
You will wear the avatar above (or whatever else replaces it in that thread) for 1 week.

For people who incorrectly guess "Ash will lose the Alola Pokemon League":
You have to read the manga Black Clover up to the most recent released chapter when the Alola Pokemon League is over, with no obligation to read past that point.

So these are the stakes. These are unique to this thread and not tied to the ones in the other Ash thread. Entering the bet here means nothing for the other side so you don't have to worry about another set of stakes.

What will you do? Do you believe in Ash Ketchum finally winning a Pokemon League? Have you lost all faith in Ash? Do you just want to add to my potential punishment?
If you want to enter, reply to this post or tag me and select your pick.


Silfer (me)


(2 "Ash will lose" so far meaning I have to use the avatar above for 2 months if they get it right)
when you start your era routine and you see Silfer back doing his thing

Great to have you back with us fam 🙏🏽
T-this doesn't make me happy at all

(like, don't get used to it though, I reserve the right fade out again at any time)


Oct 26, 2017
What a shit day. Anyway, you know what I really like? They can add whatever the fuck they want to Roger's lore and it doesn't feel cheap, or tacked on. We know basically nothing of the Roger Pirates adventures so Oda can just pull whatever he wants out of his ass and it still fits, because nothing says it didn't happen, we don't know what happened, all we know he was the pirate king.
Oct 25, 2017

Had this pre-ordered.
Starting to resume filling the holes in my Voyage Collection. Rightstuf's One Piece inspired me to get back to it.

People are surprised that they're using the Vic version of We Are. It's not like they have any others, and they're not going to spend money to do another cover.