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Opinion: Animal Crossing on the Switch probably may not have cloud save data backup

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Nov 17, 2017
Some hypothetical methods of doing item duplications using cloud save data backup:
  1. In Animal Crossing, you can collect a ton of items, and then sell those unwanted items for Bells. It may be possible to item-dupe unwanted items, then quickly sell them for massive profits and quickly pay off your loans.
  2. When connecting with friends online, it may be possible to item-dupe rare items, and give rare items out to friends. This would make obtaining them pretty easily, making them not fit with the developer's intention of letting the players work through the effort to obtain them in the game.
  3. When connected with friends online, you can perhaps item-dupe items by giving items to your friend, then find a way to force shut off the Switch, preventing the game from ever updating the local save data. But I think this is hard to accomplish through normal means.
But I would like to provide counter-arguments where the developers may think of ways to prevent them:
  1. In Animal Crossing, you may be required to save the game first before initiating online connection, regardless if it's local off-line multiplayer, or online multiplayer.
  2. When collecting an item, the game will auto-save immediately after you collect your item. This new auto-save will also overwrite your cloud save data backup, because you now have a newer save data file.
So now the game has counter-measures to item duplications.

Method 1 is moot because of auto-save, Method 2 is moot because of saving before connection with other devices is made, but Method 3 is a bit hard for me to provide a counter-argument for. I don't know of a feature that the developers may be able to add to the game that would tell if the "force power off" problem may be because of legitimate reasons (car accidentally crushes Switch), or illegitimate reasons (pulling the battery out from the back)?

Hence I think because of Reason 3, Animal Crossing may not have cloud save data backup support.


This is a poor man's thinking. I loved to hear other ideas.


Don't worry I'm on the case
Oct 24, 2017
Locking Thread.

Considering all that we've seen of the game is the logo, this is too early to try to discuss this.
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