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Paying for parking at your job is bullshit

Oct 25, 2017
Where I work you also have to pay for parking, but they subsidize public transport (to where it basically costs you nothing to take public transport depending upon how far out you live). The cost of parking is more of a disincentive to drive in (since there just isn't enough parking for everyone) than it is a cash grab. That sort of situation doesn't bother me. Of course, it doesn't sound like OP is dealing with a situation quite like that.


Nov 2, 2017
See...and when I went to school I always thought it was bullshit that staff were given prime parking spots, while students, who are already paying to go to university, had to pay for parking ON TOP of their tuition and were given far worse parking spots than the staff. I mean are the universities there to service the students or the staff? I'm not saying that parking shouldn't be included in staff compensation, but it's kind of crazy that students have to pay for their own parking and then that they should be expected to pay for the staff's parking as well (as part of their tuition).


Oct 26, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
I work at UCLA and pay about $1000 a year to park. Averages out to be around $4.30 per work day. They charge $13/day for visitors.

I've broached the subject at one of those "how can we make things better for staff" town hall type things for my department. They mention that parking is extremely limited and they are trying to reduce traffic and encourage people to use public transportation. They do offer some subsidies but public transportation kind of LA sucks. Free street parking is also impossible to find in Westwood.


Oct 10, 2018
For a year I had to park about a mile away from this job. There was a company shuttle that drove around in a wide arc picking up employees to drop them off at work. Half the time I took it, the other half I just walked 15-20 mins. Super fun when it rained and the shuttle was always full.