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Outlast 1 and 2 coming to the Switch

Oct 26, 2017
Early 2018. A new game in the Outlast universe has also been confirmed.

Full announcement:

It’s time for a little status update from us.

First off, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that have bought Outlast 2 and have been supporting the studio for more than 5 years now. Red Barrels was nothing more than a dream, but with a lot of blood, sweat and beers it has now become a small, fully independent studio with a kickass team who can work miracles.

We strive to create unique experiences and take risks. Hopefully, we’ll manage to entertain you for years to come.

About the future, many of you have been requesting a DLC. While the first Outlast was made with the idea of a DLC in mind, that was not the case for Outlast 2. We’ve considered many options, but none of them felt appropriate for a DLC. Outlast 2 was created to make you feel like a rat in a maze, without any knowledge of what’s outside the maze.

We will, at some point, make an Outlast 3 and answers will be given. You can also check out The Murkoff Account’s epilogue. It takes places right after the events of the second game and offers some insight into the events in the game. (https://redbarrelsgames.com/comic-books/)

Currently we’re working on something a lot of you have been asking for... It won’t be a sequel to Outlast or Outlast 2, but it will be a distinct experience set in the Outlast universe. We can’t say more right now, we first need to make sure we can make it work. Like I mentioned, we strive to be risk-takers and this one is a pretty big challenge. If all goes well, we’ll soon be able to reveal more.

In the meantime, the Outlast franchise will be released on the Nintendo Switch during the first quarter of 2018.



Nov 2, 2017
Man, horror is a genre that's truly diminished on a handheld, but if it gets one of my friends into it, I'm down.
Oct 28, 2017
I will keep an eye out for these. I played through the first on PS4 and really liked it but the mixed reviews kept me from buying the 2nd. It's a great addition to the system's library.


Nov 13, 2017
I will not buy... these games are too scary, they stress me out.
With switch you can play on the bus or wherever around lots of people to feel safe! :P

Outlast 1 has really modest "recommended" specs on PC so its port should be pretty damn solid. Outlast II has higher minimum requirements than the first's recommended though so I'm curious. It still doesn't recommend a high end PC for 2 but it asks for 8GB Ram and 1,5GB Vram so there will probably sacrifices to fit both of those into Switch's 3GB. Hopefully they do a good job with tweaking everything so it runs good and looks right too.
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Oct 27, 2017
Oh man. Horror games in pitch black cranked all the way up with headphones, with just the screen giving light... yeah, that's scary.

Reminds me of trying to play whichever Silent Hill was on the PSP. I noped right outta that.

... But I kinda want this. HMM.
Oct 27, 2017
The first one maybe, but the second one is more of a running simulator with monsters as incentive to keep running!
Short of a few puzzles, the first one was pretty much the same thing! The first 3 hours were some of the best horror gaming I've ever played, but then it became just running / hiding the game.
Oct 25, 2017
It won’t be a sequel to Outlast or Outlast 2, but it will be a distinct experience set in the Outlast universe. We can’t say more right now, we first need to make sure we can make it work.
Experience huh? VR Outlast is my guess.
Nov 22, 2017
Ok cool I think I could maybe handle this without pissing myself and quitting if it's in handheld mode.

Worst case scenario, I play on the toilet and power through.


Oct 25, 2017
The Switch's game library is already becoming fantastic. Shaping up to be better than any other Nintendo home console or maybe even handheld library besides the NES and SNES. Combining both console and handheld lineups, a huge surge of quality indies, and some actual decent third party support (hopefully it'll continue to improve as time goes on)
Oct 25, 2017
This is surprising. But cool. Glad to see more devs of all genres embracing the Switch. That library is becoming super varied and awesome.
Oct 27, 2017
I've already played 'em, but if the undocked mode is solid I might double dip. Playing this in bed might be cozy.


Oct 27, 2017
I thought this was Outcast for a second, was confused about 2. Good for Switch owners. The first game in particular is as scary as it is fantastic.
Oct 25, 2017
This is both unexpected and really cool, I've always meant to play the Outlast series but now I'll wait for the Switch version, really looking foward to some survival horror on the go!
Oct 30, 2017
I own both of these games on Steam and PS4, but haven't really delved in too deeply to them. I'll definitely pick them up, and explore more on the Switch, woohooooo!!