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Oct 25, 2017
Welcome to the One Piece community thread version seven! Here we discuss the latest chapters of One Piece, the latest anime episodes, and other miscellaneous topics. Remember to keep pre-release spoilers tagged and be courteous to your fellow members.

Remember that fan scanlations are not to be posted in the thread, non watermarked images only.

With that said let's get this show on the road!

Straw Hat Pirates:
Monkey D. Luffy(Captain)|Roronoa Zoro(First Mate/Combatant)|Nami(Navigator)|Usopp(Liar/Marksman)|Sanji(Chef)|Tony Tony Chopper(Doctor)|
Nico Robin(Archaeologist)|Franky(Shipwright/Engineer)|Brook(Musician)|Jinbei(Helmsman/possibly dead)

Straw Hat Grand Fleet(8000+ members):
|Beautiful Pirates(75)|Barto Club(56)|Happo Navy(1000)|XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance(4)|Tonta Corps(200)|Giant Warrior Pirates(5)|Yonta Maria Grand Fleet(4300)|

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance:

Nine Red Scabbards:

Last time we cut to the story of the man the legend the myth, Oden!

Oden it turns out was a bit of a wild child doing all sorts of crazy shit like leading a courtesan revolt. Oden's father, Sukiyaki, was preparing to disown the currently 18 year old Oden because shit man Oden was too much for the old dude.

We meet Oden cooking a pot of...oden on the currently cremating corpse of some dude.

Oden is an interesting fellow.

Meanwhile Kin'emon is currently a good for nothing Yakuza who is always getting bailed out by his future wife, Tsuru.

A bunch of bandits had stolen a baby white boar from its parents and Kin'emon stole it from them because he was a good for nothing gambler who was in way too much debt, of course Denjiro told him that the boar was actually a baby and its parents were as big as a mountain. On the way to sell off the boar the boar's parent known as the Mountain God starting rampaging around the Flower Capitol. Kin'emon hears that the mountain god at O-Tsuru and tries to attack the Mountain god but doesn't accomplish anything. Oden shows up and tells the dumbasses to hand over the boar. Oden lures the mountain god over to him with the baby boar.

Oden then proceeds to cut the giant mountain sized boar in half(don't worry it's fine...somehow):

Oden being the chad he is took the blame for the boar leading to his father disowning him and exiling him from the capitol with a couple of new fanboys(followers) in Denjiro and Kin'emon.

The went to meet with a young Yasuie who had unknowingly hired a snake to work for him. Even back then Orochi was a conniving rat.

Two years later Oden had gathered even more followers in Izo, Kikunojo, Kanjurou and Raizo. And because Oden was an awesome dude he took them in.

Oden decides he wants to go beat some people up so he goes to the lawless zone of Kuri and fights everyone including the dangerous Ashura Doji. Since Oden is a monster he manages to beat all of them and take over the region of Kuri as well as getting Ashura on his side as a follower.

Oden and his followers then restore order to the region of Kuri and bring it under his control. Oden's father impressed by his feats reinstates Oden as his son and makes Oden the Daimyo of Kuri.

Oden makes all of his followers his retainers because I guess that's a thing a Daimyo needs and Six years pass. Our kappa friend Kawamatsu discovers a weird cat and dog on the beach which happen to be Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

Neko and Inu had left Zou to find Wano and were found by Kawamatsu. The three of them were bullied by some of the people of Wano who believed they were demons. Oden being the cool dude he was said fuck that shit and brought the three of them under his protection. Oden was running low on money so his retainers tried to steal some from lord Yasu who surprised them by giving them some money and telling them to clean up their act and make Oden look good, and look good they did.

Later that year the Whitebeard Pirates showed up and Oden raced to meet them because the call of adventure was just too much and he ended up clashing with one of the most dangerous men in the world.

Oden demanded to join Whitebeard's crew, but Whitebeard wasn't into it.

So Oden stowed away on Whitebeard's ship by riding a chain attached to it. Izo was there too I guess. Whitebeard told Oden that if he could ride the chain for three days he would let him on the crew and since Oden was crazy he agreed.

Oden ended up almost making it to the promised three days, but let go an hour before the promised time. Meanwhile on a nearby Island Oden's future wife and user of the Toki Toki fruit Amatsuki Toki was being chased by human traffickers.

Oden ends up washing up on the shore and saving Toki from the human traffickers causing Whitebeard to see how much of a chad he is and letting him and Toki both sail with them. Also it turns out that Neko and Inu ended up stowing away too so there's that. Toki reveals that she's a time traveler and was born eight hundred years before that point during the void century. Meanwhile Roger got news of Oden and looked like he wanted to meet the chad himself.

Oden and Toki spent the next four years sailing with the Whitebeard Pirates going on adventures getting into trouble and falling in love. They eventually gave birth to Momonosuke and Hiyori while on the ship.

Meanwhile several years ago in Wano that snake rat Orochi met up with an old lady who was the former user of the mane mane fruit(bon clay's) who told him the story of how his family almost seized power in Wano years ago and offered to help him become the Shogun. She and Orochi tricked and connived money off of Oden and Yasuie to gather wealth. While Oden was away his father fell ill and the old woman used her powers to trick people into thinking she was the shogun and declared that Orochi would be the interim shogun until Oden's return.

Later back on the sea with Whitebeard and Oden the Whitebeard pirates stumble upon an Island where we see just how handsome Roger really was, like seriously dude was rocking it at 300%

Because Oden is a cool guy and isn't afraid of anything he goes and fights the roger pirates and almost gets owned by Roger. Roger and Whitebeard end up having one of those epic clashes but you know even more epic because their weapons don't even touch!!!

The Roger pirates and Whitebeard pirates fight for three days before they just decide to say fuck it and throw a party. Also there's something about Blackbeard not being able to sleep. Roger tells Whitebeard that he wants to travel the entire world and for that he needs Oden. Whitbeard is all like:

But between Oden begging him to go and Roger offering him his treasure Whitebeard finally agrees to let him go. Oden supposedly goes by himself but Neko and Inu stowaway again though Izo stays behind with Whitebeard.

Oden and the Roger Pirates are seen visiting Skypiea and finding the Poneglyph, Roger gets Oden to write the message that the Strawhats found all the way back during the Skypiea arc.

Also Franky met up with his Dad apparently, though who names their kid Cutty Flam anyway? Oden's a strange dude.

They then go to fishman island and meet up with a young King Neptune, and Sharlay. They find one of the road poneglyphs which contains an apology from Joy Boy and Roger expresses the desire to have met Joy Boy at some point. Sharlay also makes a prediction that the next incarnation of Poseidon would be born in ten years and Neptune believes it will be his daughter. So no meeting poseidon for Roger unfortunately.

Toki becomes ill and unfortunately has to disembark at Wano. When they reach Wano Oden's retainers meet with them and ask him to come back to rule Wano because shit no one wants Orochi ruling Wano are you kidding? Toki tells him to finish his journey though, and Oden embarks with the Roger pirates again to sail to the end of the world.

The crew then goes to Zou and finds the final Road Poneglyph finally giving them all they need to find the last island on the grand line, Laugh Tale. Unfortunately for the future Captain Buggy he came down with a case of 'can't go to that island disease' so he and shanks had to stay behind.

They finally make it to Laugh Tale and discover something so amazing that the entire crew bursts into raucous laughter and Roger ends up naming the Island Laugh Tale in honor of what he learned on it. Leading to a legendary shot. Also according to Oden they learned basically everything, the void century, the ancient weapons, the will of d. like all that shit.

Afterwards Roger and the crew disband and Roger goes off to meet his ultimate fate. The Roger pirates totally don't cry though. The Roger Pirates drop Oden, who promises to open the borders of Wano before the next Joy Boy appears, off at Wano and he reunites with his family. Oden is surprised by how warmly he is received by the citizens and learns that of course Orochi has been an asshole while he was away. Orochi had started oppressing the citizens of Wano with the help of Kaido. Of course this pisses off Oden who decides he's gonna go kill him a snake.

Of course Orochi's ass gets bailed out because the bari bari fruit is op op(not the fruit), and Oden is somehow bribed into leaving Orochi alone and acting like a fool for years.

In the meantime Oden recieves a newspaper about Roger's life and cries because real men cry damnit! Oden continues acting the fool for years losing the respect of the people of Wano, and eventually Orochi takes it too far and attacks Yasuie and his family ending up killing 16 of his men and his wife. That plus Orochi's plan to conquer Kuri becomes the last straw and Oden and his retainers head out to take down Orochi and Kaido.

Oden and the scabbards had hoped that they would catch Kaido while he was blackout drunk, but Kaido knew about their assault somehow and explained that he knew he wouldn't be able to beat Oden five years ago so he tricked him into a contract that would keep him off Kaido's back for a long time. The scabbards are joined by a young Shinobu who always wanted to help Oden and they begin a fierce battle with Kaido and his followers. Eventually Oden lands a critical blow on Kaido.

However because Kaido is a cheater the old lady shows up disguised as Momonosuke and distracts Oden long enough to let Kaido land a knockout blow with his apparently overpowered club. Oden is taken into custody and is made to wait for his execution of being boiled alive.

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Oct 27, 2017
Thank god. Last one got filthy there at the end. OT 7 is our salvation.


Jan 10, 2018
Kaido is trash
Wano as an arc needed a Kaido flashback more than an Oden one, but the Oden one was necessary to One Piece as a whole


Oct 27, 2017
Nice job on the OT and recap Morlas.

Also, gonna bring this up now. OT8 should go to Ogodei if he's still interested in making one. I haven't forgotten the time where he made one but there was one already being made and I'm pretty sure a future OT was promised to him.


Jan 10, 2018
2 more chapters until the end of the flashback, most likely.
But who will we see first?
The Scabbards?
The Strawhats?
The Beast Pirates/Orochi?
A third party?


Oct 25, 2017
I don’t think I ever I’m my decade plus of reading this manga wanted a flashback to end so bad. I think it’s the timing. Should’ve gave it to us when the strawhats got it. Doing it when shit finally hitting the fan man ugh
It’s also a really long flashback lol. I liked it a lot but I also really want it to end now,
I don’t think I ever I’m my decade plus of reading this manga wanted a flashback to end so bad. I think it’s the timing. Should’ve gave it to us when the strawhats got it. Doing it when shit finally hitting the fan man ugh
I still say my worst flashback is of course Bleach with the Turn Back the Pendulum considering where that happens


Oct 25, 2017
Nice job on the OT and recap Morlas.

Also, gonna bring this up now. OT8 should go to Ogodei if he's still interested in making one. I haven't forgotten the time where he made one but there was one already being made and I'm pretty sure a future OT was promised to him.
Flattered, but I'm never active enough in these threads to justify it. I keep trying to be, but PoliEra's a perpetual obsession.
Oct 25, 2017
Wow, a new thread already.
Time to hibernate until the new chapter.
Also because the snow is really coming down here.


Nov 27, 2018
Honestly the flashback has been excellent, but yeah...I also want it to end now. It is getting a biiiiit too long

So I really hope next chapter is the last


Jan 10, 2018
Was about to say lol. I legit did want to make this OT. I just got screwed by timing due to my class work lol. Barely even had time to get on a computer this week.

So y'all get hype for the next OT!
Time between:
OT1 and OT2: 3 months and 24 days
OT2 and OT3: 3 months and 15 days
OT3 and OT4: 4 months and 23 days
OT4 and OT5: 7 months and 5 days
OT5 and OT6: 4 months and 25 days
OT6 and OT7: 3 months and 15 days

So, see in you in June? Most likely