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Parody Thread Urges |OT| Shit Whale Appreciation Thread

Dec 22, 2017
Why did Aragorn have to ask for Legolas' "spicy elf eyes" when asking to take a deep look at him?
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Oct 25, 2017
Austin, TX
Honest thoughts on Resetera posters?

What are your thoughts on Resetera posters? I hate all video game forum viewpoints but Resetera posters for some reason are especially gruelling. The absurdity, the insane dedication to upholding the most shitty values ever imagined, the inconsistency, it's essentially a giant cult dedicated to enforcing the worst aspects of video games.
What do people who walk into your line of sight while you're staring expect you, the starer, to do?
We Need to Stop Measuring Dick Length and Other B.S.
Do you think a (shuffles deck of dead game franchises) Bubsy game is in the works? The signs are there...
Pokemon Shouldn't Evolve
What is your go to response when somebody poops their pants?
My Vagina is Haunted
Peer reviewed climate study from the Institute of Climatology suggests we're all boned.