Parents: Did You Buy Your Kids One Copy of Pokémon SwSh or Individual Copies?

Parents, which describes your family's Pokemon Sword/Shield purchasing situation?

  • Each kid got their own copy, because of the different versions.

    Votes: 8 23.5%
  • Each kid got their own copy, but this would be true even if there was only a single version.

    Votes: 9 26.5%
  • My kids got both versions, but they share them.

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • My kids got one version and share it.

    Votes: 7 20.6%
  • I only have one kid, and they got both versions.

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • I only have one kid, and they only got one version.

    Votes: 1 2.9%
  • I only have one kid, and they only got one version... but I got the other for myself!

    Votes: 5 14.7%

  • Total voters


Jan 17, 2019
Inspired by this topic which highlights the fact that adults who buy themselves multiple versions of each Pokémon game is a relative rarity, but which I feel overlooks the most obvious situation in which people might buy multiple copies.

So... PokéParents of ERA, I'd like to know how your household approached Pokemon Sword & Shield. Did each kid get their own versions? Would they have gotten their own copies even if there was only a single version?


Oct 25, 2017
So just to be clear, was this thread made because you didn’t quite get the results you wanted from that first poll, in order to prove Jim Sterling wrong?


Oct 25, 2017
Beaverton, OR
I bought a copy of Sword for myself and my son didn’t get his own copy because he bought into all the youtube hyperbole over dexit and decided he didn’t want it.

of course after seeing my copy he decides to play it and decides he likes it. 🙄

Thank fuck the Switch saves on the system, not the cart, so his save doesn’t clobber mine.

For USUM it was the opposite—he wanted it, I didn’t.

X/Y we got both versions, except they were digital and his copy of Y (digital) got lost when his 3DS broke and Nintendo couldn’t find the license (it was a bundled copy, not an eshop purchase). Same with Sun/Moon.

Lucas M. Thomas

Editor-in-Chief of Nintendo Force Magazine
Oct 30, 2017
Two of my sons are old enough to play and enjoy Pokémon. One got Sword and the other got Shield. (I also played the Sword copy.) Between the three of us, all three starters were selected. :)


Mar 20, 2018
Not a parent so i didnt vote, but back when i was younger my brother and i used to get a copy each, with me always getting the "second version"(aka blue, silver,saphire) since that is apparently the little brother version.
But then he no longer played Pokemon so it was only one copy after that.

So please parents, if you have two kids, give the "first" version to your younger child. It might not mean much to you, but it means a lot to us.


Nov 8, 2017
I have one child and I bought us both one copy of Shield to share.

Hypothetically, I would be willing to buy Sword for multiplayer but neither of us are into it enough to want it.


Oct 28, 2017
Not a parent, but the best of both worlds is getting the game digitally and game sharing it with my brother. This saves us $60 and we can play it together online.