Owlboy releasing on consoles (PS4, XBO, Switch) February 13

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Fireblend, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Fireblend

    Fireblend Member Original Poster

    From this longer reel of Owlboy-related announcements. You can see the consoles and release date at the 6:31 mark:

    Can't wait to check it out, I've heard great things about the game and it looks/sounds charming as hell. Glad the wait is almost over!
  2. Illusion

    Illusion Member

    I bought it on PC day one but never finished... I might double dip for the Switch. But I dunno, I won't lie that I keep stalking their Facebook page hoping to score a code for the eventual console version.
  3. Jonno394

    Jonno394 Member

    Awesome, been waiting for this on switch since it was shown on it in Japan a couple months back. Another indie gem for the collection.
  4. h8bit

    h8bit Member

    Aw yisss
  5. Strider

    Strider Member

    I played it on pc and it's a very good game with some wonderful art and music.

    Early 2018 is starting to look really stacked so hopefully it doesn't go unnoticed. Game deserves success.
  6. ashtaar

    ashtaar Member

    Nice, I was hoping for this year though
  7. Granjinha

    Granjinha Member

    It's an amazing game. Everyone should buy it.
  8. AndrewDean84

    AndrewDean84 Member

    Awesome. Day 1 on Switch.
  9. Ancirawr

    Ancirawr Member

    Oh god now to decide between Switch and PS4 (honestly I'll probably go with Switch but if that trophy list is nice idk). Wonder if there will be a physical copy available or if LRG will help out on this one. Stoked to try the game either way
  10. LordKano

    LordKano Member

    It's an incredible game and easily one of the very best games I played this gen. I don't know if I'll double dip but if you didn't yet, you definitely should play it.
  11. wight_andrew

    wight_andrew Member

    Excited for this! I've always wanted to play it.
  12. Renna Hazel

    Renna Hazel Member

    I'm interested. Most likely a day 1 purchase for me.
  13. improvise5

    improvise5 Member

    Ohhhh nice! I got this on PC but then my PC went to hell and I never finished it. Will probably grab it on Switch when it releases.
  14. Nocturnowl

    Nocturnowl Member

    I may double dip on a physical edition.

    It's a great little game, perhaps not one of the real big hitters of the indie scene but one that remains novel in execution and has charm in spades.
    And also Owls, of course.
  15. Jonnykong

    Jonnykong Member

    Really excited to play this, alongside Hollow Knight whenever that may be. Definitely gonna be the Switch version I reckon.
  16. phanphare

    phanphare Member

    hell yeah, will be there day 1. game looks absolutely beautiful
  17. mindsale

    mindsale Member

    So glad this is coming to console. It's been on my watch list since like 2007.
  18. mindatlarge

    mindatlarge Member

    Nice, I own it on PC but will pick it up again to support the devs, plus it will feel right at home on the Switch.
  19. orthodoxy1095

    orthodoxy1095 Banned Member

    The wait pays off.
  20. DMiz

    DMiz Member

    Switch it is! So glad to hear that they're spreading out the release.
  21. Terraforce

    Terraforce Member

    In for the Switch baby! Switch and indies go so well together.
  22. Skulldead

    Skulldead Member

    Anyone know if there still missable gold coin on last version ? or they change it ? Because it was my biggest turn off of a amazing game.
  23. Hero-of-Time

    Hero-of-Time Member

    Can't wait to finally play this. Switch version for me.
  24. TwinsUltra64

    TwinsUltra64 Member

    I'm gonna enjoy this game on my PlayStation 4.
  25. #25
    Fantastic, will pick this up for sure.
  26. Dosmo

    Dosmo Member

    Now I don't know if I should get it on PC or Switch. It's on sale on Steam right now, but it would be nice to have it portable.
  27. Cantaim

    Cantaim Member

    This game is an absolute treat, definitely pick this one up if you want something fun to play in February.
  28. tylergray

    tylergray Member

    Jesus. Great pixel art makes me giddy and this thing has such incredible reviews--I'd be insane to miss it on Switch. BUT! I'm not typically into Metroidvanias, regardless of quality. It's a genre thing, I guess. Like, for as much as I loved the art and vision of Ori, not even that held me for very long.

    So, Era, should I give Owlboy a shot, given my history? I wanna be a believer!
  29. Fireblend

    Fireblend Member Original Poster

    Also I find it funny that Owlboy got a Switch release date before Hollow Knight :P Come on Cherry Team, gimme some good news soon
  30. Equanimity

    Equanimity Member

    Nice to finally have a release date. Switch or PS4? Not sure yet.
  31. Bubukill

    Bubukill Member

    I've always wanted to play this game on consoles. So, day one on Switch.
  32. ghostcrew

    ghostcrew Member

    I will absolutely love buying this game again. Maybe on Switch?
  33. Manny Toons

    Manny Toons Member

    Finally, a DATE!! Can't wait for this to come out. Will be double dipping, as I never finished it on PC.
  34. BDGAME

    BDGAME Member

    February 13? Switch!
  35. Kill3r7

    Kill3r7 Member

    Will pick up on the Switch.
  36. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

    Oooh, console French translation, it instantly became day one.
  37. essenn

    essenn Member

    Good stuff. Now I just need that Hollow Knight release date.
  38. Pixelbuster

    Pixelbuster Member

    Fuck yeah
  39. Fireblend

    Fireblend Member Original Poster

    Yeah, the localization news are definitely the cherry on top :D
  40. Inkvoterad

    Inkvoterad Member

    Its not a metroidvania but a somewhat linear narrativedriven game instead actually.
  41. Nabbit

    Nabbit Member

    Aww man, I was hoping for it a bit sooner but still very glad to get a firm date - hoping Hollow Knight hits in-between!
  42. Bashful Trey

    Bashful Trey Member

    I am so glad this is dropping. It was fading into the background and was going to be completely forgotten. Now I'll get it on my Switch. Looks like a high powered GBA game.
  43. Haziq

    Haziq Member

    This game looks great. Now, all I need is a date for Hollow Knight Switch and I'll be happy.
  44. Dubloon7

    Dubloon7 Banned Member

    Day 1 (PSvita AND PS4)

  45. #45
    Been waiting to get this for Switch. Can't wait.
  46. Dr_Biscuit

    Dr_Biscuit Member

    Finally ! I didn't want to play it on a PC monitor. I was waiting for a PS4 release. I have been waiting for this game since 2011, still have the demo installed on my PC.
  47. Leflus

    Leflus Member

    Finally. I've been waiting a long time for this game.

    In for the Xbox version.
  48. Fireblend

    Fireblend Member Original Poster

    I still remember when this, Fez and the Iconoclasts were the 3 indie games I was looking forward to the most :P
  49. Brazil

    Brazil Some dude Moderator

    That's so far away!

    But at least we have a solid date. That's a luxury in terms of indie games.
  50. Creamium

    Creamium Member

    I'd been following Owlboy for years before it came out and when it did, I couldn't help but be a bit disappointed. It has spectacular presentation, with a stunning artstyle and soundtrack. The story is also surprisingly engaging, with characters you start to care about over time. However, the gameplay and design are what keeps this from greatness. In both the exploration and dungeon parts I found myself going through the motions pretty quickly, there was nothing that really stood out in terms of design. The dungeons in particular were very mundane affairs for me. Everything was there for a standout game, but the design lagged behind and because of that I could never completely get into it.