Panos Panay teases new Windows UI

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Oct 29, 2017
Panos Panay is now in charge of not only hardware design , but also Windows.
He recently teased some snippets of the new style interface that is coming to Windows 10, but also Windows 10X for the upcoming Windows Surface Duo phone, powered by android.

Some of these changes have been sneaking in already, I've seen some of the icons change.
Could we see some of his magic also worked on the Xbox UI? Some peripheral apps such as xCloud and Game Pass reflect a differing style to what is seen elsewhere in the OS and the website, so perhaps we shall see a refreshed look for SX.

reskin me if old
Oct 25, 2017
Are they bringing back the ability to use folder trees in the Start Menu yet?

Otherwise, I will continue using the Classic Shell program to give me a usable Start Menu (I use the Windows 7 one), because the Win10 thing is, for me, utterly useless.


Jan 3, 2019
Same here.

The so-called newly designed start menu was certainly a disappointment. It could be so useful, but it's just to useless.
For example it could show me the whole list of apps at once instead a scrolling list when I have the whole screen to use.
Windows 8 did this and it didn't work.


Oct 27, 2017
I look forward to a day when Windows doesn’t look like crap.
This looks promising


TeraFlops May Vary
Oct 25, 2017
Windows has had so many false dawns when it comes to redesigns that I am not ready to celebrate yet but if anyone is going to push this through, it's Panos.

I'd love to live in a world where Windows 10 doesn't look like an inconsistent, ugly mess with constant throwbacks to Windows 95 so best of luck to him in turning around that sclerotic ship.
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