Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 3 |OT| In N Out of Playoffs Contention

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Dead Prince, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Schlep

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    If he was, I'm not sure what that would help. The league having people would make more sense.
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    Houston should get rid of Clockwork next season. He's a Tracer main yet we use Linkzr and Jake ahead of him on Tracer so he has no point in the team.

    I could see Mendo being dropped after Season 1 unless it starts to look like he's getting his issues under control.

    That leaves Jake and Linkzr with their limited hero pools and Arhan as our DPS so someone like Effect would be great.
  3. i-hate-u

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    What I don't understand about Rascal's release is that they can't trade him or pick up any new player right now, why not bench him even if they don't expect to play him ever? Isn't that what they're doing with Cocco? Why not release him at too while you're at it? How is the Rascal and Cocco sitauation any different?

    This is literally nothing but bad PR.
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    I'm not even a Dallas Fuel fan but they just did Rascal completely dirty. Will actively root against the team due to their management.
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    You make logical points

    But this is the Dallas Fuel we are talking about

    There was gonna be another viewing party this week in Dallas but after this I dunno. I don't want to support this orgs behavior.
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    is dallas deliberately trying to tank rascal's value in that press release? what a bunch of snakes

    i've only seen akm kinda hint at it and no one else, and he seems to be on good terms with his ex-teammates on kdp/london?
  7. This is the same hastr0 with the current CSGO envyus group so...
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    Houston doesn't do ragers. Coolmatt won't have it, lol. But I bet he'd actually be in an environment where he won't tilt every other map. And Effects tilt seems to be more silent rage than anything.
    Mendo is getting dropped at the end of the season for sure. He provides little value to the team for his roster slot. But it's good they're treating him well while he's employed with the team. Clockwork is definitely gone too. Team is open to signing Korean players. Season 2 looks good.

    Also, willing to admit that I'm not sure Muma is the nicest guy. I get the feeling he's even harsher when he's not on camera. But not in a hateful way. I'm loving what I'm seeing from FCTFCTN but remember that as soon as teams get tape the effectiveness goes down. He'll just be brought down to more reasonable levels is all though.
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    Just caught up.

    Dallas Fuel are an absolute dumpster fire, you see it in sports all of the time. If you have to release a player that is fair enough, but don't actively try and kill any chance of them finding new employment on their way out of the door.

    Fissure seems more amazing the more we hear him talk. He really has a fantastic balanced worldview and manages to discuss the intricacies of playing on an OWL team and adjusting to Western teammates.

    I don't blame anyone who wants out of the Fuel right now. It must be such a depressing place to go to work, everyone is in full survivalist mode as well.

    Would love me some Effect though, or any competent OWL tier Tracer. Get on it for Season 2 Houston.
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    they should really get him to a sports psychologist and I'd say if Dallas is up 3-0 toss him into the next map and just tell him to have fun. confidence is a huge killer on performance and you're not going to get that back unless you keep taking reps.
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    Taimou said that they might just ignore playing Genji for the time being.

    lol this team.
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    I can relate a lot to his situation tbh... I'm the type of player who tends to put all the blame in myself and it's pretty hard to break that perception and realize you can't fix everything alone... But goddamn I don't think that kind of mindset should happen in pro play, Dallas really fucked up by letting it come to this...
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    If only they had a player on their bench that is known for their Genji play.
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    With a positive atitude and great flexibility
  16. If only they didn't release their dive duo dps that can play genji and sombra and pharah and junk and tracer and reaper and mei. And also run their bench player on DVA since mickie ain't up to par and they specifically put the bench player on DVA 1 full stage. Oh well, if only...
  17. LordofPwn

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    for whatever reason if a player can play genji they can also play pharah and mei and most seem to be able to also play junk. litterally anyone can play soldier so they need to start training AKM on some other hero.
  18. KarmaCow

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    The problem is that Seagull doesn't play Widow or Tracer and his Genji isn't up to par with the rest of OWL. aKm's Genji is worse but he can at least flex to Widow to let Effect stay on Tracer. I could see him being brought in for Junkertown and Oasis for his Junkrat, and maybe Numbani.
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    Dallas will waste less fuel through weight reduction. It works for cars and planes.
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    Is it though? While he play relatively low minutes on it(~45) he was still in line with the rest on a per 10 ratio.
  22. easter

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    that they would drop rascal and keep traimou is mind blowing.
  23. i-hate-u

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    That's a Y I K E S my doggie.
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    Hmm I don't remember him standing out though that's just 45 minutes compared to the hours of other players across the season. Still, I think the issue how sniper focused a lot of the maps are in the current rotation.

    edit: it looks like there's some padding there since most of that playtime came from playing against the Dragons :p
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    even if it wasn't I'm pretty sure it would be in no time if he were allowed to scrim
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    what hero are these stats for or is it purely player stats on every hero?
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    That's true, there are seemingly bigger structural problems with the team than any single player considering they couldn't integrate Rascal and Seagull only got to play in Stage 2 because Taimou was busy literally shitting.
  28. Oh boy
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  30. Dead Prince

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    this won't end well.
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    Just Genji stats from Stage 1.

    Yes its biased toward the short playtime but also remember that he wasn't really playing Genji going into OWL.
  32. i-hate-u

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    This is a step in the right direction regardless.
  33. LordofPwn

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    it would depend on who those 45 mins were against.
  34. Isn't there many ways to interpret this tho??
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    Yeah, Effect can only end on Houston or one of the new Season 2 teams
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    Anyone have twitch all access? Thinking about dipping in for the skins and multiple cameras.
  37. Solidsnakejej

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    You can test out the all access stream for free the button command center underneath the stream activates it, its really nothing exciting.
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    "that all the players agreed / participated on"

    “Agreed / participated”


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    Hastr0 gonna pin the fire on Reddit Mods.

    “We had hoped that the Reddit Mods could add flexibility to our communication from the team this season. Unfortunately, their commitment to the team did not meet our expectations and the unwillingness to astroturf the sub in order to encourage certain converststion about the team while playing in recent matches became a large distraction,” said Rufail.
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    Answer questions to reddit is pretty secondary to all of the other shit this guy should be focusing on.
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    have the may skins you get with the all access pass been posted yet? it's a selection of 'away' skins. i'm stoked they went with winston/fissure for the LAG one

  42. Riou

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    Yes I'm sure he's very happy to finally get rid of his main competitor for a starting spot.

    Also this:
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    I didn't con sider the choices, but now that you point that out they make sense for the most part....except that the fuel rep is Rascal LUL
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    Rogue must be happy that they finally got their way into OWL.
  45. Infi

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    Jakerat has to be Outlaws lol
  46. M

    God this team can't catch a fucking break
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    oof, Fleta accidentally had his stream on while they were scrimming against Philly

    and they were running Gido, Tobi, and Kuki

    and they play Boston this week

  48. Tabby

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    God, what is this team doing.
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    At this point, I'm half expecting Dallas to throw a match before the end of the season.

    And I mean, actually throw, Dafran style. Use ults in spawn, purposely jump off the map, not play the objective, etc.
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    just like soccer players when they wanna get rid of the coach lol