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One Piece |OT6| The Rocky Wano Picture Show

Who would be the worst to date?

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Oct 25, 2017
Momo, his sword is the Yamata slayer.
Also defeat not kill lol
didn't kin'emon take momo's sword?

they might kill him πŸ‘€

Momo will take part in the fight against Kaido with his conjuring of clouds. Momo really wants to take down Kaido. Then again, it's possible that Orochi gets defeated, then the fight moves to Kaido.
i feel like they will be fought simultaneously

i'm leaning towards kin'emon as well


Oct 27, 2017
will we top the celestial dragon punch
Visually perhaps. In terms of impact, who knows. Orochi personally has had a more visible negative impact than that individual Celestial Dragon yet I don't think anything will top that for me ever in regards to the satisfaction of a bad guy being punched. (But then I didn't think anything would top the Bellamy punch, despite even being told something was coming, and here we are)
Orochi needs his head cut off by someone honestly.
As long as he gets punched before, sure.
(...or after)


Oct 27, 2017
Now what about blond scaredy cats?

or three eyed swirl browed kids?

or more reindeers?

Took me a little bit to realize the "blond" of the first one referred to Kaya haha. I was like "if the second option is Sanji/Pudding, what's Sanji doing in the first and why would they be scared?"

Here's the thing, I'm not strictly speaking opposed to them having children (as in, it wouldn't negatively impact my enjoyment) but my desire is for it to end without them in sight. Because that's just not what is important to me with these stories. I don't follow these people's stories so see if they get children. I want the focus of the end of One Piece to be about all that's happened before and the fact that Luffy became Pirate King. Same with other shonen battle series.

(Right now, the only shonen I follow where the setup/premise means I'd actively welcome an ending showing the MC's children is Jujutsu Kaisen)
Oct 27, 2017
The theory with Chopper's offspring:

If he mates with a human woman in his human form:
it will create a human with "light" reindeer features (maybe small horns, reindeer nose)

If he mates with a reindeer in his reindeer form:
It will be a normal reindeer baby

If he mates with a human OR a reindeer in his hybrid form:
we get the the cronenberg monster baby. we don't want the cronenberg monster baby