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[OPEN SPOILER] Now that the entire Sword/Shield Pokédex leaked, let's mourn the Pokémon that got Thanos-snapped by Game Freak [SEE STAFF POST]


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
Except it happened in both threads that were supposed to be positive within the last day and new ones keep popping up. You can keep blocking people and threads but it just seems like everything relating to this IP is now just a lightning rod for this.
It's a damn meme haha. SWSH has easily been one of my most consistent anticipated releases of the year even now. Either laugh or ignore them. They're meant in jest, and often made from people who don't even care about dexit.

Don't know what the issue is with people voicing their opinions. If you want to shut down cynicism stick to the main thread. Of course people are going to have issue with the lack of certain pokemon in the thread about people "mourning" over a lack of certain pokemon.

You're letting this get to you way too much if someone else's feelings somehow make you not look forward to the game. I'm just as hype as I ever was.


Oct 26, 2017
Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Mewtwo appear to be in based on datamined box sprites.

Also the Gen 7 Legendaries and Melmetal


Oct 25, 2017
Vancouver, BC
I have not played a Pokemon since Yellow and I’m considering playing this one. Charmander was my fav as a kid, but I’m a little shocked that Squirtle and Bulbasaur didn’t make the cut.


Oct 25, 2017
....how can you not include the Stoutland line if the region is 'UK-ish based'

Its a Terrier/Sheepdog pokemon for petes sake...

It confusing