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Oct 25, 2017
Austin, TX
I always forget what day this comes out since it isn't on CR, but I just watched episode 7 during lunch and maaaan, that was a really good one. Hopefully these last episodes have a ton of Saitama and it kicks into high gear.

I remember seeing this fan animation a few years ago and was excited to see how the anime did this fight. Did it even look better than this fan animation? lol
This is incredibly impressive. Whoever that fan is must have a job in the industry.
Dec 4, 2017
The last episode had a pretty major art screwup. When Suiryu cracks the platform in half, Saitama is depicted as still wearing his wig, despite having lost it several scenes earlier. It's made even more obvious when the camera immediately zooms afterwards on wigless Saitama, highlighting the difference even further.

Isn't there supposed to be an animation supervisor which checks the frames for consistency? Shirobako made it seem like keyframes are checked by an animation supervisor for art consistency before being sent to tweening (yet another thing which doesn't happen much in this second season, given the considerable amount of CGI blur used).
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Oct 28, 2017
Old eps are free on Prime over here, the quality really took a hit... yoikes, but it's still pretty fun.

The chibi artwork that flashes after the opening are cute as hell.
Oct 25, 2017
as much as i like one punch man, most of the humor is pretty classic in term of a shonen parody imo... i don't say it didn't make me laugh, but i've seen way better in that category

if you want something comical with the same kind of setting, i really recommend you Tentai Senshi Sunred, full on sentai parody mostly based on humor rather than action, it's all on youtube (but i'm sure you can find a better quality one) and it's only 10 minute an episode :

and even then, it's only speaking of super hero parody... there's even more if you expend the genres
That show is terrific btw. Kind binging it after you recommended it. Animal Soldiers!!