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Oct 27, 2017
PlayStation Universe 9.5
Paper Beast is a jaw-dropping science fiction tale that immerses the player in a unique, visionary world. Though its puzzles can feel abstract at times, the rewards for completing them are great. Paper Beast is a benchmark in VR game design. This is a game that people will be talking about in thirty years.

The Digital Fix 9/10
Paper Beast blew me away. It was not what I was expecting at all and it challenged me, not too much but just enough to get my brain working. Its beautiful, it sounds amazing and its a game like no other on PlayStation VR. If you want to play something a bit different, just go and buy it. It will not be everyone's cup of tea but I can see a lot of people really enjoying it. I did.

Hardcore Gamer 4/5
It’s as much environment as level, alien and weird but also beautiful, and that remains true for every stage and scene from the weird J-pop beginning all the way through the end of Paper Beast‘s deteriorating digital world. 8/10
An extremely relaxing title, inspired and full of important hidden messages to interpret.

UploadVR 4/5
With Paper Beast, Eric Chahi goes for a holy trinity of VR development. It is a game not content with just one miracle, be it the authentic, almost documentarian approach to a virtual ecosystem, nor the technical milestones such a feat requires. Even its set of puzzles somehow emerge as a remarkably natural extension of its core themes and systems, creating a cohesive and curiously precious VR game to be preserved and savoured. Though it usually comes with unintended pitfalls, Paper Beast proves playing god can be great from time to time.

VR Focus 4/5
An exclusive experience like no other, a beautiful statement on the natural world and the influence technology can have on it.

Metro GameCentral 8/10
A whimsical and engrossing VR puzzle adventure, who’s lack of hand-holding and gentle discoveries prove consistently engaging and relaxing.

GameSpew 8/10
Paper Beast isn’t perfect; like a dream, the game just ends without warning. But the trip is such a joyous, meditative experience it’s worth this parting burst of confusion. If you’ve got a PSVR, Paper Beast should be high on your to-play list.

Vandal 7.7

The Indie Game Website 7/10
Paper Beast is a memorable VR experience like no other, letting you play god in a world that feels godless. If only its puzzles – sometimes creative, but other times frustrating – didn’t get in its way, it would be an unconditional recommendation for lovers of bizarre escapism. 7/10
Despite some concerns about precision and sometimes repetitive puzzles, the scenery is there. It's up to you to decide whether you want to embark with Eric Chahi or not.

PushSquare 7/10
Paper Beast is an unusual but well realised world in PSVR. The interplay between you, the environments, and all the plants and animals is fun to discover, and it really does offer up some great moments throughout the story. Some of the puzzles are a little too obtuse, but overall the freedom you're given to experiment leads to a greatly unique experience. The Sandbox mode adds some longevity, and allows you to really tinker with all the game's elements. We're not sure we'd call this an absolute must-have, but it's utterly unique and captivating in a way only VR games can be.


Grabbed by the Ghosties
Oct 27, 2017
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