1. hydrophilic attack

    hydrophilic attack
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  2. baggage


    Oh no.. you didn't see where the story came from, or maybe you did?
  3. hydrophilic attack

    hydrophilic attack
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    i shared it because i found it to be good satire
  4. Kin5290


    This clickbait thread title needs an [Onion] tag to show that it’s satire.
  5. hydrophilic attack

    hydrophilic attack
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    hm, maybe

    i feel the absurdity of the title speaks for itself
  6. Sabretooth


    Not in this timeline it doesn't
  7. Fisty


    I swear it feels like Onion articles are just unconfirmed drafts of real news articles at this point
  8. jkm23


    This is a dark, dark lol.

    Also, I knew it was the Onion before I even clicked on the link, so the thread title is fine OP.
  9. Omegasquash


    Everyone would know it's /s.

  10. Morrigan

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    Indeed, immediately thought of them too. Also it doesn't fit to add [Onion] or anything, lol.
  11. I mean, it's not that far from the truth. Mohammed bin Salman is already publicly joking about kidnappings, this seems like his sense of humor

    Because it was on Wednesday that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has denied all involvement in or knowledge of Khashoggi’s disappearance, apparently thought to himself, You know what this confab could use? Some comedic relief re: state-sanctioned kidnappings.

    “I just want to conclude with one thing,” M.B.S. said at the end of his panel about the kingdom becoming a global economic force, a smile creeping across his face. “Prime Minister Saad [Hariri] is going to be here for two days, so please, no [rumors] that he is kidnapped.” To use some comedy-world parlance, the joke killed, receiving thunderous laughter and applause, not only because audience members probably didn’t want to find out what happens when you don’t laugh at ole Bone Saw’s jokes, but because it worked on multiple levels, as all the best ones do. First, there’s the obvious reference to Khashoggi. But there’s also the fact that Saudi Arabia allegedly actually kidnapped Hariri, who was sitting to M.B.S.’s right, last year (both parties claim he had total free will during his time in the kingdom). That’s comedy gold right there!

  12. hydrophilic attack

    hydrophilic attack
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    Wow, that's crazy and really creepy
  13. PrimeBeef


    You clearly see the onion link once inside. Anyone falling for this can't read.
  14. Ugh, clickbait...
  15. Powdered Egg

    Powdered Egg

    The sad thing is, I read OPs quote and assumed it was real. It wasn't till I decided to click the link to read the full article did I realize the satire.
  16. Hecht

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    Changed the title
  17. Musubi


    Yeah honestly it took me a hot second. I'm just used to seeing the wildest shit in the real news headlines.
  18. Kin5290


    Not the point. It’s obvious it’s the Onion once you see the OP, but you can’t be sure until you click into the thread. It’s clickbait.
  19. PrimeBeef


    I know that. I meant once you enter the thread. Should have been a bit more clear.
  20. fushi


    For me not knowing beforehand that it's The Onion is half the "fun", especially in this timeline. Policing thread titles like that ruins the point of satire.
  21. convo


    You got other places on the internet to be clown. It's a safe-for work site without cheap thrills and if i want to question the reality of things twitter does that and if you want worse and more thrills you can be catered to in less moderated places.
    Expecting this to go unchallenged on this site is like expecting a fan-art thread with mostly porn to keep on existing.