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Paradox Grand Strategy |OT| Conquering the World one DLC at a time

Oct 25, 2017
I'm not an expert, but grain of salt: the changes away from Tiles in general seem good (I'm doing a lot less micromanaging than I had to before), but unless I'm doing something horribly wrong machine empires seem absurdly weak- energy production is about ten times lower than it was at a similar point before the patch, even with trying to encourage energy 'jobs'. The AI also feels like it's back to square one after the last few patches brought them up to a modicum of competence, though raising the difficulty further might be able to solve that as a bandaid (I honestly forgot they added difficulties, it's been a while).

On the bright side, I'm paying attention to trade and special resources a lot more than I did before the patch and there's encouragement to specialise planets now, but might be worth waiting for a hotfix or two.
I think the main issue with robots is how easy they can roll out of control once they start getting population (due to fast reproduction, habitability everywhere and low housing necessities), so they probably nerfed them too much in the beginning.

Havent played it too much but yeah, the AI seems a little dumber than before in the economy side and the game seems to run slower than before on my shitty laptop.