Patrick Klepek: "A lot of Sony stuff next month, for sure"


Oct 28, 2017
I don't know anything about Sony's reveal strategy but I can guarantee you that they are not going to promote a PS5 reveal event during the Champions League matches. Zero percent chance for something like that happening.
They won't. They did promote PS4 on the boards right after the reveal event in 2013 though.

CG Amor

Oct 30, 2017
I think what's making January hard is the xbox series announcement (one of our first next gen official news), the next gen rumours about power, the FF7R leak and potential demo, delayed remake and still no word on the demo, knowing PS won't be at E3 and knowing we should be hearing something soon. It's a tough month for Era members.

I just want some kinda news soon lol. Give me the Remake demo, or give me some PS5 news, give me something!
Oct 27, 2017
That's why I wish they were just doing E3. Easy to anticipate and plan for. Now everyone will just unhealthily slam that refresh button every day like they do for Nintendo Direct news haha.
No joke. I’m with you on that; we used to know when to get hype. Now it’s just building and building until people’s hype cannot possibly be matched. It’s a shame. They really need to get out there and take the narrative into their own hands sometime soon before it’s too late.


Dec 20, 2019
Here is what Klepek says word-for-word in case OP (Jawbreaker) wants to add it in:

"Probably next month will be both the---presumably the Xbox and PlayStation events will not be too far behind one another, that would be my guess. So that'll probably both happen next month. I haven't heard much about what Microsoft's doing, so maybe they'll be quiet until E3. But a lot of Sony stuff next month for sure."
Sounds pretty direct if you ask me.