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PC Gaming December '19 Highlights | Dragon Quest Builders 2, Halo Reach, EarthNight, SaGa Scarlet Grace, BONEWORKS, Transport Fever 2 & more


Oct 25, 2017

These Highlight threads aim to showcase the various releases of the current month and releases that may have flown under the radar (of the previous month). The titles listed here vary from DLC/Expansions, to titles entering or leaving Early Access, as well as indie games.
These titles are listed as per their genre, so you can do a simple search for a basic genre term to find specific games that'd interest you

If there were any mistakes in the list, please let me know to fix it, but any titles not mentioned in the thread would be added to the next Highlight thread at the least.
Do consider wishlisting games that'd be of interest to you so you could pick them up in the future!

Thanks to Mugen, Andres, eonden, Morwull and animelashman for their great contribution to these threads!

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First up are releases that don't have a Steam page/release, are getting a notably major update, or are available on other platforms. Demos and notable fan mods would also be listed as well.
Broly from Dragon Ball Super joins DB FighterZ on 5th of December
Phoenix Point
Battle Breakers
Mechwarrior 5
Lume & the shifting void demo is live
Stranglehold is now available on GOG
Gensou Skydrift releases this December
Princess Maker Go! Go! Princess is coming to Steam
Caveblazers Definitive Edition update
Commandos 2 HD and Praetorians HD Beta launch in December
This War of Mine: Final Cut is now available
Rage 2 Terrormania dlc is now available
Pandemic gets new update and DLC
Detroid Become Human
Warlords 1, 2 and 3 are now available on GOG
Metroidvania-style game 'The Guise' has a demo
Riverbond gets Crystalwatch update
Sky Rogue update 1.2 released
Lust from Beyond: Prologue (contains NSFW content)
Gujian 3 got an Eng. translation
Life is Strange Ep. 5 releases in December
Survive the Night Alpha 1.0 is now available
Astroneer gets 'Creative Update'
Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare received a new update
Road Redemption received a new update
SaGa Scarlet Grace releases in December

Platformers and Auto-runners

Building and Sandbox


Shovel Knight expansions

Puzzle, Rhythm, HOG, Board games and Casual

Shoot'em-up & Twin-stick shooters



Simulation & Managment


Card Games

Virtual Reality


Point & Click, Visual Novels, Text Adventures and FMV







Feb 20, 2019
Rural NSW
I still can't believe new shit is being pumped out for Two Worlds 2 - I mean I enjoyed it 9 years ago but it is the most 5/10 RPG to ever RPG, at least that I've played. Almost as nuts as Reach being on PC.


Mar 14, 2019
EverReach looks really intriguing.

but Game of the month for me is the new Darksiders, obviously.


Oct 25, 2017
I'll get DQ Builders 2 when its got a deep discount. Not paying that pisstake price.

I'll get the Warhammer 2 DLC this month.


Oct 25, 2017
Halo Reach, Darksiders Genesis and Shovel Knight King of Cards are probably the big ones for me.

Broly (the Dragonball Super version) is coming to Dragonball FighterZ on Dec 5th by the way.


Oct 25, 2017
If you have any passing interest in DQB2, I highly recommend it. One of my favorite games this year.