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One Track to Rule Them All - what's the best video game song of this gen?


Dec 11, 2018
It's gotta be the theme to Fallout 4 from Inon Zur. I fucking love this song, and everything about it. The use of it in the trailer for the game was brilliant, and for me it tells a story. It starts off peaceful, nostalgic and teanquil like the postwar era of the Fallout canon. Then suddenly... bam! An explosive burst of tension, energy and fright. The nukes are inbound. The world has gone to shit. Finally, the nuke strikes and the music hits its climax, and what's left is a soft reprise of the earlier music, the living members of society clinging on to anything sense of normalcy left and trying to rebuild.

The song is sad, thoughtful but also darkly hopeful and I love it to bits.


Oct 25, 2017
Need more Breath of the Wild in here.

Just relaxing as fuck.

love the way the instruments join the track as you progress this quest

honestly my favorite musical moment in the whole game is when you make the molduga vulnerable


Oct 28, 2017

I posted this instead of the opening to avoid spoilers.

I love that a good chunk Heavensward's soundtrack can be heard in its main theme.
Some of it is probably due to having listened to variations of it throughout the game, but the opening theme still gives me chills.

Edit: Only unfortunate thing is it's harder to hear the chorus in this recording.
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Apr 23, 2018
Hmmmmmmmmmm, The Witcher 3 and Yakuza 0 have some amazing ones, but I think I'll stick with DMCV

Either one of them, I love both
Sep 23, 2018

Edit- headphones are a must.


The Fallen
Oct 28, 2017
Maybe not my overall favorite track this gen, but I really adore this song from RDR2.

And this song from Bloodborne as well. It's just so haunting and beautiful.

Oh yeah, and there's also this song from Fire Emblem Echoes



Apr 26, 2019
Some tracks i love already posted, i would add these too:



Oct 28, 2017
As hinted at above, I'm obsessed with the Undertale OST. I could post a million tracks from it onto this list, but "Another Medium" stands above them all in my opinion. Just an absolute banger that captures the setting of the area so well. The transitions are filthy.
How you gonna do us like that? Asking us a question and posting the objectively correct answer?


Oct 26, 2017
Undertale and Nier Automata, as noted multiple times above, have the soundtracks of the generation.

But there are definitely single tracks from other games that deserve mention as well, including Devil Trigger from DMC V and a few remixes from Smash Ultimate.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Also FF14 ost is unmatched as a whole as good as other tracks in some games are.

Only Smash Ultimate comes close imo