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Overwatch League Season 2 |OT| The GOAT(s) Esports League Returns! (LIVE)

Justice needs to not run quad DPS. They switch to GOATS at the correct time, but it leaves them super open in ult economy and allows the opposing team to just destroy and spawn camp them like Atlanta's done on both Eichenwalde and Rialto.

They aren't quick enough with quad DPS to gain enough time for an advantage, whatever they gain they lose during the GOATS switch.

EDIT: Quad DPS with 1 minute, using four DPS that don't have presence on point into GOATS. Please, Justice, for the love of God hire me or literally anybody else as a coach. This is terrible strategy.
They run DPS cause their goats is trash. So it's either cap A with carry performances or get full held.
Once they got on a roll they did very well against Atlanta through point B and C. I think at the very least a Sombra variation on GOATS would have been a better pick with only 1 minute to work with. Even if they'd had hero DPS play to get them through point A, they would have been slaughtered on point B.