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Parody Thread Urges |OT| Shit Whale Appreciation Thread

Oct 25, 2017
Austin, TX
Bloomberg (via Yahoo): Disney CEO Flies to Brazil to "Seal" Fox Deal, Leaves "Empty-Handed"

Bloomberg (via Yahoo): Fox Flies to Brazil to empty a Seal, Deals, Leaves with Disney CEO
Dec 22, 2017
Square-Enix is planning to announce that they're officially 'Out of Ideas' (What many already suspected for a long time) - Gematsu
Dec 22, 2017
You are dropped into to the last game you stole in early access, your avatar is the only weapon you have, you're your neighbour from 12 years ago but in reverse, the enemy is the the first solar eclipse you ever stared directly into it and you're shrinking into multiple times your current size; how long will it take until you are utterly confused?


Alt Account
Dec 18, 2018
How to sacrifice your organs to our divine lord and saviour SOPHIE, who saved music itself with her divine scripture "OIL OF EVERY PEARL'S UNINSIDES"