Over 500 Games Are Now (Or Announced to Be) Backwards Compatible on Xbox One (32 OG, 473 360)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dancrane212, Apr 10, 2018.

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    I need to say it again- Microsoft deserves nothing but full credit for how well they’ve handled this initiative. Nothing short of exemplary.
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    Pander Dragoon Orta April 17th 2018

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    Is there any chance at all for Tales of Vesperia BC?
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    Not that one.
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    For all the other missteps they've made with Xbox one, their BC program is astonishingly good. They deserve a huge amount of credit for how well implemented the emulation is, for the effort they've gone to support such a wide range of games (including niche/cult games, not just mainstream hits), and for honouring purchases from as far back as 2001.
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    I don't have one, but curious.

    How does bc works? I can put an old 360 game disc that is compatible and it will work now on Xbox one?

    Or do they somehow recognize that you bought the game and honor it?

    I take it, it also means you can straight up buy 360 games digitally on Xbox one?
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    If you bought it digitally is yours, if yu have the disc you can play it
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    Yup. You can use the disk. You just have to download the game.

    The Xbox One has an emulator that tricks the game into thinking it's being played on Xbox 360.
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    Put old game in and it downloads required data from XBL. You can also just straight up buy them from the store digitally.

    The coolest thing for me is how it pulls your old saves and data from the cloud, controller setting etc. and how you can use the old 360 pop up dash. It feels like there's a 360 hiding inside the one lol.
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    500 down, 883 left.
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    I remember being at that E3 briefing and the BC announcement was nuts. No one thought it was possible. I was seated kind of to the side so I could read the teleprompter a moment before he said it.. And I audibly gasped that they were actually doing it.

    Years later and it's a fantastic program. I've revisited a ton of older games.. And continue to do so. The new enhancements are just icing on the cake.

    I have to think this will eliminate the thinking that BC is just a fad for them or something they're not fully on board with going forward.
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    Considering how much Nintendo sold through on the minis I'm super impressed with MS/Xbox for BC, it's been an amazing effort by them that doesn't go unappreciated.

    There is still a small part of me that wants a mini OG Xbox though.
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    I love it. Xbox has been my premiere console for playing at home thanks to X fidelity and great BC support.

    Can I get my jet set radio future tho?
    And burnout....
    uhh and (LONG shot) house of the dead with a gun?
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    Good job MS, keep it up!!
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    There's only one Burnout game on that list and it's not the right one :(
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    Is that the actual number, seems low?

    Edit: way too low.

    I wonder what percentage are blocked for licensing reasons.

    Fantastic work though.
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    Didn't go unnoticed
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    Seriously. Pretty much everyone, even those with the relevant technical knowledge, didn't think BC was remotely feasible, and no one thought the kind of performance we're getting now, even out of an OG Xbox One, was even possible. We all though the CPU just couldn't handle it. It's nuts how technically impressive this has all been.
  21. GMM

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    Absolutely fantastic support and executing by Microsoft on this initiative, upgrading games stuck in consoles like Red Dead Redemption to 4K is absolutely fantastic.
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    And Tales of Vesperia still isn't one of them........cries!
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    Gosh dang sooooooo good :)

    MS keep doing what you’re doing!!
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    This is 100% the best thing Microsoft has done this generation. I just hope they keep it up. There are still dozens of games I'd like to see become backwards compatible.
  26. Riesenfass

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    This is incredible. Kudos to MS for doing this. I can't believe I'm actually considering getting an Xbox One, I know I'm in the minority but this really is a system seller for me.
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    Pretty sweet MS. Its also pretty foward thinking as i expect this to be the standard for both Sony and MS going forward going into the next generation(although MS will have the advantage due to semi support all the way back to the first Xbox)...because MS pioneered that, the market likely would not accept anything less. In that way the industry in general is advanced, and remasters become less necessary and commonplace.
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    Panzer Dragoon? Shit, I will need that one.
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    Been asking for Ninja Gaiden 2 on day one and somehow they magically get original Xbox BC w/ Ninja Gaiden Black.

    Where you at, NG2?!
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    Wikipedia says there are like 1400 games or something.
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    Yeah and that's just disc games and doesn't include og Xbox games.
  32. Grisby

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    And no Lollipop Chainsaw in sight.
  33. TLZ

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    Good on you MS. Doing a great job turning around the mess that was in 2013. Also the UI features are getting better and better.
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    it sucks because i actually have a digital copy of that lol
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    Excellent. The BC team is doing God's work.
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    Good on Microsoft for providing such good backward compatibility. I hope Sony follows their lead in this regard in the future.
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    Bring FF13 trilogy and THPS games pls.
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    Backwards compatibility is such a key feature for playing and preserving older games. To see Microsoft, the youngest console maker in the market, do it best is simply astounding.
  39. Sesuadra

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    now there are only two games missing from my personal BC Wishlist.

    Timesplitters 2 and Buffy the vampire slayer!
  40. Thores

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    This is really great and I’m very happy Microsoft is giving the feature so much support. I still have hope that we’ll get Tales of Vesperia eventually, that’s the big one I’m waiting for.
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    Yeah let me know when London 2012 olympics joins the list.
  42. Cutebrute

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    Licensing issues will likely prevent any (good) THPS game from coming over, and that's a damn shame. I still bring out my OG Xbox and/or GameCube just to play THPS3.
  43. Massicot

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    Afaik, FFXIII doesn't have a digital version anywhere, oddly.
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    They’re doing it right, some of the free updates for backwards compatible games are more impressive than paid remastered. Makes the value of the Xbox One X even greater.
  45. CQC

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    Still no Tales of Vesperia?

  46. Pfroebbel

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    No Splinter Cell Blacklist?

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    It's a great feature and the way they've managed to use it to pad the libraries of the Gold, EA Access and Game Pass programs is absolutely brilliant. It really adds value to the Xbox One and its services and puts it ahead of the competition in some regards. It's a damn shame compatibility will never be full though and that many of the best games will remain incompatible.
  49. Snarfington

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    It's so incredibly impressive. I wish Sony had this kind of thing, PS3 BC is number one on my wishlist - I've eyed up a One X many times because of BC. It's their main draw for me.
  50. Liquid Snake

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    This is a lot of love from Microsoft to its fans.

    People need to remember this is all free. The backwards compatibility, the fact that games run and look better without any direct enhancements (no more screen tearing, frame rate enhancements, etc). The FREE 4k enhancements (still can’t believe how awesome this is) to some Xbox 360 and the Xbox original games. Just unbelievable the investment and commitment this took and I just hope people appreciate it, I know I do.