Opoona sequel/remake being teased?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Colonel Mustard, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Colonel Mustard

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    According to a few tweets from the game's director, maybe? I sure hope so. One of the most touching RPGs I've ever played.

    Via https://gematsu.com/2017/11/opoona-director-teases-wonderful-announcement-10th-anniversary-tweet

    Thanks, Salromano!
  2. FusionNY

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    I never played this game, but a friend of mine recommended the ost to me. It's incredible.
  3. Khanimus

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  4. Kevtones

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    I'd be totally down for another Opoona. What a left-field announcement.
  5. Dandy Crocodile

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    Uhhh I'd kill for a new Opoona. Or even a remake. It was sent out to die a horrible death in the US (releasing the same day as Mario Galaxy, really?) and definitely deserves a second chance.
  6. Jaded Alyx

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    Will you still be able to play it with just one hand?
  7. Aeana

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    This would be... cool. I'm not going to say I loved Opoona, but it was so interesting and unique. I'd definitely like to see what they're going to do. Whatever it is, more Basiscape music please.
  8. Colonel Mustard

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    The game's battle system was great. Doing different attacks by flicking the joystick different directions was actually pretty fun.
  9. Syril

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    I'd heard that the writing in Japanese was really good, but it didn't really carry over in the translation.
  10. purseowner

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    Opoona is one of my favourite JRPGs of all time and the Musou appearance gave me hope.

  11. linko9

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    Sphynx and the Cursed Mummy remake, Opoona sequel, new Bubsy... what in tarnation is going on. My bet's on a Cubivore reboot next.
  12. Stuart

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    That's exciting, a lot of passion and creativity went into Opoona. With a few improvements to the frustrating aspects, it could be a great game.
  13. Dark Cloud

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    Yesss please! I loved Opoona! It's such an incredibly niche RPG for the Wii, but I really enjoyed it.
  14. Green Mario

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    I would love this on the Switch.
  15. Drencrom

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    A multiplatform re-release would be great and hopefully let more people discover this gem.
  16. Eolz

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    Would be great!
    Wondered why KT was suddenly pushing Opoona in Warriors All-Stard and the free DOA5 costume...
  17. Jurec84

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    I played this but never managed to finish it! A remake for Switch (or any other platform) would be fantastic!
  18. Kyo555

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    I wondered more why they were pushing furries in Warriors All-Stars...

    But yeah, would be great to see the little guy back.
  19. Jim_Cacher

    Jim_Cacher Member

    YES YES YES. One of my favorite games on Wii!
  20. Celine

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  21. gigaslash

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    This would be incredible. One of the most unique and amazing games of the past gen. Love it
  22. MetalLord

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    No one asked for this
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    Switch game. NOW. I will buy a remake/remaster/sequel day 1 on Switch. The music is some of the best I've heard in years.

    Honestly I'd wonder if it'd be exclusive. Why? Because how many games by ArtePiazza and Cattle Call (who co-developed most of AP's games) have been on more than one system at the same time? I know Innocent Life was a PSP game that later got ported to PS2, but that's really it. Could they even handle a multiplat game? Just focus on one system. Besides, the Joy-Cons allow to relive that "one-handed control" gimmick they did on Wii, this time on each hand!
  24. nenned

    nenned Member

    I would imagine this would be at the very least coming to a Nintendo platform. ArtePiazza has been exclusive to Nintendo since around 2007 working on Dragon Quest remakes (NDS/3DS), Opoona (Wii), and DSiWare titles.
  25. Shiggy

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    They have been mainly making phone games in the past few years.
  26. Nikpls

    Nikpls Member

    I‘ve never even heard of this, definitely interested.
  27. nenned

    nenned Member

    True. I was mostly thinking of their console efforts as I assume this would be for a console and not a mobile game. Thanks for the qualification, though.
  28. Teeny

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    Opoona was one of those games I always intended to pick up one day out of curiosity but never did, along with stuff like Elebits and the Munchables. Was it good?

    Either way, I'd love to see more of these kinds of oddball games :)
  29. Drencrom

    Drencrom Member

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Switch only, but the fact that Opoona appeared on Warriors All-stars (PS4/PC/Vita) makes me think it could be multiplatform this time around.
  30. Creamium

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    This takes me back. This was the game we all made fun of in the Wii era, then forgot it existed... but turned out to be pretty good. This is so weird. You couldn't pick a more niche game in the Wii's catalog to bring back.
  31. SatoAilDarko

    SatoAilDarko Member

    I love Oppona. Down for a new game.

    The one-handed control was neat.
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    True. :)
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    Wait, was the original actually well-received? I remember people saying that it was a rather average RPG and it was only kinda significant because it was released at a time where RPGs were basically non-existent in the Wii.
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    Yep, and Cattle Call did some decent profile stuff on 3DS with The Legend of Legacy and The Alliance Alive alongside Grezzo. As well as Metal Max 4 on 3DS.
  35. Oreiller

    Oreiller Member

    I would be okay with this, I've always wanted to play this but never had the chance.
  36. Sumio Mondo

    Sumio Mondo Member

    Great soundtrack (Hitoshi Sakimoto), never played it though.
  37. Colonel Mustard

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    It was met with fair to middling reviews. It was a nice little game with a touching story, great music and a fun, yet simple battle system.

    The biggest issue people had with it, was that it was on the easy side. It probably didn't help that it looked like a Dreamcast game, but I think that added to the charm.
  38. sfortunato

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    Yeah, it was far from perfect but I'm glad it existed. It's one of those games for which I think "there should be more games like this!".
  39. Niahak

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    Really like Opoona, even if I'm not sure it's a good game per se, it's well worth a play. It's like a weird sci-fi Earthbound with light social links. And an oddly well-developed world complete with TV shows and art movements. Fantastic music, and I actually like the art style.

    Did they play past 10 hours? I recall at least one really rough boss battle about 4/5 in where you had to queue up heals at warpspeed or you'd wipe out within 20 seconds.
  40. SupraDarky

    SupraDarky Member

    Wow, that's unexpected! Opoona is easily one of my favorite Wii games and one of my most memorable RPGs ever. The attention to details in this game was mighty impressive and calling it a "lifestyle RPG" really is fitting. I'm excited!
  41. DevilPuncher

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    I've always been meaning to play Opoona. I've always thought it looked super interesting.
  42. Deft Beck

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    If you want to be technical, the WAS OCs are kemono, not furry.

    I liked Opoona and would like to see the little guy and his crew back.
  43. tiesto

    tiesto Member

    Whoa, if true... what a game to bring back and make a sequel to. I loved the art style in the original.
  44. Linkura

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    The game was great, but could have used some more polish. Can't imagine how amazing a proper remake or sequel would be... but knowing KT it'll probably be a cash in and/or mobile game, if anything.
  45. lupianwolf

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    Is there any update on what this was?. I saw this image on their twitter but the rest is in Japanese.
  46. Dark Cloud

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    Ughhhh I thought there was some real new update...
  47. Zekes

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    Damn, yes please. If they did gave Opoona a lot more polish and made some quality of life improvements, the game would be a classic

    I would also take a sequel that builds and refines its ideas as well